Exit from pro wrestling trainingBen_skull_stephens's blog

9th January 2018

Hi guys I have finished the pro training at Iain Scott's a decision not taken lightly and it saddens me to have to do this , reasons due to personal decisions , thanks to all those who helped this includes Iain cheers for taking me Into the world of prowrestling

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2018 for good meetings and matchestnorfmod's blog

I have been pretty far from wrestling or fighting these latest years. Ready for some good action again.

Wrestling (or fighting) is a competition for sure. But it also has to be a good exchange and a good meeting.

Stay connected for the upcoming action.

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Time to get serious!Hardmatch's blog

A year ago, about this time, I was anticipating a possible visit in the fall of 2017 for another of my what I often describe as "UK wrestling road trips". Having just finished the holiday season and having been rather lazy before that, I was as heavy as I'd ever been at 186 lbs. I told people that I was 3" too short for my weight. Nothing wrong with being 5'8", 186 lbs if you're muscular and toned. I wasn't! I never seem to choose easy opponents in the UK so I knew I was going to have to get to work on improving my fitness or else I would be totally in over my head and risk wasting my British opponents' time.

I have always made excuses about not having enough time or energy about hitting the gym. Even after I decided to work on getting fitter, the only real time I made for exercise this past year was to do pushups and planks in the comfort of the apartment. Granted, I was up to 225 pushups over the course of a day but I was still not making use of the excellent little gym in our apartment building. A friend and I decided to check in with each other online every Monday and compare how we were doing in trying to lose weight. I really did want to get down to 175 lbs. He had already lost 20+ lbs and was pretty much at his target weight already so it wasn't a very fair competition. He was probably being a nice guy and doing his best to keep me motivated. Well, of course, there's only so much weight you can lose by doing pushups, something my buddy kept reminding me of. "Steve, have you started doing cardio yet?" Of course I hadn't but I'd still moan about how my weight loss had plateaued.

While the weight hadn't poured off of my by the time of my trip to the UK, the clothes were fitting much better. Even though I'd only lost 5 lbs, it was clear that there were definite improvements that the scale couldn't measure. I liked what I saw in the mirror. I wasn't where I wanted my body to be but it was much improved over the start of the year and I certainly felt stronger than I had been in years, if not ever. BG East weren't going to knock on my door anytime soon but I would give these Brit boys hell.

As mentioned earlier, I don't tend to choose easy opponents when I travel to the UK and this trip was no different. My opponents were very fit, bigger and/or experienced. I think I was able to hold my own against most guys my weight. I'm not saying that I beat them but I was able to at least make most of them sweat. I did take on a few guys that were significantly heavier than me so I wasn't surprised when they totally overpowered me. However, there were a couple of guys that I wrestled that were approximately my weight that did totally overpower me. We're not talking about them being just a little stronger than me; I was completely outmuscled. No worries, some guys are just incredibly strong. One of the guys looked like he was chiseled out of stone so his overpowering me wasn't a big shock. Somewhere along the line, the pace of activity caught up with me though and I had a bruised/strained chest for a few days near the end of the trip.

I returned home after an incredible trip to the UK. I'd met some great new guys and reconnected with past friends. While I was happy with my performance, for the most part, I was determined that I needed to work hard to improve my upper body strength. One thing that I wasn't happy about was my appearance in the one match I videoed. What I saw in the mirror and what I was seeing on video seemed to be two different things. I really was carrying too much weight. I know they say that cameras can add weight; apparently there was more than camera focused on me. I am my own worst critic, as many of us are, so others may look at the same video and say that I looked fine. Still, it was clear that I still have a lot of work to do!

So, why is Hardmatch boring you with all of this? I retired the end of December. All of my excuses about not having the time to go to the gym are gone. We have a great little gym in our building and I have lots of free time to fill. I will be hitting the gym on a regular basis. My hope is to go every weekday. My posting a blog like this isn't so much to annoy and bore the rest of you as it is to force me to put my money where my mouth is and actually go to the gym.

I hope that, as time goes by, I will be able to report positive progress. Future blogs will be nowhere near as longwinded as this one is. Most will simply be to record weight and body fat % and, possibly, what I did during the week. I will weigh myself every Monday morning.

