• 26th September
    Spent Saturday night in Margate Hospitals A & E Department,not doing too good, no more wrestling for a while, as got a swollen left testicle,got 28
  • 24th September
    Well, just back from interesting destination and appart from Kiev, not a place very geared up for tourists at the moment. Hoping that a
  • 16th September
    Hi!! wrestler here from Finland.. travelling in Europe 2 a year.. have acess to gym and mats.. also can wrestle at my summerhouse with small mats..
  • 2nd September
    Before I go into what I have in mind here, let me share a little background information. LEFT
  • 26th August
    Today I am closing one of the oldest unsolved entries from the [[Tracker|Suggestion Box]]: [[Tracker/2009-01-07|it is now possible to search for a
  • 21st August
    Dear members, There's one major new feature this week: you can now [[Tracker/2010-06-07_2|save your search settings]] and see the results again
  • 19th August
    Managed to get to Grapple101 in London last night for the first time. Had a few excellent matchs with Robbie, a great guy and experienced wrestler in
  • 14th August
    I have added two new interests that can be selected in your profile: * '''Two on one''' (for those who feel that "Tag team / group fights" is not
  • 14th August
    This post is on a topic that potentially affects us all. It might be a little long, and a bit technical, but I urge you to read it and join the
  • 12th August
    Had a great match last night 9/12/10 with a traveler from Chicago. Great match. Both of us naturally smooth and sporting tans. Was a good lock up
  • 8th August
    Hi everyone, This week there's a new feature that lets you [[Tracker/2010-07-27|search for members who are currently chatting]]. It can be combined
  • 8th August
    2010-08-08 [3]
    Posted by Ringer
  • 2nd August [4]
    Posted by Churd
    I have, at last, managed to upload most of the old site. It's not 100% but all the pictures are there again! Richard (Churd) PS - The new site will
  • 31st July
    ‎"Friends are like rainbows, they're bright, beautiful, and you smile when they appear" "A friendship involves two people without one of those people
  • 24th July
    Hi AllFighters, Since its creation one and a half years ago, the site has been [[statistics|growing at a steady pace]]. I am happy to announce that
  • 21st July
    DONALD BLACK RETURNS TO MATS December 24, 2007 DONALD BLACK, founder of the first gay wrestling club in Britain and author of Wrestling for Gay Guys
  • 18th July
    Dear members, It appears that the free e-mail providers "" and "" (both owned my Microsoft) are silently dropping e-mail
  • 13th July
    Hi AllFighters, This is just a quick notice that our web server has just received a RAM upgrade. You might experience a noticeable speed improvement
  • 7th July
    Gestern nen nettes Ringertreffen mit nrwwrestler und munichsubfight sowie nen Kumpel von ihm, in Bottrop gehabt. Es war sehr gut, auch wenn ich wenig
  • 1st July
    Heading to Cape Cod Friday night for two weeks. I'll be out in the Ptown area. If anyone out there is up for a match, please let me know