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AlphaFight- 2 The Day After

Big Dave is half asleep. It's six o'clock in the morning on the day after his last match with Jeff. He's still stretched out in Jeff's guest bedroom and sore from the pounding he received. Both men beat the hell out of each other in a match that ended inconclusively as neither of the men were willing or able to continue. The door creaks open. "AAAGHHHH" "AAAAAGGHHH!"

Both men howl as Jeff pounces on top of Dave. "We're gonna finish this right here and now!" Still slightly stunned and not sure if this is really happening Dave protests, "FOUL! I'm not awake!" Like Dave, Jeff is clad only in briefs, "WE'RE DOING THIS!" Jeff goes for a full nelson but Dave manages to slip free. They wrap their arms around each other and roll off the edge of the bed. "Jeff, YOU SUCK!" "Not as good as you do, chubby!" Jeff sits on Dave and tries pinning his arms down but Dave rolls around leaving Jeff sitting on his back. Jeff gets up and starts kicking Dave in the ass and then pulls Dave's briefs down and starts spanking him hard. "OWWW!" As Dave gets to his feet he gets caught in Jeff's choke hold.

"YOU GIVE?" "Not even close." Jeff gets Dave down on the floor and rubs his face on the carpet. Jeff turns Dave over and grabs his big legs for a figure four, bringing out loud moans from Dave. Before Jeff can sit down, Dave grabs him by the hair. Jeff falls down on top of Dave, covering him in a full body pin. Jeff gets up and splashes down again. "OOOOF!" After another splash Dave is gasping for air. "What's the matter, Bud? Need some fresh air? Here you go." Jeff turns around and sits down rubbing his big tightywhities all over Dave's face. Big Dave starts trying to buck Jeff off until Jeff gets a tight hold on Dave's pecs. "AAAGGHhh. NO!" "YEAH BOY! Time for your nip massage. You like it rough. Am I right?" "AAGGHHH!"

Dave can't shake free of Jeff's pec claws. Dave thinks, "What the fuck, so what if I give up. I'll let him have this match and get him back some other time. But there might not be another time!" Dave gets hold of Jeff's right foot and pulls it further back than Jeff can take. "Son of a bitch!" Jeff yells as he has to release Dave. Dave holds on to the foot and gets Jeff face down on the floor. As Dave gets his back on Jeff's back he gets an arm under Jeff's throat and pulls up on the foot. "AAGGHHH" With no time to waste, Jeff sinks his teeth into Dave's meaty forearm. "OWWWWWW!"

As Jeff gets to his feet, he's met with an uppercut to his chin. Dave quickly follows with a left and a right to the face and a strong fist to Jeff's gut. Dave moves in and wraps his bearhug around Jeff, lifting him off his feet. "YOU'RE DONE! I got you now. GIVE IT UP!" Dave presses his meaty pecs hard into Jeff's chest. Jeff settles into Big Dave's arms. The punches to his face dazed him and now he feels his strength leaving him as the big man squeezes tighter and tighter. Jeff throws weak punches into the side of Dave's head. "Thanks for getting me out of bed this morning. Striking a victory pose over you before breakfast is gonna be sweet." To finish off his beaten opponent, Dave sticks his tongue down Jeff's throat to take his breath away.

Thinking fast, Jeff squeezes Dave's nose to cut off his air supply. Dave drops the bearhug and staggers back. Dave falls onto the bed while Jeff drops to the floor. Dave lays back to relax, "I almost had you. I'll give you a minute to catch your breath." Dave closes his eyes...and when he opens them, Jeff is laying on top of him.

Jeff is working Dave's dick with his right hand and working Dave's nips with his other hand and his teeth. Dave goes into a spasm of moaning. "This will teach you to take a fucking nap on me, mmmm," Jeff mutters through a mouthful of nipple. Dave's not sure if he's losing or winning, but he knows Jeff has got him under control and that just won't work for him right now. Dave gets his hands under Jeff's shoulders and shoves him off the edge of the bed. Jeff ends up sprawled on the floor. "CATCH!" Dave says as he bounces off the bed and on to Jeff. "OWWWWWWwwwwwww!" Dave's knee catches Jeff right in the balls.

"OHHHhhh, WHAT THE FUCK?" "You want to give up?" "HELL no. Time out." "Ain't happenin'" Dave stands over Jeff. "Thanks asshole," says Jeff as he sits up and throws an uppercut into Dave's crotch. "AAAAGGGHHHHHHH!" Dave crumples to the floor. Jeff is recovered enough to take advantage of the situation. With Dave on his side, Jeff gets behind him and wraps his arms and legs around the big man. With his hands locked tight on Dave's beefy pecs, Jeff starts squeezing his victim with his hands and legs. "OHHHHHHHhhhhh" Dave's groans are turning Jeff on, "MMMMMmmmmm I like the sound of that. Sounds like you're all mine. Sounds like the sound of you losing... loser. mmmmmm."

But Dave's still not giving up. He grabs Jeff by the head and starts chewing on Jeff's left ear while he rakes his knuckles over the right side of Jeff's head. Jeff responds with a series of punches to Dave's wide open gut. But Dave wrestles Jeff onto his back and gives Jeff a taste of his own. 1...2...3...4... Jeff groans as his belly gets pounded. Dave rolls Jeff onto his stomach and wraps his right arm around Jeff's throat for a headlock, wrapping his thick thighs around Jeff's right arm. "This is gonna hurt you more than it hurts me." "OHHHHhhh you trying to be funny?" "Just stating way out. Give up." "" "I can hurt you like this all day. Submit to me. Say 'Dave you are the better man.'" "No. ohhhhhhh" Just then, a fortuitous bead of sweat begins stinging Dave's right eye. And just as he releases his headlock to wipe his eye, Jeff turns over, gets his arm loose and puts big Dave on his back.

In an instant, Jeff has Big Dave in a leg scissor wrapped around Dave's chest and he's got Dave's right arm locked up tight. "What were you saying about hurting me all day?" "OHHHHHhhhh." Jeff's scissor hold is squeezing Dave's chest like a bearhug. "I'll twist your arm right off. But pretty soon you won't be able to breathe after I crush all the air out of your lungs. Let's see what gives first... your arm or your lungs." "AAARRGGHHHHOHHHhhhhhhh.....OHHhhhhhh" "Come on. Tell Daddy you give up. Just say it and I'll let you go. Say it. Say it. Say" "AHHHHH I GIVE!"

Jeff rubs Dave's arm and then his chest to help ease the pain. Then he straddles Dave's big chest and takes his victory pose. "Hard fought match, buddy. Today, I'm the better man. I believe you owe me." Jeff takes his position over Dave's face, drops his briefs and slides it in. "Yeah, buddy. Your throat is mine today and it feels DAMN good. MMMMmmmmmmmmmm." Dave takes care of business and, truth be told, defeat didn't taste bad at all, "mmmmmmmmmm."

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