January 8, 2018: 5'8" (173 cm); 176.5 lbs (80kg); 31.9% body fat *

  • I don't totally trust the body fat % readings on my scale. The readings can vary as much as 5% from one day to the next; I don’t think body fat % is quite that changeable.
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Photo Sharing on Chat, Webcam SupportMeetFighters News

Hello Fighters,

I hope everyone has survived New Year's, and made resolutions to meet a new member every week!

Work on the new Chat page is ongoing. Thanks to everyone for the feedback, except for that one guy who started to complain about blocking. (Sigh...)

So what's new there? Photo sharing is now embedded into the chat. When you are in a private chat, there's a photo icon near the top right of the page. Clicking it will allow you to send one of your photos to the other person, or upload a new one to share with them. I think this is pretty cool and bound to make the chat experience more streamlined.


I am also working on experimental support for webcams. Unfortunately support for this very new web technology is still spotty. I have added a "Webcam" button to profile pages that lets you test drive it, but don't expect it to work very spectacularly. Browsers like Internet Explorer and Safari do not support the necessary technology and there seems to be a bug affecting Firefox, so for now, Opera and Chrome are the only working alternatives. I'm working on improving that.

I am also investigating the possibility of toggling a more compact view for the message list – some do not seem to like the pictures there. Maybe a darker theme too, as some mentioned that the white is too white.

– Admin

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BOXER'S RANT VIII: Drunk JobberBoxer_Daddy's blog

Okay my Fellow Pugilists - I'M BACK & I HAVE A QUESTION:

PUNCH CHUMPS what’s up with having to get wasted before engaging in a fight? Yes, you’re gonna lose… but feeling the need to suppress the beating only demeans you and the boxer you’re facing off against. If being worked over truly IS your fetish then you would be embracing the pain and relishing every moment of a boxer’s destructive fists as they made contact. Especially if ultimately your being rendered from consciousness.

As a trained boxer I take pride in my craft. I’ve worked over many a jobber in the ring to the point of KO and bruised them to the point they knew they had been in a fight to not a single mark showed. Often times the only residuals are body soreness and a slight gap in memory from the loss of senses. The first time I encountered a guy that was drunk before I worked him over I let it slide because I wanted the experience as much as he did. The second time I sent him home packing. His intoxication was an insult to the amount of time and effort I put into setting up our meeting and ultimately was a sign of selfishness. He would get his thrills regardless of mine or not. I don’t know how many of you have been in a bar room brawl but the drunks are the first to hit the deck, sometimes regardless of being struck cleanly or not. The RANT includes dudes that like to get drunk before going out in the woods and slinging fists at one another in a pseudo attempt at fighting. What’s the point of having a fight if you don’t remember it at all? Are you bringing someone with you to record the pathetic melee of a match? That is probably the only way either of you is getting a thrill out of it if recall it at all.

FYI, this also applies to the use of other drugs. Whether you know it or not, the human body is the biggest drug pusher/chemical producer on the planet. Your body releases a multitude of suppressants, adrenaline and other compounds that allow you to withstand a variety of situations. Ask a highly skilled Dominant Leather person to demonstrate. I’m certain you’ll be surprised! They adhere to a strict code of Safe, Sane and Consensual. This is to protect you and them from reckless behavior. Any one ignoring this code is quickly ostracized for unsafe behavior. I personally have a strict cold of “Not breaking my toys as they will not come back and play with me anymore.” And if this statement doesn’t make sense to you now it will in time. Enjoy every experience if not all the sensations your body has to give you.

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Jack and Andy have a fightBamaJDon41's blog

Jack and Andy Have a Fight fiction by BamaJDon41

I'd been in touch with the man out west for some time. We'd discussed getting together and doing some boxing. Nothing like a pro bout. Just a good workout to have a good time. He lived some distance from me but I finally found the time to make the trip. I followed his clear directions and found his house easily. It was a warm, spring day in south Texas. I rang the door bell and Jack answered. He looked just like his photos and seemed happy to at last meet me. Jack shook my hand revealing a powerful grip. Clearly he was a regular visitor to his local gym. Jack was in his 60's and went about 5'10", 225 lbs. We were evenly matched in size if not in expertise.
"Andy, glad to finally meet you. Come on in." After a little small talk, Jack showed me around his house. Then, he showed me his workout room where we would have our bout. "Nice place you've got here, Jack. So when do you want to do some boxing?" "How about now?" Jack replied. That seemed rather sudden, but he didn't seem to want to waste any time. And neither did I. Jack suggested, "You can change in here. I'll go to my room and get into my trunks.

