• 14th December
    Incontro poco equilibrato e dominato da me. Primo è stato timoroso e si è fatto sorprendere frequentemente sottovalutando la mia forza forse perchè
  • 12th December
    I will be in Europe for a few months in 2011, starting in Barcelona on 20 August and travelling through Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands,
  • 10th December
    Incontro davvero impegnativo ma estremamente soddisfacente. Prima di incontrare RBY temevo di fare una figuraccia ma sebbene mi abbia battuto per 2 a
  • 10th December
    Well, two weeks of thick snow falling and really low temperatures ( for the U.K.) has kept the car in the garage and me in the house for the duration
  • 1st December
    The October 30th 2010 meet was to have been that last SPFWC Open House, however there has been considerable demand for another one! Therefore I have
  • 1st December
  • 30th November
    Secondo incontro - ci siamo attrezzati con un tappeto migliore ed è stato meglio nelle cadute a terra - ero in gran forma ma un paio di volte mi ha
  • 28th November
    Hi everyone, In the last week, I have been working with the site's hosting provider on fixing the [[Tracker/2010-11-23|performance issues that we
  • 27th November
    Am within a couple of weeks of completeing my new bathroom and bedroom, so I felt entitled to some rest and relaxation, with a new friend from here,
  • 26th November
    youtube:1aIk0M4DLzA CENTER [ Click here to watch in HD] This is one of my rougher matches with my friend
  • 21st November
    youtube:nZKvxlU1ZvM CENTER [ Click here to watch the video in HD] Check out my new puzzle mats!! [[users/
  • 21st November
    Dear members, My previous greatest idea, the [[news/2010-10-23|Battle Reports]] feature has basically [[Tracker/2009-04-08_2|imploded on the
  • 14th November
    Hi guys, Thanks to all your [[donate|donations]], I have been able to afford a hardware upgrade to the allfighters server. This will probably be
  • 11th November
    Questo è stato il nostro primo incontro - quindi conoscitivo ma combattuto ed equilibrato, decisamente soddisfacente - ci siamo affrontati in
  • 11th November
    This week away from my bathroom work! I am on my canal boat in the Midlands, near Warwick and Rugby. It does however give me the opportunity to meet
  • 30th October
    Started at 2pm. Loads of guys here. They seem to be having a great time. Churd
  • 26th October
    Mike is Back [5]
    Posted by Sile
    [ Click here to watch this video in HD.] youtube:U4JKQohvG0s Ladies and Gentlemen, Mike is back! And he
  • 23rd October
    Have been doing a lot of Brazilian Juijitsu training recently.I now go at least twice a week, and often three times a week. There is no substitute
  • 23rd October
    Dear AllFighters, So, the big news this week is that [[battlereports|Battle Reports]] are here! It has been one of the oldest [[Tracker/2009-04-08_2|
  • 21st October
    Building the new bathroom wall had to wait for a day because my oldest friend came round for a friendly wrestle Just as well its big, as he is almost