At a wrestling meet this month, I got into a brief discussion with my opponent about how easy it had been to set our match up and get wrestling (all in roughly a week or so) and how difficult others seemed to make it.

Tonight, I’ve just messaged another potential opponent about a possible meeting and it seems likely to happen. I then started thinking about how lucky I am.

It’s easy to forget, for a minority on this site at least, that behind the MF message, coding, vast depths of cyber space, computer HDD, screen and keyboard, that the person at the other end of your inbox isn’t just there to serve your wants and needs.

That person has their own life, responsibilities and hardships. I’m lucky in that I’m fairly young, I'm single, free of any major responsibility apart from paying my bills and work a straight forward but flexible job. Finding time to wrestle is easy at the moment.

My major worry is that my work doesn’t follow a set pattern but everyone I’ve met has been patient and put up with sudden schedule changes.

Ultimately there are those who need to work hard to keep their jobs, or under pressure at work. They might have a family, partner or have hobbies that don’t involve speedos.

There could be 100 reasons why they are being awkward or fail to commit to any set date. Chill out, don’t waste your limited time on this ball of rock getting worked up because so-and-so won’t give you a definite date.

If someone wants to meet you, they’ll make it happen. Whether it’s 2 days from now or 2 years from now.

Spend a little time, a minute or so, just to drop them a note asking if they are still up for it every few months or so.

One day they’ll politely decline, stop replying altogether or maybe, if the wind is blowing in the right direction, they’ll give you a time and place.

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