A few minutes later, Jack reappeared in a pair of red boxing trunks, black gloves and barefoot. I smiled, "Wow, you're really eager to get going!" Jack returned my smile, "You need help with that glove, Andy?" He helped me get my right glove on and we were ready for our first bout. I felt butterflies of anticipation. After talking about doing it for so long our first match was finally happening. I knew he wouldn't be wearing shoes so neither was I. I had on a new pair of black trunks.
We touched gloves and squared off. The mood became dead serious. We had earlier agreed on just body punching so my first move was a right to Jack's gut. He took it without a wince. His gut was hard. Even though he was a few years older, his body looked stronger than my own. We circled around feeling each other out. Then, with unexpected speed, Jack landed a hard punch to the side of my jaw which sent me reeling. I went down to one knee and tried to shake it off. I was seeing stars! "What the fuck, Jack? This isn't what we talked about!" Jack just smiled and said, "get up. You've got gloves on. Use them."
"Fine. You want a real bout then you've got one, old man!" Jack didn't like that last thing I said. Probably shouldn't have said that, I thought. I got up and faced off with my opponent. This had suddenly become a little more real than I was prepared for. But now was as good a time as any to find out what I could do with the gloves on...and find out what he could do! I got up and was met with another hard jab to the jaw which backed me up. Jack followed with three punches to my gut which had me doubled over. He could have knocked me out right then but Jack was in no hurry to end this fight.
Once I got my wind back I was determined to take it to the more experienced fighter. I faked to my right and caught him with a hard left hook to the ribs. We traded shots for a couple of minutes and then I heard a timer go off. He'd set his phone to signal the end of rounds.
After about 25 minutes we'd completed 5 rounds and I was drenched in sweat. Jack had a little perspiration on his forehead. I was breathing heavily while he was showing no signs of fatigue.
As I sat resting after the last round, Jack calls out, "Hey, Andy. Why don't we make this more interesting and at the same time help you to cool off. Let's lose the trunks." I welcomed the change. And then he said, "might help if we lost the gloves, too."

The buzzer sounded to start the next round. It had become a bare-knuckle, bare-ass fight. And I immediately realized that Jack had cranked it up a notch. He started peppering my arms with his bare fists. I landed two rights to his pecs which he barely noticed. "Come on, ya sissy, hit me!" Jack shouted. He planted a hard fist to my belly button that stunned me. I kept listening for the buzzer to go off to end the round but heard nothing. Jack sensed my concern. "No more rounds. We go 'til one of us drops and quits," he said. Jack kept landing hard punches to my body plus the occasional jab to my face. For every punch of mine that connected, he landed four. Clearly the man was toying with me and enjoying himself immensely. I could see the satisfaction on Jack's face as he demonstrated his boxing superiority.
Another five minutes and I was hanging on to Jack in a clinch. He taunted, "Come on, Andy. We've been at it for less than 30 minutes." I'd taken at least 100 hits in that time, maybe more. I was almost out on my feet but didn't want to admit how spent I was. I held on to Jack, hoping to buy a little time. But then Jack's hands went down low in my back and drew me closer in. The clinch turned into a bearhug. I tried pushing out of it but, while I had faded badly, Jack had barely weakened at all. He smiled as I gasped for air, "yeah, I think it's time this turned into a wrestling match!" I yelled, "come on Jack, give me a break!" Jack would have none of it.

After continuing to wear me down in a tight bearhug against his hard body, Jack decided to pick me up, hold me up in the air, and then slam me on to the mat. He laughed hard as I held my aching back. But the onslaught continued. He pulled me up by my hair and slapped on a vicious headlock. His left nipple rubbed my right cheek and I started becoming aroused. I wrapped my hands around his left thigh to try and lift him but I was too tired. Jack hip tossed me down to the mat and upped the pressure on the headlock. I tapped his belly, signaling him that I'd had enough, but my tap was utterly ignored. Instead he wrapped his muscular legs around my midsection and squeezed hard. As Jack lay on his side he punched my chest repeatedly. The scissor hold was then moved around my head. I felt on the edge of blacking out but Jack kept waking me with body blows. He then lay on his back as his thighs squeezed my throat, my face held tight in his crotch.

