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Ode to Joy

Beethoven was stocky and on the short side, with powerful shoulders as a wrestler. His complexion was brownish. He was hirsute and the hair on his head grew in thick black, and later gray, tufts of somewhat bristly texture. He had broad hands with short, spatulate fingers. His square face was topped by a rounded and high forehead. His jawbone was muscular and his chin quite prominent, with a pronounced cleft. He had bushy eyebrows, narrow eyelids, and small, piercing brown eyes that either rotated agitatedly upward or glazed into thoughtful stasis. His nose was flat and his mouth strong, with a slightly protruding lower lip. Usually his lips were set tightly closed, but when he laughed, perfect white teeth were revealed. The expression of his countenance could radiate, in rapid and unpredictable sequence, geniality, melancholy, or total oblivion of his surroundings.

"[In his room] was placed the mighty bathing apparatus in which the Master was laving his powerful chest... and I had the opportunity of admiring his muscular system and sturdy bodily construction. To judge by the latter the composer might look forward to growing as old as Methuselah, and it must have taken a most powerful inimical influence to bring the strong column to so untimely a fall."

My mother sometimes said she couldn't understand how women could find Beethoven attractive, since he was neither handsome nor elegant; he even looked unkempt and rather wild. My father would always answer: "And yet he's always had good luck with the ladies". It was the noble, elevated air about Beethoven that women sensed, whether in friendly or romantic relationships.

Found on the web. Flex those pex Mr Eroica. Wrestler of yesteryear and awesome composer on the side. Yay!

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