• 17th April
    Now that all our wonderful members have had some fun [[news/2009-04-14|marking past opponents]], it's time to show you something cool: Introducing
  • 16th April
    GP! [4]
    Posted by aeneas
    boy gets his gut worked over! youtube:d3UTtjcxAtA
  • 16th April
    OK, I will try not to sound too proud about this one, but it's difficult. In fact, I am rather pleased to present you with the [[map|World Map of All
  • 14th April
    Today, I'm closing [[Tracker/2009-01-03_2]] by [[users/NJWoodbridge|NJWoodbridge]]. The idea is that you can mark the guys whom you have wrestled/
  • 9th April
    Greetings everyone, Today I am closing [[Tracker/2009-04-05]], having implemented a '''"blocking feature"'''. Basically this allows members to
  • 6th April
    No, not the vinyl kind of record. Yesterday (6th of April, 2009) we had the Highest Number of New Members since our site begun. Also, as a
  • 5th April
    I went to see a K-3 tournament yesterday. Went there for two reasons: one of my friends was competing in the -72kg division, and my trainer asked me
  • 18th March
    youtube:3NziViZyVkQ have fun watching! :-)
  • 16th March
    [ How are you gentlemen?] I got around to fixing something that I've been postponing for a while now:
  • 16th March
    Dear members, You can now attach one of your [[editphotos|photos]] to your messages. This way, you can share your [[news/2009-02-07|private photos]]
  • 10th March
    I recently spent a weekend up in London which is quite a long way for me, but it did give me the chance to get to two of Iain's wrestling sessions in
  • 9th March
    Sketchy time [4]
    Posted by Sile
    It's been a while since I drew anything. I guess I was busy with other stuff. I'm a little rusty. Here's a sketch I did tonight. http://www.
  • 7th March
    Hi everyone, I'm delighted to announce that the [ French version of AllFighters] is completed. This is all thanks to the
  • 26th February
    Gentlemen, I am proud to present you with the [[photos|Photo Gallery]]. It is accessible from the [Local:action=rc Recent Changes]
  • 17th February
  • 7th February
    Dear members, Today I have finished work on [[Tracker/2009-01-09_2]], created by [[users/youllsubmit|youllsubmit]]. From now on you can set the "
  • 26th January
    This is a sad post, so please excuse me in advance. If you're looking for something more enlightening, try [[blog.Wrestler4life|Wrestler4life's blog
  • 21st January
    In the coming months I shall be moving the SPFWC web site to a new location at
  • 15th January
    After a year off updating the site it's now time to run an Open House. Bit cold at the moment so I am working on a lightweight meet for April/May
  • 12th January
    Hi Fighters, Fixed two entries from the [[Tracker|suggestion box]], based on your comments. * [[Tracker/2008-12-14]]: Profiles now display the number