Glum, Until I Realized What It Actually Meant.Spruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

Yesterday was wrestling with two of the guys whom I consider two damn good proteges I have been mentoring for some time. Felt a bit down who these former "pushovers" were able to get me to tap out as surprisingly number of times. What am I doing wrong today, I mused. Then it dawned on me that they were merely using the very holds, moves, maneuvers I have been teaching them against me. Suddenly made me feel good about what I did for them and mighty proud of them for having learned so well and seeing them progress to where they are in my league strength wise and skill wise . Proud of you ScrimmageJock and Just_Dan.

One will soon be moving out of the area, the other otherwise engaged between now and the end of summer, leaving me with a sharp reduction of wrestling activity unless I find additional men to host right quick. Hard to find local wrestling mates in the DC area, as been told so many locals want only young, cute 'n' sexy guys – Told that by some of those saying "No!" to me Thus I rely mostly on out-of-town visitors for a lot of my activity. .
Any local newbies in good enough shape to engage in the sport interested in gaining some experience, learn some tactics along with what's safe and what's not, getting some experience? Offer good for others on the site longer, but have been reticent to try wrestling or related sporting activity. Never know what good natural ability you might already have, unless you try it. BETTER YET, anyone willing to teach me some holds, tactics so I can keep up and pass on the info to those I'm helping.
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Recovery time awaySir_David's blog

Hi Guys

Just to let you all know, I'm not gonna be arranging any meets for the next couple of months.

I was in a serious road accident last Thursday, serious for the vehicle I was in, and not myself thankfully. I've escaped with cuts, bruises aches and pains. So gonna take few weeks off to get myself back together and hope to be back in the ring in a couple of months.

I only had the one confirmed upcoming meet and have notified my oppo, anyone else who I've recently chatted to, we will get there, probably late summer.
Cheers folks.

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One-by-one heeling.......submission practice!davey123's blog

I love doing straightforward competitive submission matches, though like to keep it safe and sane. Sometimes have found that when wrestling another really competitive guy things can escalate risking injury and these days I have become a bit calmer. After all, we are doing it for fun right? I’m not really one of those guys who think that wrestling must always be ‘deadly’ (maybe that’s not a good word to use in this context) serious. Am totally up for a normal bout with one clear winner.
But….. have also always loved playing the heel for any guy who likes to be worked over a bit (or a lot…hah hah!). If you read my recommendations you’ll get an idea of what I like. Surprisingly (to me) have also found more recently that I enjoy being the jobber from time to time, and some guys seems to have the chemistry/knack of bringing that side out of me. Pity that I have so much muscle I don’t bend better! SO…… have been thinking of what kind of match could exploit both heel and jobber aspects. What do you think of this…….any takers……..???

One by One Heeling

This is my suggestion for how to have a fun match where you both want to do some heeling and jobbing and use a good range of both BJJ and promission holds. I am assuming that both guys will only tap/submit when they really need to. Pride preventing simply giving up easily. I suppose this is a good way to extend and test your ability to absorb punishment and take pain. Important to have a ‘safe word’ which means if the man in a hold says it, the guy applying the hold lets go immediately without hesitation or questions. ‘Break’ is a good clear one, but I have used many different ones in the past ….some deliberately humourous or silly (eg he has to say ‘I am a tit’)
The match starts with a bit of a roll….then whoever gets the first sub hold on, attempts to keep it on his opponent at just below the opponents tap threshold…so the hold is kept on for some length of ‘punishment’ time, as long as possible! When the man trapped does submit, the guy applying the hold backs off the pressure a bit and asks his victim if he really wants to give up. This gives the guy on the receiving end time to adjust and regroup a bit and he can respond with either ‘no…fuck you’ type of response, or simply say ‘yes, yes I give’ (or whatever you say when you want to quit). Multiple submissions are thereby obtained from the one hold, with varied intensity.
Then once the final submission is obtained from that particular hold (‘I quit’), you reverse positions. The guy who was on the receiving end now as his reward applies any hold he wants on his opponent who is compliant in getting into the hold. The hold is ‘worked’ well, as in the initial hold. This enables you to try out holds which you like to use but maybe rarely can in fully competitive bouts, or simply drill and perfect your holds. Because you alternate between taking and applying you can last longer. If you feel like it of course you can be mean and go for a relatively quick full submission but if you want to enjoy punishing and stretching out your man you can take your time. Being on the receiving end…you are actually in charge because you decide how long the punishment really lasts…in effect you are challenging yourself to see what you can take. It’s fun! And could be hot too of course! You are basically swapping from heel to jobber and vice versa after each hold is worked to the final submission from it.
If you have the luxury of a bigger matted area (eg when wrestling somewhere like Pippas in Manchester) you can invent other fun rules which make it more interesting. For example if the man trapped in the hold manages to reach the edge of the mat and can touch the floor just beyond the mats with any hand/foot, the hold has to be released and he escapes. He then gets his ‘reward’ for his special efforts becoming the guy who applies the next hold on his opponent. Of course if you use this rule there is motivation for the guy underneath not to simply take the hold but to struggle to try and reach the edge of the mats to escape. It introduces a moderate competitive element. Necessary therefore always to start off in the centre of the mats!
The thing I like about this is that so often in either competitive matches or when heeling, inevitably the guy who is on the receiving end of a series of submission holds becomes tired fairly quickly as his resilience is broken…fine if you like that. But in this approach instead of it all becoming one sided you both get to experience heel and jobber roles, unlike in a normal heel match, or as actually happens often in competitive matches where one guy turns out to be dominant because he secures a particularly gruelling hold on his opponent early on which weakens the man.
Tell me what you think! And of course anyone who wants to try it out with me…..get in touch!!!

