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May I wish one and all on Meetfighters....

A Merry Christmas and I hope 2019 brings you new.. hopes, new challenges, new victories and new friends.

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The Meet

Today was my first group meet in Manchester for a long time and I have to be honest I was nervous as hell and not quite sure if I wanted to go as issues have made me uncomfortable in large groups.

Looking back now I am glad I went as it was nice to see old faces I havent seen in years and meet new.

Thank you to Mike who was my first wrestle on the mats and to Roger who, brought out the heel in me, sorry Roger but, I did enjoy putting you through the wringer..:-)

I suppose what I am trying to say is that we are all lucky to be part of this community, where gender, race, religion or sexuality doesnt play a part and our common bond is the fight we take part in, as years apart can only seem like yesterday on the mats.

And as an old wrestling commentator used to say..."till the next time grapple fans"..I am glad am back!

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Does it matter ?

Here's a question for you....Does it matter if you win or loose ?

I know we all want to win by that pin, submission or TKO, its a boost to our egos and confidence, it says we are good at what we do but loosing can also be of benefit as it can push us to become better, step up our game. Oh if your bad looser, get a grip will ya.

For me its actually neither winning or loosing that matters but taking part, we all have that dry spell where oppotunities dont present themselves or circumstances prevent you from getting a match, so for me its the doing, the sweat, the sounds of combat, the pain (no its not a fetish:)), the camaraderie and the friendships you form - that's what boosts my ego.

So keep loving the combat sport you do and keep doing...

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Check yourself

Hey Guys
My first blog entry, bit serious but important, since author/actor Stephen Fry cam out and talked about his bout with prostate cancer, I thought I would stand up and say I have had it to, originally found through a routine blood test, as I have reached that certain age, were luckliy my doctor, wanted me to have a medical overall. Well after some surgery and radiotherapy I am now offically clear.
If your in your 50's plus ask your doctor for a blood test (PSA in the UK not sure what tests are done elsewhere).
Prostate cancer kills men and it has reached a level on par with breast cancer, so get checked out.

For you younger guys too, aint gonna leave you out, testicular cancer affects you, so get in a rountine and check your balls for any lumps or bumps and if there is anything your worried about get it checked out....

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