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Snail Mail

Gone are the days where we use to challenge each other through the mail. I miss those days they seemed more personal. When I first started wrestling there were mailing ads, and it was exciting to me getting a letter and phot in the mail. Reading letters from other guys who wanted to fight, wrestle or box was exhilarating and made me hot and hard to fight. Sometimes you could carry on a fight with someone across the country, and exchage photos. I now that you can do this by internet now, but the anticipation of getting a response letter to you challenge letter is hot. What made me think of this is that I just decided to send a snail mail challenge letter today. And, it got me all hot anticipating a return letter.

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Hello San Francisco Bay Area

After a couple of years of traveling in and out of the area I am coming back to the San Francisco Bay Area. And, I am looking for some fun men to wrestle with. Are you guys out there. Would love to meet and wrestle. Be back in 2014!

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