• 7th May
    Hi everyone! A quick update: We have passed the [[users|800-member mark]] yesterday. The site now has * 1758 [[photos]] * Delivered 31000 [[messages
  • 1st May
    Greetings, I've made some small, incremental improvements to existing site features: * On member profile pages, you can click on a link next to
  • 27th April
    we all like to have fun and wrestling around, and we spend ours and money to sign up in web sites and trying to find the perfect guys to wrestler
  • 23rd April
    well...i would like to talk about a great guy which i will not call by his name...but i can say that he is TO...i had a match with him and he is a
  • 21st April
    Probably the most frequent complaints about the site have been about [[Chat]]. It was well deserved, too: the chat was a rush job. It worked, barely
  • 20th April
    I have made some small modifications to the [[search|Advanced Search]]: * [[Tracker/2009-02-01_2]]: You can search by region (e.g. Europe, USA, South
  • 19th April
    A little present for our shy members: I'm closing [[Tracker/2009-04-07]] today, submitted by [[users/markaskey|markaskey]]. Now you can see the [[
  • 17th April
    Now that all our wonderful members have had some fun [[news/2009-04-14|marking past opponents]], it's time to show you something cool: Introducing
  • 16th April
    GP! [4]
    Posted by aeneas
    boy gets his gut worked over! youtube:d3UTtjcxAtA
  • 16th April
    OK, I will try not to sound too proud about this one, but it's difficult. In fact, I am rather pleased to present you with the [[map|World Map of All
  • 14th April
    Today, I'm closing [[Tracker/2009-01-03_2]] by [[users/NJWoodbridge|NJWoodbridge]]. The idea is that you can mark the guys whom you have wrestled/
  • 9th April
    Greetings everyone, Today I am closing [[Tracker/2009-04-05]], having implemented a '''"blocking feature"'''. Basically this allows members to
  • 6th April
    No, not the vinyl kind of record. Yesterday (6th of April, 2009) we had the Highest Number of New Members since our site begun. Also, as a
  • 5th April
    I went to see a K-3 tournament yesterday. Went there for two reasons: one of my friends was competing in the -72kg division, and my trainer asked me
  • 18th March
    youtube:3NziViZyVkQ have fun watching! :-)
  • 16th March
    [ How are you gentlemen?] I got around to fixing something that I've been postponing for a while now:
  • 16th March
    Dear members, You can now attach one of your [[editphotos|photos]] to your messages. This way, you can share your [[news/2009-02-07|private photos]]
  • 10th March
    I recently spent a weekend up in London which is quite a long way for me, but it did give me the chance to get to two of Iain's wrestling sessions in
  • 9th March
    Sketchy time [4]
    Posted by Sile
    It's been a while since I drew anything. I guess I was busy with other stuff. I'm a little rusty. Here's a sketch I did tonight. http://www.
  • 7th March
    Hi everyone, I'm delighted to announce that the [ French version of AllFighters] is completed. This is all thanks to the