• 12th April
    There's a great boxing show in London on Friday 15 April featuring fighters from the Pink Collar Boxing Club. For details see http://www.
  • 31st March
    Mat James last night for my first experience on man to man wrestling. A very nice guy with considerable power, James took it easy on me, but I was
  • 16th March
    Met up with Blackwrestleruk and had a great time in a number of hot sessions. An experienced guy who doesn't mind coaching a novice and great company
  • 10th March
    Dear members, As you may or may not be aware, this site, AllFighters, has, since it's inception 2 years ago, been a one-man project. I am maintaining
  • 5th March
    Gaesatae are the ancient Celtic fighters and even mercenaries just saw a good site on this ...will post it here or on the interest groups section
  • 27th February
    Hi AllFighters, Starting this week, you can specify which languages you speak in your profile. If you haven't already done so, please [[editprofile|
  • 20th February
    '''Please read on for an important request from the site's [[users/Admin|Administrator]] that might impact your profile!''' ==== Improved Site
  • 20th February
    Met up with David (recon's croppedspeedoskin) and enjoyed a good time wrestling and gut punching - he's lean, strong and skilled - especially at head
  • 19th February
    And I am looking forward to it!
  • 16th February
    Still looking for someone interested in getting together. Hit me up
  • 14th February
    Well, this year I am trying to expand my experience and its been a great start....Frottage and oil wrestling have been added to the list! Both with
  • 11th February
  • 5th February
    The [[groups|Interest Groups]] feature has proven to be quite popular. We have 54 groups at the time of writing, with a combined membership of 1851.
  • 2nd February
    One month into my exercise program. It takes no prisoners. I have not started losing weight, which is to be expected, however my pants fit a lot more
  • 31st January
    Had a couple good matches in bay area. Heading to Bakersfield now and will arrive in san Diego Wednesday
  • 30th January
    Hi guys, Fun fact: did you know that AllFighters has delivered the One Millionth [[messages|Message]] this week? It's true! :) In other news, our
  • 28th January
    Combattimento davvero senza storia. GHB รจ ad un livello assolutamente superiore e non ha faticato ad incastrarmi soprattutto con leve al braccio ed
  • 27th January
    The scenario: Two beefy heels working over a pair of skinny young jobbers in a double bearhug trap. A powerful hand gripped my neck forcefully,
  • 25th January
    Haven't heard from any of you guys yet... who's down for a fight in Las Vegas in Feb? Mike
  • 23rd January
    Hi guys, Before I get to the main event, here are two smaller pieces of site news: * I have changed the layout of profiles a little; '''the photos