"Okay, enough wrestling...get up," Jack stated matter of factly. I lay looking up at the ceiling...getting up seemed unlikely. Tired of waiting, Jack pulled me to my feet and moved me against a wall and then said, "let's go." His fists started landing all over my upper body. I tried covering up, even throwing a few weak punches, but I had nothing left. After one more hard fist to my gut I sank to the floor.
Jack was standing tall in front of me and so was his cock. All he said was, "you know what I've just won. Now give." I was so beat I couldn't move. Jack grabbed me by the hair and ground his fist in my face, "GIVE!" I'd taken enough of a beating and quickly answered, "yes sir."
I didn't like the way a friendly match had turned into a brutal beatdown. But I gave Jack what he demanded. He earned it. And there was no denying...the man had a beautiful cock.

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"THE BULLY"sisuperman's blog

So...I just recently started going back to the gym after 10 years of dealing with a series of chronic injuries.
I am the first to admit that my body reflects 10 years of neglect. Needless to say my first few trips back I was re-acclimating myself to the equipment and using light weight to ease my body back after so long an absence. There were many people in the gym, but one guy in particular kept looking at me with a look of disgust. At first I thought I was just being self conscious, until I thought heard him make a comment about my body type, which I said earlier most definitely needed help, but that is why I was here. He was a massively muscled guy approximately 6'3" 215 lbs, big broad shoulders and nicely shaped biceps. I was doing bicep curls and had completed 2 sets with 2 more to go. This big guy approached me and said "You are wasting your time and mine time so move on and let a real man workout." I told him I had 2 more sets and the machine is his. He replied "fuck you it's my machine now and there isn't anything you can do about it" I was humiliated and embarrassed and yes he was right there was nothing I could do about it.
I left the gym.
My back therapist is a very fit hot hunk of a man that I have bonded with and we've gotten very close.
His name is LB he stands 5'9" 180 lbs, 45c, 31w, 16.25 arms. I told LB the story. He said this guy was a real dick and said he will come to the gym and workout with me and straighten this guy out. I have never had anyone step up to defend me before and quite frankly I was a big turn on for me. The next day LB picked me up and we went to the gym and sure enough the asshole was there, he looked at me but this time with a puzzled look. LB began helping me with my training. LB notice he was looking at us so he went up to him and introduced himself. His name is Peter and LB mentioned that he acted disrespectful to me the other day. He towered over LB by about 7" and probably out weighed him by some 30 lbs. He looked down at LB and said "who the fuck are you, his guardian angel?" LB replied "If you have a problem with him you have a problem with me!" Peter yelled "OK, let's take this to the mat room." With that the three of us headed to the mat room.
My heart was pounding and my adrenaline was pumping, never before have I ever had two guys fighting over me.
They both stripped down to their boxer briefs. LB in black and Peter in navy with white elastic band.
They dropped to the mat in an arm wrestling position. LB's arms were massive, as big as soft balls while Peter's were smaller, baseball size attached to his broad shoulders. They lock hands, both biceps bulge, but neither one can move the other and for a good 2 minutes they remained locked in the starting position, suddenly Peter began to push LB's massively flexed arm down. I couldn't believe what i was seeing, LB was here to defend me but he was going down. LB's arm continued to get closer to being put down, inches from the mat, then his face grimaced and his adrenaline kicked in...and LB came back and pinned the mother fuckers arm.
Fuck yeah...I was so proud and that made Peter really mad and humiliated.
Peter jumped behind LB and immediately put him in a headlock and brought him down to the mat, flipped him over he got on top of LB's massive chest and schoolboy pinned his massive arms under his long muscular thighs. Mounted on top of LB, Peter asked "where's your mighty arm strength now fucker? Look at your hero at my mercy" he shouted.
I couldn't believe my eyes. Fuck man, he had LB locked tight, unable to move and struggling, he told LB to submit.
He wanted me to come and see LB's helpless face, but I stayed behind him so he wouldn't get the satisfaction of seeing my disappointed face, he turn back to order me to look.
When Peter takes his attention off LB, LB makes his move, breaks the hold and uses every ounce of strength he had and pushed Peter off.
LB executes a total reversal, locking Peter's arms under his massive legs, and begin pounding his abs making him moan and groan and reeling in pain, humiliating him once again.
Peter manages to shove LB off and both men jump up into a standing position. Peter starts taunting LB and putting his arms up offering up a hand lock for a mercy strength test. He teases LB about not reaching puberty yet and being so short. He uses that height to get the advantage... he pushes down hard and LB drops to one knee. Pissed off, LB powers back up and twists Peter's hands down to his sides. He quickly drills a knee into Peter's exposed abs. He grimaces but wraps his arms around LB and lifts him up in a bearhug shaking him like a rag doll. LB's legs flailiing as he can’t touch the ground. LB ax-handles Peter's upper back. Peter drops LB and he locks Peter in a side headlock and brings him down to his level. LB snap mares Peter to his back and mounts him in a schoolboy pin pulling his arms up over the head and forcing him to say “I give, and I'm sorry to me"
Ever since that day Peter was nothing but respectful to me.

