It is my belief at the moment that comment sections are a big cause of social media “depression”.

It’s why I don’t allow comments on anything I post. It’s not because I don’t want to hear people’s opinions (good or bad) but because how bluntly and unnecessarily rude people can be and how hard I can take a few spiteful comments.

The people I know who are currently the happiest are my friends and colleagues who don’t have social media. They avoid people’s harsh, unsolicited opinions that can only be found in free to post comment sections.

In recent advice of my GP, I too tried going social media free. Now granted, I am still on MeetFighters but it’s different on this site. The admin has got it spot on to allow people complete control and how & when they are scrutinised by other people. It’s a refreshing online element that is rarely found elsewhere.

If people want to send something constructive or a compliment, they’ll take the time to do it. People who just want to have a quick moan about a blog, photo or a video, either aren’t brave enough or can’t be bothered to directly engage with the other person.

MF after all is about finding opponents not “connecting everyone” to the point that you can’t even stick your fingers in your ears.

Ultimately both with wrestling and my normal life, you won’t find me on social media. I’m not on instatwit, Facegrab or YouDude.

And it’s very, very refreshing.

Last edited on 8/07/2018 1:40 AM by LiamJobs