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Age Is Not Just A Number!
At 58, I still surprise myself at how well I can move. I thought my days as the Cat were over. And yet, on those days when I'm on it feels like the Cat never never left.
But the Cat is just an outside manifestation of my warrior inside. And my Warrior is always active... mostly battling those internal issues that would rather I crawl up into a ball and die. Some days, that's exactly what I feel like doing...but my Warrior will not allow me to give in.
So now, there's is a balance in my life when it comes to how I express the Cat...but my Warrior is always ready to do battle...

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Change of Season

I usually spend the winter trying to gain muscle. To do so, I have to back off from high-intensity physical activities, like battling on the mats, and just focus on heavy weight training. The season usually ends in March.
However, after I came back to Meetfighters, I have received so many challenges and new opportunities, that I have to cut the growth season short.
This week marks that change. I have already lost 8 pounds in the last 10 days. Without getting to deep into the science, it means I am already going into 'the spring thaw'.
The bad thing is, I did not get as big as I wanted to get, but my strength has improved significantly. Now, I get to get back into an improved state physical conditioning, including all the body dynamics required for the fight.
So instead of waiting until March, I will be hearing up in February.
I still will not be ready for a hardcore battle...but I am well on my way...

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