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2018-01-04pshawfocus's blog

So thought I'd write a few words about my world of gut punching.

The 2017 festive period was pretty good, I met 6 guys over the course of a couple of weeks (andreGP, abs2000, theobolt, muscle-test, speedowrestler and a guy I know from Recon). I had been suffering from an eye problem from Oct to Dec so hadn't been doing so much, maybe this was my way of kick starting things! A few guys I was intending to meet I hadn't been able to find the time for - you know who you are - I'll be making sure we catch-up asap.

How about a few words on the guys I met? Well Abs2000 is a great guy to meet with, big and solid, he punches accurately and hard, puts me into various positions and is a general all round good guy; I guess we've met about 25 times over the years and he came to visit me when I lived in New York so obviously, I had to introduce him to various US GP'ers :-) I met with AndreGP in Brussels - he was one of the first guys I ever met for GP - in Camden no less - many years ago. We met a number of times before work and home seperated us so was great to get a good work over from him after a 7 year break. Theobolt was a new guy, he hadn't done any GP before so was a gentle intro session with me carefully working him over. Muscle-test and I have met a handful of times over the last couple of years but there's been a break whilst he was away travelling. A nice hot, impromptu meet with him on New Year's Day where I got to give his abs a good work over despite him having been out the night before! Speedowrestler and I have met maybe 10 times, he likes to mix the GP with nipple play so that was a slightly easier meet for my abs. The guy from Recon worked my abs hard - we've met 5 or so times, sometimes we trade and change roles (giver / taker) but on this occasion it was 95% me on the receiving end. A few nice aches the next day :-) There's not much punching with the Recon guy, he mostly jumps and stomps on my abs but also sits on them, adjusting his weight / position so it gets heavy and intense.

Whilst I'll play both roles I guess I enjoy being the sub more - taking the abuse, putting my abs under duress for the enjoyment of the dominant party. For me, that's the core of GP - the sub / dom element. The sub shouldn't need to be retrained, they should be 100% willing to have their stomach worked over - that means the dom doesn't need to dance around like they're boxing, they don't have anything to dodge as the sub isn't fighting back with their fists / legs etc, they're fighting back by continuing to take the abuse. All those theatrical videos you can find on U tube with the fake punches and the groans etc are just ridiculous. Of course it doesn't all need to be super intense and hardcore either - a good mix of intensity from full power through to softer, lighter and more tactile blows is ideal. Mix that with different positions, be that standing, laying down, crouching, hanging down from a bar or door frame, laying on a bed, laying on your side on the floor (ideal for being kicked in the stomach).... Changing the position of your abs changes the impact - stretching them out makes it more intense. I can also take punches with my abs relaxed so - with instruction from the dom, I can be totally tensed, semi-tensed (allows the stomach to be pushed in deeper), or relaxed - naturally I need to feel comfortable that the dom is aware they need to approach a relaxed stomach a little differently; I can take some fairly big impacts, but will start to tense up if they get too heavy. Then there are the different types of impact - obviously punching, but elbows, knee drops, stomping, kicks, jumps, blunt instruments...I've been hit with heavy church candles, had chair legs pressed down onto my abs, had guys sit on my stomach - all sorts. I would say my abs are pretty solid - I can take some intense and long work outs but naturally like everyone I have limits. Happy to have them pushed and of course if I need to stop it's typically only a brief break, maybe a change of position etc and we can go again.

Gear wise, nice and simple - jeans or jogging pants, shorts. Bare chest and bare feet (nice to feel the skin of the feet on the surface of the abs when being stood on).

Well, that's all for now folks.

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💃🏻 🤼‍♂️ Fantasy fight storyMvM4F's blog

Here’s the true part of the story...