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Dislocated shoulderHet blog van Worstel maatje

Dislocated my shoulder one month ago, just by falling down ( shit happens ) .
2nd time I dislocated my shoulder happend 1 week ago during calisthenics practise a backlever went wrong.
It gave a burning pain in my shoulder and arm die a few days.

Due to this shoulder I am not able to train my upper body for the past month. So I gave my legs and cardio more atention.

Last week I thought what the hell with my shoulder I need to wrestle.
So I invited my local gym and wrestling buddy to wrestle with me out side on the grass.
We wrestled for 1 hour did 3 rounds was a lot of fun. We ended at 2-1 in my favour.

The day after my shoulder hurted like Hell and still hurt after 2 days.

One month of rest is not enough for a dislocated shoulder, but the wrestling gave me the energy to wait and take rest for another month.

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This is ridiculous!BJJWrestlerLasVegas's blog

When I was 67 (am almost 69) I sent an email though this site to another wrestler inquiring about the possibility of practicing on the mats with him when he visits Las Vegas.Based on his past opponent history and posts I knew he visits Las Vegas from time to time. At the time he was near the lead or might have been the leader in most opponents on this site. His rely was that being 67 that I could not possibly be in shape to practice with him as he mentioned that since he is 57 and works very hard to be in shape that I could not be in shape. I find this very strange. First of all I was snot even asked about my shape. Secondly, I currently go to BJJ classes 5 days a week, sometimes 2 back to back classes (gi and no gi or vice/verse) . This is in addition to walking up to 2000 steps (I count the steps to get credit on Walgreen's Balance Rewards Program) from the bus stop to the gym in the heat with little shade before class, shade after class (the average high is 90 F or better (32 C) from about Mid May to Late September here (Las Vegas, 2nd hottest summer city in U S) . No member at the gym since I have been a regular member (from about 12/1/16) when I moved to LVS ,, whether they were a white, blue, purple, brown, or black belt (we have them all) has ever complained to me that I was not in shape or fit to roll or practice with them.Of course like ALL members I will sit out a round from time to time, perhaps more often due age but very much involved in both the drilling and rolling at the gym. It is a wonder how I would be singled out due being 67 instead of 57. FWIW I have worked tables at many tourneys (I am very low income and cannot afford the entry fees, thus I would rather get a check than give a check) and some have divisions such as masters 6 or seniors 6 that have competitors in their 60s. USA Wrestling has Veteran's E as well. Gershon Horowitz (google him if necessary) competed at age 70, thus this senseless bigotry has no place in the sport.The gay community should be ashamed about being prejudicial against their own, being all the prejudice they normally face. In all my years on the mats both as a collegiate wrestler for a weak division 3 team who did not have a winning record until my senior year,nor as a BJJ participant did I ever tell the referee that an opponent was not satisfactory due his age or looks.I competed in Santa Ana in 2012 (They had reasonable entry fees) and there was no one in my age division or the age division below mine thus I elected to go with the younger group (mostly 20s)..There was a 5 man round robin and I lost all 4 matches, 3 on submissions, one on points. Interestingly though I did score several take downs including on the eventual winner. Not one person there thought any less of me due my age. What is even more interesting is that when I click on "members" which brings up the closest members to one's address that almost no one even gave me the courtesy of a reply and some live only 1 km away and Las Vegas has 24/7 transit even last summer on the day it hit 117 F here. (46 C) , I wonder if some here are wrestlers or just computer key pushers? If they are so afraid of a former collegiate wrestler who had a less than .500 record for a weak div 3 team and gets tapped the majority of the time at BJJ classes, whom are they willing to face? No wonder they go for this jobber/heel stuff where the outcome is pre-determined. Being real must be too hard!

