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AlphaFight- 1 Dave and Jeff

It's vacation time for Big Dave and wrestling is first on the agenda. Jeff in Ohio has been talking loads of trash so it's finally time to find out just who the alpha male is here. Jeff is taller but older and he's giving up over 50 lbs. Even though these are two tough guys, they both like to play. But that comes later. First comes the wrestling.

"How ya doin' old man?" Dave says as he approaches Jeff. "Well lookee here, it's Bob's Big Boy! What happened to your red and white overalls? You finally get too big for 'em?" "What the hell are you talking about?" "Bob's Big know...the fat boy statue holding up the big hamburger." "That's Shoney's." "Same thing. The point is you're fat." "Fat? Feel this gut...right here...solid." Jeff feels the big solid gut of Big Dave and then rears back and drives his fist into it. Dave lets out a slight huffing sound. "That all you got? You trying to hit me or tickle me? My turn." Dave throws a punch into the other man's gut and backs him up a little bit. "Hahaha, good one. Good stout fist you've got there, buddy." The two guys share a laugh and start getting Dave settled in.

"So you want to start this fight naked?" Dave takes a moment to ponder the question, "I was planning on ripping your trunks off and shoving them in your mouth, so let's start with trunks." "No, no you ain't ripping nothing off me when I got you flat on your back and begging me to plow your throat," Jeff says with a big grin. Dave comes back, "Yeah, you're gonna have to wait a little while before you get to tongue my cock. Although I'm starting to wonder if your mouth is gonna be big enough to handle me." As Dave playfully squeezes Jeff's cheeks, Jeff's hands move over Dave's pecs. "Wait, what's this?" "Don't worry, buddy. I'm just checking your sensitivity level. Hehe. I know all about these nips of yours. I know how Ray and Walt turned the big bear into a puppy dog." Dave's already moaning. "Yeah, buddy. I could put you down right now and make you beg but that would be too easy." Dave's knees are getting weak so Jeff grabs on to him and holds him up. Holding Big Dave is an instant turn on so they share a kiss that turns into a longer kiss.

Two hours later, the men are ready for the first of the three matches that they've planned. Jeff has access to an old gym in his part of town. "Okay Dave, you ready to wrestle?" Dave nods,"It's time to put a hurtin' on ya. Ready for your whoopin'?" With a stern look Jeff tells Dave, "Get serious." "I am. I'm gonna put you down, jobberboy." "Then let's go." The two bulls slam into each other, each grabbing the other man's arms.

After three minutes of struggling to stay on his feet and hold the heavier man back, Jeff locks on to Dave's left wrist and twists it into a hammerlock. "AAARRGGGHHHHHH" Jeff brings Dave on to his toes and then shoves him down to the mat. Jeff holds on to the hammerlock and wraps his right arm around Dave's throat while he lays on the big man's back. Jeff whispers in Dave's ear, "Did you think I was gonna be easy? I may be a little past my prime, but I'm strong!" Dave groans under the pressure and feels something hard rubbing on his ass. "OHHHHHHHhhh" "You want to give now or do you want me to break this arm?" Dave can't believe how quickly Jeff took control. "Mmmmmmm, your hot ass is turning me on big time. Go on, give in to Uncle Jeff. I love having you under me like this...all wrapped up with nowhere to go. I'm starting to grow on you. You get it? hehe You feel it? mmmmmmmm." Dave groans in reply, but he can't move. The hold on his arm and around his throat is too strong. How did it come to this? Getting beaten so fast by an older and lighter man... what happened? What..."Hey! Did you hear me, Big Boy? Do you give?" "I GIVE!" "Music to my ears."

Dave rolls over on to his back and Jeff sits on the big man's chest in a schoolboy pin. Jeff flexes over the beaten man. "Yeah! Feels good! Knew I could beat you. Now you know it too." Jeff lays on top of Dave and rubs his dick on Dave's. The trunks come down and the big dicks tangle. Then Jeff moves over Dave's face and slides it in. "MMMMMMMM you know what you're doing, don't you big fella."

