For the majority of my wrestling "career" I've usually played the uber baby face jobber role - all round good guy who gets manhandled and squashed.

Recently, however, I've started trying to adapt my style and change things up a bit.

I've got some brand new gold ring gear arriving in the next couple of days which I'll be combining with my white boots and knee pads.

It's also a little bit sexier (in my opinion) than my current ring gear but don't get too excited, I'm still not looking to start getting erotic or dating guys (soz lol)

Ultimately I'm trying to transition into a role that'll be more fun. My new character will be over confident, thinks he's much better than he is (and more attractive than he is too, hence the slightly sexier ring gear and there'll probably be some flexing going on), he'll be rude to his opponents and constantly talking himself into trouble.

It should be good fun for me but if people don't like it I'm sure I can switch back to the super-goody role I used to play.

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