It all started back in 9th grade. I met this mousey girl that I paid no attention to in my English class. But I did find out that she was born the day after me which I thought was kinda cool. She was then in my 10th grade biology class sitting right behind me. I started thinking she was kinda/sorta cute but I was too busy just trying to pass the course.

After that semester, she started blossoming into the cutest girl in the whole 500+ females the school had. I was suddenly head over heels for the next few years! She was pretty smart and she went to a distant university and I never saw her again. A decade went by and I found out from a friend of a friend that she had gotten married and had two kids. Of course, that didn’t surprise me but I had never forgotten her and was still madly in love with her.
I then found out about 20 years later that her husband died of cancer.

Here’s the fantasy part of the story...

Our 40th high school reunion came and I got all gussied up for it in the hopes & great anticipation that I was going to meet Elaine for the first time since graduation night. Sure enough, there she was ... better looking than ever before! I approached her and this random dude she was standing with. I said to her right away that I had been waiting for this moment for four decades because I wanted to tell her that I’ve had a crush on her for over 40 years!

Bad move...

The random dude pipes up and says, “Too bad, buddy...Elaine’s MY wife!”.

I was caught by surprise at first, but then I said, “Well, who loves her more?”. His eyes were set ablaze! He said, “Do you want to take this outside?”. Elaine suddenly realized she loved how her man and I were having a heated exchange and was surprised by how much she was digging it. She said, “Now boys...there’s no need for this. But I know how much men like to vent their aggressions from time to time”. Then she said, “Perhaps we should settle this in our backyard tomorrow at dawn...say, a little wrestling match would suffice.”

I said, “Elaine, I would be honoured to fight for you”. Her man, Tony, said, “DITTO!”

The next day, I went to their house at 6am. They have a huge property in an exclusive neighbourhood with a beautiful lawn that was covered in morning dew. Elaine answered the door and said to come in...Tony is waiting for you in the backyard.

I see him...wearing nothing but a red Speedo standing there in the middle of the yard waiting for me. Good thing I brought my blue Speedo to wear for our “Wrestle For Elaine” match!

It was already a balmy day as the sunrise was about to break. I stripped down and we started to circle each other. Elaine was standing there with great anticipation written on her face. She said, “Best Of 7 Pins wins...GO!”

For 45 minutes, we wrestled to a 3-3 draw. Elaine said, “Winner has to win by 2!”
We said, FINE!

I was up 4-3...then he was up 5-4...then 6-5.
We had now wrestled for over 90 minutes. Neither man wanting to give up an inch! Then I was up 7-6. Tony really wanted to keep Elaine and he showed it by going up 9-8! We were drenched in sweat after the 2-hour mark! I was now up 10-9. I was really getting fatigued and Tony just kept driving me to the ground. Now I was down 11 pins to 10. Both of us wrestlers were spent. Elaine was now sitting on the ground with a huge smile on her face. She knew her man was going to win. And with one last final push, Tony applied the last chest-to-chest pin for the 5-count to win Elaine.

The match had lasted 2 hours and 43 minutes.

Even though I had lost, I felt 40 years of pining for Elaine was now drained from my body. It was just never meant to be. But nobody could ever say I didn’t go down without a tremendous battle.

On the way out, Elaine whispered to me and said, “Tony’s out of town on business this week. Why don’t you come over tomorrow night for....dinner?”

The End

💃🏻 🤼‍♂️

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2018 Things I Really Want to FindSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

Finding submission matches (as well as gut punching and body boxing) has its ups and downs; but 2017 has been my best year yet, given the lack of gatherings within 100-plus miles of Washington DC.. But there are scenes I want to get into and incorporate as regular parts of my "fight-scene" life. However, so far that I have found that locally the following are next to impossible to find. Any help in finding local action for things such as (1) Pro (2) Promission (3) Rip & Strip (4) Full Leathers (5) Oil (6) Full Clothing, (7) Judo and Other Martial Arts (8) Outdoor Wrestling/MMA The problem is that I have not found anyone on this site living inside or near the DC Beltway (well over 200 members) willing to any of these 8 subject areas with me.

Maybe guys into these are scarce all over; but I'd expect an area as populated as the Wash DC region, these genres would exist in numbers large enough for viable encounters. Any leads or other help would be appreciated.

Leads would be appreciated. Better yet: If men into these would connect with me. Comments that I should not be interested in these genres would NOT be welcome.

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