AN AFTERNOON IN LONDONsisuperman's blog

I was in London visiting a friend who had arranged to take a week off to be my tour guide, however an emergency at the office required his attention so I was on my own for the day. I decided to go to the British Museum as I heard they had an extensive ancient Greek and Roman sculpture collection. As I was wandering through the collection admiring the beautifuly muscled bodies on the sculptures, I noticed a handsome guy wearing a plaid flannel shirt who could have been a model for any of these sculptures.I couldn't stop staring at this real life sculpture. I smiled and said "hi" We exchanged greetings and introduced ourselves. His name was Andy. We wandered the sculptures admiring their beauty, I on the other hand was admiring his beauty. It was around noon and I told Andy I needed to get some lunch at the museum cafe. He suggest that we go to a local pub for a drink and some food and he knew of a place nearby. We walked a few blocks to a quiet dead end street and went into a dark grimy looking pub. There were not many patrons but at the far end of the bar a group of 5 guys. We ordered beers and food and chatted. Most of my conversation was focused on how his body resembled the muscled sculptures in the museum. He obviously enjoyed the compliments and was eager to show me his muscled body. He removed his flannel shirt and had a tank top underneath now exposing his massive arms and chest. I asked him what his measurements were and he quickly told me he was 5'10" 205 lbs 44"chest 21"biceps, he gave me a quick bicep flex and lifted his shirt and showed me his washboard rock hard abs. I noticed the group of 5 guys staring at us. We paid our bill and exited the pub walking on this dead end street, when suddenly that group of 5 guys approached us. The biggest of the guys who was about the same size as Andy said "I saw you showing off your muscles in the bar, how about you show me how powerful you are at the gym" he pointed across the street to the local boxing gym. Andy, eager to show off his body agreed. The 7 of us entered the empty gym, where there was a MMA style fenced fight cage. I did not have a good feeling about this set up. The big guy and Andy entered the cage and began to shove and push each other around. They locked up in a mercy strength test and Andy quickly brought the big guy to his knees. Andy was clearly the stronger of the two and the big was getting frustrated. Andy had him down and was about to mount him when two other guys entered the cage each grabbing Andy's arms pulling him off the big guy, who got back to his feet, it was now 3 against 1 and I realized this was not going to be a good situation. Suddenly the other two guys grabbed me pulled me into the cage and tied me to the fence. Now there were 5 guys attacking Andy. They ripped his clothes off, 3 of them holding him as the other 2 brutally punished his beautifully muscled body and taunted him "now show your friend your muscles". Andy was helpless and was being brutally beaten.They pounded his tight abs with fists and kicks. They tied his hands to the fence but gave him enough rope slack ordering him to flex his muscles for me to see. His 21" biceps were massive but useless against the 5 guys. They attacked his cock, which was rock hard, and balls with fists and kicks, he was moaning in pain. This went on for about 45 minutes until he was almost passed out. Luckily the guys were getting tired from the beating they were inflicting and decided they had enough. They untied me and left the gym. Andy was nearly unconscious hanging by the ropes that fastened him to the fence. I began to untie him and noticed he still had an enormous 9" hard-on. I laid him on the mat, he was bruised, battered and moaning but amazingly not bleeding. I found a bottle of oil and began rub oil on this beautifully sculptured body. I began to rub oil on his raging hard-on and battered balls and he obviously was enjoying it as much as i was. He was totally in my control, I tied his hands and feet and erotically tortured his body, his cock and his nipples. I edged his stiff cock ordering him not to cum till I give him permission, he was begging me to shoot a load and after about 20 minutes of erotic torture I granted him permission to shoot. He shot a load all over his massive chest and I simultaneously shot my load all over his huge 21"biceps. He was physically, emotionally and sexually spent. We cleaned up and left the gym. I thanked him and said " we need to do this again" He smiled and said "I agree"

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Vedio of my first GP / Wrestling matchAndi2's blog

Hi Guys,
I promised a few people that
I would post photo's and a vedio
Of my first wrestling/ GP match.
Unfortunately Adm has rejected them
As not being appropriate.
So I appologize,
Perhaps they will show up elsewhere.
I haven't decided what I will do with them.
The member who I had the session with
also has copies of them too,I don't know
If he plans on posting his copies somewhere too.
We did ware mask, but my long dreads hang out
In back of the mask lol.