Next day and it's time for the second match. Dave didn't like losing as quickly as he did yesterday but Jeff is a tough opponent. The older man had lost a lot of weight over the past couple of years but was a regular at his local gym and was in shape to give anybody a tough match. For today's match body punches were allowed and Dave hoped that might give him the edge he needed. "Come on! Get your butt over here." "Dave, relax. I've got all night to give you another beating." But Dave's ready now and moves in and lands a hard shot in Jeff's gut OOOOFFFF

"Alright. Let's go" Jeff returns the favor and they both start pounding the hell out of each other's guts. Then Dave manages to get a tight headlock on Jeff, grinds it in and takes Jeff down. Before he gets worn down Jeff uses his long arms to reach into Dave's trunks and start stroking. As Dave starts to squirm out of Jeff's grip, Jeff manages to gets his legs wrapped around Dave's stout belly. "OHHHHhhhhh." "Let's see you get out of this. I can crush a watermelon with my legs. Let's see how much you can take." "OHHHHHHHHhhhh."

Dave can't lose two straight matches so he digs deep, slowly pulling Jeff's legs apart and rolling free. The men get to their feet and trade some more jabs. Jeff lands a solid punch to Dave's chest but then receives a wicked uppercut to his gut. Dave moves in and locks on a tight bearhug trapping Jeff's arms to his sides. "You think you can hold me in this? We'll see." Jeff grunts out. But before Jeff has the chance to break the hold, Dave wants to deliver enough pain to get his submission. Dave yells,"You think you've got power. I'll show you some real power." Dave's arms and chest are crushing Jeff's body and Jeff is gasping for every bit of air he can get. AAARRGGHHHhhhh. Dave continues squeezing as sweat begins to flow. Jeff's not moving. "You give cocksucker?" Still nothing. Dave gives him another squeeze and leans back raising Jeff off his feet but it looks like Jeff is out. Dave needs a submission or a pin to win so he lets go.

"GOT YA." Jeff's hands lock on to Dave's pecs in a double claw hold. The power in Jeff's hands is immense and the pressure intense. Dave's hypersensitive nips have led to his defeat too often. If he doesn't break free quickly it's going to be all over and the match lost. "FUCK NO...NOT... THIS TIME..." Dave pulls at Jeff's wrists with all he's got. To avoid a head butt Jeff gets low but he's open for a knee to the gut which Dave delivers. OOOOOF. Dave chops down on the top of Jeff's wrists until he gets free of the claw holds.

Just as Dave is about to recover, Jeff connects with a killer gut punch that bends Dave over. "'s that feel, Big Boy?" Jeff grabs Dave by the chin to look him in the eyes. "It's all over." Jeff wraps his thighs around Dave's head and then gets his arms around the big man's belly. He leans back, lifts Dave's legs off the ground and piledrives the big Ranger's head into the mat. Big Dave groans as he is rolled over on to his back. "I knew you were all talk," Jeff says as he puts his foot on Dave's big chest. "Look here, tubby." Jeff flexes his big guns and then sits on Dave, pinning his arms over his head. "One...Two......"

AAAARRRRGHHHH Big Dave roars as he throws Jeff off to the side. Before Jeff can collect himself, Dave drops his big body on his opponent's back and applies a Full Nelson. Locking the Nelson firmly in place, "YEAH! WHO'S THE MAN?" Dave shouts. Jeff groans in response. There's nowhere for Jeff to go. "Say Uncle! Come on...give...GIVE!" "UNCLE!" Jeff moans as Dave releases the hold. After rubbing his dick on Jeff's ass, Dave is ready for his prize. Jeff gets to all fours as Dave stands in front of him and drops his trunks. Dave gets a hold of Jeff's whiskers to bring his face up to the right level. "Okay, punk. Make me happy." Jeff takes hold of Dave's rod and does just that.

The third and final match to determine who is the Alpha will be a fight - headshots allowed. In the hours leading up to it the two men have kept to themselves in order to forget about being buddies. For this match, they are opponents going for a knockout or submission for final bragging rights. The men approach each other wearing two things - a black jockstrap and a mouthguard. It's time to get it on.

