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Wrestling Carl - Son vs Father

Hi, I'm Thad. My first year at college has been rough. Still trying to figure things out. My roommate's gone for the weekend, which is cool. But my Dad, Carl told me he's coming over. Not sure what he's got on his mind. Wish I was more like him. We are built about the same - two short stocky guys. At about 230 he outweighs me by 10 lbs. The biggest difference is the fact that I'm turned on by guys. He knows it and he knows there's nothing he can do about it. I've always felt that Carl, he wants me to call him by his name, is a good looking man. Maybe that's why I like guys.

That must be him knocking on the door. "Hi Carl." "Thad, how's it going son?" "Fine. So, what's up? Any reason for making the 50 mile drive?" He looks at me and thinks. "Thad, you're a man now. Remember how we used to wrestle when you were a kid? How about we wrestle like men?" I just stare at Carl with my mouth open. The idea never occurred to me that he would see me as a man. I mean, what have I done to expect that? "Well, Thad, what do you think? You want to wrestle me, man to man?" What a strange question. But the fact is - yeah, I really would like to do that. "Sure, Dad... I mean, Carl. That sounds awesome!" I give Carl a hug and he hugs me back. But after a few moments I start feeling his hold tighten around me. "Unnnggh" "Yeah, you're a stout young man. Let's just see what you've got." After a minute he releases his bearhug. Then he turns and locks the door. He starts removing his shirt so I guess the time for wrestling is right now!

Carl is 45 years old, but looks younger. He gets his shirt off revealing his stout hairy pecs and thick biceps. There's not much hair on my chest but I work out some so I've got some biceps. I've got a flabbier gut but at 5'9" I'm a little taller than Carl. He loosens up and stretches and then flexes some. "Grrrrrrrrr. Hehe, what about it? You want to wrestle in underwear?" Again, my mouth hangs open. "Underwear?" I haven't wrestled my Dad in underwear since I was five years old. "Hey, if you get hard, don't worry about happens." "Okay Carl, sure. I'll wrestle you in my underwear." We both strip down. "Okay, Thad...ready?"

Carl comes at me. He's trying to pick me up. I block him and shove him back. I get my arms around him and get him in a good bearhug. Right now he's not my Dad. He's just a strong, hairy man that I've got my arms wrapped around and it feels great! I lean back and lift his feet off the ground. I've got my arms locked tight and I'm squeezing him good. He gets a forearm under my chin and pushes on my throat. "AAAAhhhhhh." Now he's trying to slip his hands under my arms. I squeeze harder but he's strong.

Why are we wrestling? Is this about him finding out what I can do or showing me what he can do? Maybe he just wants to prove that he's still the stronger man. "UUnnnngh." He breaks my hold and picks me up and sets my back down across his knee - backbreaker! "UUUnnngh." "GRRRRR." "OHhhhhh." He's got me by the throat and thigh. "Unnnghhhh." SMACK! "OHHHhhh." - chest slap! "AAAAhhhhh." He's really pushing down on my thigh. "AAAHHHhhhh."

He drops me on to the floor and stands over me. "Come on, get up. Let's go. Show me what you've got." "OHHHhhhhhh." Back hurts - he's building up a sweat. Got his chest hair wet. I struggle to my feet. He spins me around and slaps on a full nelson. "Unnnggh." He's locking it on pretty good. Feeling his chest on my back is exciting. I feel his dick pressed against my ass. My undies are tenting pretty good now. He loads me on to his shoulders and puts me in a torture rack! "AAAAAHHH." "GRRRRR. Got to say, Thad. You're not doing too good! GRRRRR." He bounces me up and down and then sets me on the floor.

I'm flat on my back looking up at Carl. He seems pretty proud of himself. "Yeah. I still got it." He sets his foot on my chest and flexes. "1..2..3" He looks fucking awesome from down here. Guess I need to show more of a fight. Just got to get my wind back. Maybe I can wear him down. "Okay. Round 2 - let's go. On your feet." We circle around, smacking each other's hands away. I grab his leg and take him down. I get him rolled over into a Boston crab but he kicks out. I jump on him and sit on his gut. Got to get his hands pinned. Yeah - schoolboy pin! He keeps thrashing and bucking. I get my legs wrapped around his and hold on. He's trying to power his way up but I'm leaning down with all I've got. Think I might be a little stronger than he is right now! "UUUNNGGHHhh!" I got him pinned!

"I GOT YOU CARL!" My dick is still hard but he pays no notice. "How about it, Carl? You submit? Well?" He stops struggling and takes a breather. "Alright, I give." I sit on Carl's gut with my hands on his chest. "One fall for you, Thad. Feels real good, doesn't it son." I flex a little over Carl. "Yes sir! Feels pretty good!" "Alright. One fall a piece. The next fall is for bragging rights. You ready?" "Old man, if you've still got some strength left, let's do it!"

Carl holds his hands up - time for a test of strength. I lock my hands with his and start pushing. It feels like we're evenly matched. Maybe my time on the weight machine has paid off! We lean into each other, chest to chest. "You're a strong young man." "AAAHHHHH." "But not quite... strong ...enough." Carl is pushing me down. One knee down...then the other. Then he twists his hands and brings me back up. He wraps a headlock on me and forces my face into his chest. "AAAHHHHHHH." Didn't know a headlock could hurt so bad.

"AAAHHHH" "Let me know if I'm hurting you too much. But you're a man. I know you can take a little headlock." "AAAHHHHHH." Feels like my head is being squeezed between two rocks. I punch him in the gut a few times with no effect. "Are you punching my gut? We'll have to work on that later." Carl easily lifts me into a bodyslam position then walks me around the room. "WHOA!" Is he gonna throw me to the floor? "I think we've established who the champ is here today between you and me, eh Thad?"

He drops me on my bed and then drives a claw hold into my gut. "OHHHHHHHHHH." While holding on to my gut Carl sits on my face. "Yeah, you're a man. But I am THE MAN, hehe." "OHHHHhhhhhhhh." Yes he is. Carl releases the claw and moves to sit on my gut. "These claw holds are quite effective, don't you think?" "AAAAHHHHHHH!" He grabs both my pecs and squeezes hard. "OHHHHHHHHHhh." I grab Carl's wrists but that just makes him squeeze harder. "OHHhhhh. Stop, stop...I give...I give." "Hehe, okay. Just one more." He grabs me just under my armpits. "AAAAAAGGHHHHHHHH!" "You work on your wrestling some and then we'll talk about a rematch. Okay, you've had enough for one day. Remember this."

Then he covers me in a full body pin. He just lays there...not moving...not speaking. He's just...there. I feel his warmth and his sweat. I feel his heart beat and his breathing. And I feel...loved. "Thanks."

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hardpunch (15 platinum) 6/14/2018 6:32 PM

Totally hot!!


Auburnbear (6) 10/14/2018 9:55 PM

Damn, another great story. Love your imagination


grlelek (1) 10/16/2018 2:17 PM

Great story! 💪