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2018-03-07Jman77's blog

Decided to get a new car. Brand new. Great warranty package and coverage. Very happy with the financial aspect of it. Now I can worry less about car repairs and/or breakdowns, and focus on going places. Now instead of costly travel expenses, I can simply drive for meet ups. Though, I don't really like long distance driving, but at least, now, have I the means to. New found perspective on relocating and moving, to what I view as a better place for ME to live.

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Today's "Match" With a Prospective MemberSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

Hosted a guy from another site. Was under the impression he had done very little wrestling in his life. Had me thinking I might be able to teach him a few basics. WOW! Was I so wrong!.

Owned me on the mats from nanosecond number one – Was nice enough to let me get a couple taps on him. Talking afterwards, come to find out he had done lots of wrestling/grappling and learned a lot of combat self defense in the military. Strong, knowledgeable, and moves at the speed of light (well, seemed that way, sans relativistic effects that is) overwhelming.

Sure highlights my need to get more instruction/training. That's more than a hint, my fellow members.

Makes me proud that he wants an encore. I'm trying to get him to join MeetFighters. He'd be a real asset to the site. Will amend this if he does; and he'll sure get a durned great recommendation from me.

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Muscular blonde - available discreetAdammuscle's blog

Muscular masculine discreet

Available central London

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Pure GymShockR's blog

Looking to meet any fellow wrestlers who use Pure Gym as their gym of choice and who wants a gym buddy. Use the gyms at London Victoria, London Lambeth, London Oval and London Wandsworth

Last time I weighed myself I was 185lbs and want to lose at least 5lbs, need help

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Depressionskinnorthampton's blog

With everyone quite rightly focusing on mental health at the moment, I thought I would throw my hat into the ring and give my experience of this unseen, and sadly still taboo subject.
I'd never suffered with depression. As far as I was concerned, I had no reason to. I had a good job I enjoyed, a circle of friends, a nice home, a loving relationship, and everything was fine in my life.
Then it happened. I'd broke my back, and was laid up for some time. At first, I used this time to read, to find out about new subjects, I took up drawing, I was exploring the world through books and tv documentaries..I was healing and doing ok. Then one day, I didn't feel like doing anything. I put it down to feeling tired and run down. A day turned into a week. A week turned into two. I didn't feel like doing anything. People started noticing I wasn't laughing quite as much. Then it hit me, My partner asked me if I was ok,. I burst into tears. I couldn't stop. I cried for 2 hours straight. I'd got to the point where I'd given up. The day after I'd got an appointment with the doctor about my back. He asked how I was feeling. Again, the tears came. He told me to go see my own doctor about how I was feeling. I put it off. I didn't want to admit I was feeling low, and I didn't know why. Eventually I went to see my GP. MY partner sat there and told him everything. How I'd become distant, how I'd lost interest in almost everything. He suggested I go speak with someone. Great, I thought, he wants me to go see a shrink. By this time, I'd become a shell of who I was. I'd lost confidence in how I looked, (I still have issues with this!), I felt I wasn't worth being around. I wanted to curl up in a corner and just fall sleep, never to wake up.
I duly went to see the counsellor I'd been referred to. I didn't know what to expect. After a few weeks of seeing this bloke, I started to change again. I started to take an interest in things around me. Nothing major, but the news became fascinating again. I did a lot of soul searching. My partner, ever the rock, sat with me whilst I laughed, cried, helped me find me. I saw the counsellor for 4 months, once a week, without fail. I had to do it. I was given homework by him. Techniques to help me cope with everyday life. I started to turn a corner.
4 years down the line, I still have bad days. But now I face them and do my best to see the best in everything. Most of my friends at the time turned away. They didn't know how to cope with me being in a dark place. Those friends never came back. To be honest, looking back, I didn't want them to.
My depression was different to everyone else who suffers with it. As is the case, no two peoples experience of it is ever the same. I got through it with support from my GP, my counsellor, and more importantly, my family and partner. I didn't take drugs to help, as I figured this would mask it, not tackle the problem. Drug therapy has it's place, but it wasn't for me.
My advice if you think you're suffering is speak to someone. Don't hide away, and don't ignore it. There is help out there, but you need to be brave enough to ask, to tell, and not to hide away.
And good luck. It won't be easy, but you can get there. And with the right help, you will.

