"Okay. I see where this is going. I know what YOU want. I see the look on your face. You want to wrestle me." My Uncle is a redneck but not nearly as dumb as I thought he was. Of course I barely know the man. I only met him a few years ago after I left the Navy. But from the time I first met him, I thought "Damn, I'd love to wrestle this man."

My Uncle is a big hairy man with a huge gut. But he carries his weight well. He must be about 6'0", 280. Maybe I'm just dreaming but it seems like he once told me he'd done some pro wrestling about 20 years ago. It's easy to imagine him in a ring wearing a pair of black trunks, playing the heel and tossing some poor jobber around... grinding some bum's face into a turnbuckle.

"Hey! What about it? Are we gonna wrestle?" He says while stretching out with his hands behind his head. There the big man is, shirtless in his jeans and leaned back in his easy chair while letting out a big loud yawn. My voice is a little shaky but I'm not going to let this opportunity pass. "Fuck yeah, we're gonna wrestle." "You ain't afraid that I'm gonna squash you like a bug? A little gay bug? Yeah, you ain't foolin' nobody. I've seen you checking me out whenever I take my shirt off. I know what you come to my house for. You ain't just waitin' for the right girl. You ain't even looking. Come on. Get up. Maybe I'll beat some man into you. Or just show you how a real man fights."

This is happening. I get up and pull my shirt off. As he often does, Uncle Billy looks seriously annoyed. The man could lay a real hurtin' on me. "Fuck it. Let's do this you fat old shit!" That gets him moving. He springs out of his chair and rams that hairy gut into me, sending me sprawling back. Didn't realize what a weapon a big gut like that could be. "Come on pussy boy." Before I can recover he grabs me and drags me across his shoulders in a torture rack. "FUUCKK" "Yeah, boy. How's that? You like feeling my hairy shoulders?" "AHHHHHHH" He stretches my back across his shoulders and then drops me across his knee for a backbreaker. "FUUUUUCKK" "NO, ain't no fuckin' going on here today. Ain't nothin' but a BEATDOWN!"

"UUNnnghh...unnggh." He's just toying with me...squeezing my throat while pushing down on my leg. I throw a jab into his balls and then hit him between the legs twice again before he shoves me off. He picks me up and throws me into a wall. "You want to fight dirty, huh?" Billy pulls his jeans off and adjusts his tighty whities. Once I get to my feet I start removing my pants. He jumps on me and drags my jeans off. In the scuffle my briefs fall to my feet. As I lean down to pull them up, "OOOOFFFF" a pair of fists drop on my back. "Hehehehe...this is just how I thought it would go. Now I bet you looked forward to this!" Two big arms wrap around me and squeeze me in tight to a chest full of hair. The air is being crushed out of me. But then he relaxes and adjusts his hold. He brings me up high on his chest with my feet off the floor. In spite of it all I feel my cock grow against his gut. "Oh...you got something for me? Let's see if I can squeeze that boner out of you." He ramps up the pressure squeezing my dick against his hairy gut. "OHHHHhhhhhhhhhh" I slide down his belly until my dick is level with his. That's when I feel his cock growing hard into mine.

With his left hand he manages to pull down his undies for our cocks to tangle. "Hehehehe, let's just see who's man enough to hold out longest. Bet you'll cum first, boy!" That's a safe bet. Feeling his big hot dick on mine is just insanity. What the fuck could be better than this? While squeezing me in his hug he grinds his fat cock over mine. I'm helpless in the big man's arms. He's got my arms wrapped up good which is easy since his arms are about twice the size of mine. We've both got precum flowing and he's moaning right along with me. He lifts me, dragging my dick almost up to his chest. And then slides me back down to his belly button. I finally manage to free my arms, but I'm weakened from the bearhug. I try pulling on the little hair he has on his head and then hooking a thumb in the corner of his mouth. "AAHHHHHhhh" I shoot a load on his gut and he drops me to the floor.

Flat on my back trying to recover, I look up to see a big cum stained gut towering over me. He drops his foot on my chest and flexes his big arms...the sight I've always wanted to see. He sucks his gut in and looks like a champion. Then the big man drops his gut on me hard "OOOOFFFF" and starts rubbing his big cock over mine. His chest hair covers my face. After several thrilling minutes of loud moaning, humping and grinding, he unloads a huge flow on me. Our cum covered bellies slide over each other. "Alright you lightweight punk, let's fight."

I get up and try and get back in the game. Billy's even stronger than he looks. And turning 50 hasn't slowed him down nearly as much as I had hoped. He's got the reach and the weight on me, and now I'm moving slower than he is. He rushes at me. I bring a knee up and catch him in the gut, then shoot some hard elbows into his chest. He grabs my right wrist, turns me around and pulls me in for a choke hold...his right arm hard against my throat. "UNnnnghh" He jabs me in the ribs with his left fist. Grabbing a hold of my hair he throws me into a couch and brings his fists up. "COME ON! Come on."

We circle each other a bit. Then I launch a right into his gut. It's like punching a hard bed. My fist practically bounces off. He just smiles...and snaps my head back with a jab to my face. I swing a wild right into his chin which gets me some instant respect. He charges at me. I duck and take him off his feet. I sit on his chest and put three fists in his face before he throws me off. I get behind him and get my arms under his and lock my hands behind his head for a nelson. "OHHhh...Ohhhh" I think I've got the big man in pain. HELL YEAH! "OHHHHehehehe. You think you can hold me with those little arms? AHHHHHH!" He flexes his guns and powers down right through my hold. He bends me over with an elbow to my gut and then lifts me with a knee to my face.

"Now, let's see what you can do." He gets me in his full nelson. "ARRRGGHHH" I feel like my neck is gonna snap. He shakes me around without effort. His cock presses tight against my ass. Then he wraps his arms around my throat for a sleeper and takes me to the floor. I thrash about but he's locked on tight. I feel the blood flow being cut off. My mind starts to wander as I feel sleep coming on. I have to remind myself where I am. I feel the big man's hairy chest on my back. Now he wraps his legs around me and digs a heel into my balls. It's like he's trying to keep me awake so I can experience just how hopeless my situation is and just how completely defeated I am. I weakly try pulling his arm away from my throat. It's impossible....lights out.

I feel a couple of slaps on my face. I wake up to the sight of a fat cock hovering inches above my chin. Billy's flexing massive guns over me while straddling my chest. "Yeah, boy. Still young enough to kick your ass from one side of the house to the other and now you KNOW it. Ain't that right? Maybe in a few years when I get a little older and you get a whole lot stronger you come back and take another shot at me. But right now, is there ANY DOUBT who the better man is? Hmm? SAY it! Say UNCLE!" "Uncle."

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BilBeaux (0 gold) 10/12/2018 3:02 AM

Hmmmm - a boxing match variation of this might be interesting.
Or a boxing match with a big, heavy “Mrs. Robinson” female neighbor or relative...

BHM boxing doesn’t seem to be a happening thing.
BBW boxing happened at NYC clubs 20 years ago. Tough to find big heavy girls wanting to really box each other - but they did in NYC.

I remember an old National Lampoon magazine pic of two beer-belly boxers in trunks - fat but looking good. “Overweight boxers”.


Auburnbear (6) 10/12/2018 10:33 PM

Hot, hairy ass wrestling. Great story, man. Gets the juices flowing. It's a real wet dream scene. Great stuff


grlelek (1) 10/16/2018 11:14 AM

Great story, man! I'd like to wrestle with a lad with a hairy belly 💪