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Other wrestlers I have wrestledShockR's blog

There are other wrestlers I have wrestled but due to constraints cannot be put on my opponents list so I will list them here:

Ben Skull Stevens
Robert England

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Wrestle while my boyfriend watchesWrestleZach67's blog

Would anyone in be interested in a match where my boyfriend watches? I like muscle to muscle hard aggressive wrestling (no injuries) pro sub erotic, ball garbs/blows. Like being the jobber but also can put up a hell of a fight. My boyfriend was a wrestler in high school so might wrestle as well but a fetish he said was to watch me wrestle someone. Never have done this before. We live in the Nashville area hit me up

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Branching Out Even More -- Sharply Revised ProfileSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

Been apprised from time to time that I have three parameters here which work against me:
(1) My age; but not going to falsify this–won't even do it in "Mars years" as it appears some do, based on how different some guys look when they show up at the door.
(2) My pics---in that they believe they were shot when I was much younger – sorry, but the topside ones were shot in 2017--- or that they look too threatening. Again, sorry about that; but most my mates have told me I'm one hulluva lot stronger and tougher than I look (despite my thinking ain't so). Even in the recommendations: If I feel there is hyperbole, I ask the writer to revisit what he wrote and rewrite if it is overstated. Hyped recommendations can lead to disappointments and/or injuries.

(3) The interests in my profile. OK: I admit, it needs mellowing, lightening; as I need to make it sound more mellow and playful. Guys not fearful of that image believe I want to merely beat them up; hence, there are those amongst my newer opponents are guys who want to tear into me, as though they want to "put me in my place" or something equally weird (or wired?)

So put away the fears that I want to toss you up against the wall, flip you to the floor, or lit'rully kick you ass. T'aint so – that's for the guys who are into that kind of stuff, know how to safely take and execute a slam or a fall/a drop, and do it only after serious discussion to keep it safe and injury free. Simply not interested in further enriching the world's most expensive medical industry.

Below is the new profile. Let me know pro/con. Keep it constructive Trying to keep it nonthreatening, but honest. Why no 2018 pics yet? Simple, Holding off awhile longer so they show a quantum leap, rather than meanderings within the same quantum level. :) Should be there by June.

Been told I'm a lot stronger than the pics suggest; but it's time to lighten up a bit now & then. While the serious, competitive or more intense stuff can be fun at times, it now needs more balance with the playful.

"Men under about 225 pounds, clean, safe, in shape, and no abuse flags can consider this an open invite. Others, let's talk adjustments to make it happen. All past opponents from any site, and all my fans and favorites are welcome. Have padded-walls matroom (see gallery). and like to host.

Interests not listed are open for discussion including making videos, BDSM, outdoors, group action, all martial arts, self defense. Enjoy mentoring new guys to the site..

The recommendations, and, blog here have more detailed info. Seasoned member, with an opponent count of 58 placing me near the top 2% boundary.

Tough abs thanks to mentoring from RadnerBearman - -and I am l mentoring Scrimmagejock, BoxerVA, and Just_Dan in submission wrestling/grappling."

In closing:
Thanks to above four men, along with Ctrwash, Zultac, Ezekiel-Night for their training with me help promoting me as a viable opponent here. Really proud to call these men my good friends; and am confident the list will grow.

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Videosmidwestheel's blog

Here's a link to ALL of my videos of me in action, including a couple the site won't take because of certain reasons:

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oilled sports massageWaterpolo's blog

Any one interested in starting an oiled sports massage group text/chat here.
Open to all active wrestlers, swimmers,water polo players,baseball guys & all jocks.
I am in NJ between NYC & Philadelphia at the Shore nearby a nude beach!

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