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2018-03-05Jman77's blog

I remember a time when life was simple. It wasn't hard to meet nice, decent people. I knew exactly where I stood with people I called friend. Now everything has gotten to be like smoke and mirrors. Very few people say what they mean. Everything is a big guessing game now. I don't play games with people's emotions. That's a very dangerous game and one I'd think people would know better than to play anymore. Yet, it still exists. I've always been open minded to change, to others opinions and to self-growth. However, I think I'm going back to my roots. Back to where I started. Independence isn't so bad once one accepts the solitude that comes with it. Depending on others has left me with some very fond memories. However, there are a few, that have turned me away from the concept. The simple truth is that very few people in this world are truly honest. Without honesty, I can't trust, I can't believe, I can't go forward. I'm not interested in regression. Stagnant circumstances are not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a path moving away from hate, anger, dishonesty, deceit, manipulation, mind games and degradation. Looks like I'll be on my way, on my own, strong, secure and protected from predatory minds.

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2018-03-05Adammuscle's blog

Musculsr blonde
4 arm wrestle
One sided gp

Tie me

Powerful build
104 kg

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Some Changes in Order to ProgressBellRinger618's blog

Hey fighters and friends.

Let me start this off by saying that my time in this site has helped shape me into the man I am today. I was basically a kid when I started on the site. I was nervous, curious, and reserved. But now, due in part to my communication with all of you, I've grown up and become more confident in some areas. But I know I still have a lot to learn about a lot of things.

Let me follow that all by saying that I'm partnered. It's something I'm still getting used to, but he lets me indulge in my boxing as much as I wish.

I didn't date so I was used to only thinking of myself, so I know to be a good partner I have to think of my life at home above all else.

I'm not organized right now. To avoid too many details, I have a lot of things I've been pushing to the back burner and now they're being pushed back at me.

I'm not looking for pity and I'm not making excuses. I just want to be real with everyone. To dispel all rumors, keep all the guessing out of it, and lay it on the table for everyone because I care about you all. We talk everyday, and it's such a vibrant community here I can't help but feel at home here. I know it may seem odd but I consider a lot of you guys like family, so I want to be as honest as I can be.

I say that all to say, I want to keep boxing. It's part of who I am. I'm not sure where along the way I confused a hobby with my livelihood (since it often consumes my thoughts), but I've decided that until further notice I'm staying at home to work on building a life.

I talked this all over with my partner and I'm still good to box, I can even host every now and again with advance notice. But travel, for a little while, will be on the back burner.

I'm not going to apologise for changing my policies because we're all human. Life happens and we all try to be happy and dutiful as we can be, especially to those we care about. But I know I've (recently discussed) matches or arrangements with a lot of you guys, so I WILL apologize for taking the time from you guys to discuss said matches. If I'd known that I'd be feeling like this, I would have acted accordingly.

But it's not just me anymore, and I sometimes fail to realize it.

So, to sum up:

I will not be traveling for a little while. I'll let everyone know when my situation allows for it again.

I can sometimes host given the notice. Talked it over with my partner and we're down for that. Not the most comfortable bed in the spare room but I am open to letting it be used.

I am no longer in an open relationship. We talked it over and it was fun for a bit, but we're getting really serious, so that's done.

And I don't have a car. Part of the reason that travel is going to be severely limited, as my Greyhound bus experiences continually get worse and worse. Don't get me started on my recent ones.

Thanks for understanding everyone and if you want to talk more with me about setting something up, I'm game. If you're mad, I'm sorry. I'm 21 and I'm ready to make sure I'm comfortable enough to travel and box as much as I want when I'm 30. Blame me for it if you want.

(Thanks for reading guys. Don't expect these to always be so long. I just felt like I wanted to thoroughly explain what's been on mind the last few months: being a (part-time) fighter and building a life for myself at the same time.)

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