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Looking for a like minded wrestler nearby.

Tuesday morning I had a good 45 min match with a young man who could take my punches with ease and gave back more. We wrestled and practiced holds and countermoves. Still looking for someone from this site close by to do the same. A little frustrated, plenty of opponents in the area, non willing to commit seriously.

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Spruceman (62 platinum) 9/06/2018 9:30 PM

Re: Proximity: The difficulty in meeting up with 'local guys' seems to be a problem for many members of this site (just as it is for guys on the dating/hookup sites) – the closer they are, the more reticent. A few have said they fear that they would have to explain a fellow member's hello to them if paths cross on the street or in a store if they are with a spouse, a partner, a co-worker. Have heard less logical explanations as well. Many find it difficult to meet up with anyone living inside the Beltway around DC, less of a problem those in a 50-mile radius outside the Beltway. Sure would be great to find sparring/workout partners who live within walking distance within 2 or 3 miles to better skills, but am told it's rare. Never refused anyone who if genuine; but have to adjust at times for differences in weight, skill, health issues – but it can be doable enuf for all to have a good time.