"The longer you take to go down, the more I'm gonna hurt ya," Dave says matter of factly. "You're a pussy and you know it," Jeff replies. The men measure each other with jabs as they circle the other. Jeff uses his longer reach to smack a hard one on to Dave's chin. Jeff throws a right hook but Dave ducks, moves in and powerslams Jeff to the mat. Dave manages to drive his right fist into the side of Jeff's face before getting bucked off. Back on their feet, Dave lunges forward and takes a right to his jaw. Jeff follows that with a series of gut punches which get the big man backing up. At last, Dave grabs Jeff's left arm and twists it into a hammerlock. Dave gets him on his toes and then goes for a George The Animal Steele "Flying Hammerlock." AAGGHHHH The pain is intense. After holding Jeff up in the air for a few moments, he throws him to the ground and follows with a knee to the midsection.

Dave breathes heavily as Jeff lays at his feet. "It's over." Dave wraps his legs around his opponents throat while shoving his crotch into Jeff's face. "Smell that? That's the sweet smell of defeat, Big Daddy." Jeff reaches for Dave's balls but Dave quickly takes control of that arm. But then Jeff manages to twist and turn and get Dave on to his back. Then Jeff gets Dave's legs lifted and punches Dave's balls. "OHHHHHHH." Still holding on to Dave's legs, he rolls Dave over and sits down into a Boston Crab. But before he can get it locked in, Dave kicks out to free himself from certain submission. Dave rolls off to the side. "You can run but you can't hideAAARRGGHHH," Jeff wails as Dave returns the favor, delivering an uppercut right into Jeff's crotch.

"It's time to end this shit." Dave hauls Jeff up onto his shoulders for a torture rack! "AGGHHHhh." "This is for punching me in the balls!" "AAGGHHHH." "And this is for making me drink your cheap-ass beer!" "AAAGGHHHHHHHhh." "And this is for..." But Jeff manages to punch Dave in the back of the head and shake himself free and on to his feet behind Dave. Without turning around, Dave kicks his leg out and catches Jeff square in the gut. "OOOOF." Jeff manages to stay on his feet and fire a kick into Dave's left thigh. As Dave goes down to his knees, Jeff moves in to knock him out but instead receives a brutal shot to his gut. Both men face each other on their knees and start trading haymakers, each trying to outlast the other.

Dave screams, "YOU'RE DONE, GIVE IT UP!" as he connects with another blow to Jeff's head. "FUCK YOU! YOUR FAT ASS IS MINE!" Jeff shouts as he punches Dave in the mouth. AAGGHHHHHHHH - The fists keep flying for 5 minutes until both men are hanging on to the other to keep from falling over. At last Dave falls backward with Jeff on top off him. But nobody's counting. A minute passes and Jeff rolls off to the side with Dave rolling over on top of him...still no count. Finally, both men are flat on their back and out cold.

A half hour later, Jeff wakes up and sees Dave. "Hey. Wake up. Wake up." "What? Did I win?" Jeff tells his buddy, "I think we beat each other silly. I just woke up. You want to fight some more?" "Fuck no. My head hurts like hell." Jeff says,"So who won?" Dave thinks about it, "You woke up first. I guess you did." "No, no that's not winning. That's just not losing." Dave gives Jeff a shove, "I say you won!" "Fuck you, man. You won!" The men roll around on the floor until Dave gets Jeff wrapped up in a bearhug. "I submit." "Wait a minute," Dave says. "I didn't even ask you." "Doesn't matter, I just submitted!" Dave shakes his head and says, "Fuck this. Let's go shower off and go to bed." "I'm with you buddy." So the two men lumber off to the shower before hitting the hay for about as much hot sex as two men can manage after just beating the fuck out of each other.

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rassler (5) 6/01/2018 2:36 PM

Good story, love the ending with the mutual punching until they both pass out! Every kind of even fight where both guys give and take their best is welcome.