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Fight Night 4 - Back to Butte

–Western Fight Fiction ----[–
Deputy Joe thought he was okay working with Sheriff Dave. After the previous Sheriff had got his self killed, Joe had filled in as acting Sheriff until the town council hired Dave. Joe was also up for the job. But it seems the council didn't think he was nothin' more than a Deputy. Dave was a good man but Joe just couldn't let it go...the job should have been his.

"Come on Joe, what's the problem? You've been in a foul mood all week. What is it?" Joe looks at Dave and wonders how he could ask him that. Dave knows he wanted this job. Joe shakes his head, "There's nothing to talk about." "Yeah, well we are talking about it so whatever 'it' is needs to come out so we can get it over with." "Fine, if you're too thick headed to figure it out I'll tell you. You're wearing my badge! I'm the man who ought to be Sheriff." "If it was up to me you would be a Sheriff but what do you want from me? We both applied and I got the job. That's all there is to it." "But I've been here most of my life. Everybody knows me!" "Well maybe that's just it. People get used to what a man's been and sometimes it's hard to make them see you as something else. Sometimes you've just got to pack up and go someplace else...someplace where you're not a familiar face and you can be whatever you want to be."

Joe isn't hearing this the way Dave intended, "So you're saying I should leave town? If I don't like it here I should just go? I'm a better man than you Dave Sexton and I'm going to prove it. And when I do, everyone will see that I'm the one who ought to be Sheriff and you ought to get the fuck out of Butte." "Joe, just cool down. What are you talking about?" "I'll tell you what! Saturday night, in the and me will fight to see who's the better man. And when I beat you in front of the whole town, everybody will see that making you Sheriff was a mistake!" "Joe, you're younger but I've got 100 lbs on you. It wouldn't be a fair fight." "Hey, if you're too fat to fight me that's you're problem. Just show up Saturday night, unless you want to be known as a coward."

Joe walks out the door leaving Dave to wonder - is he serious? This could be fun having a rassle with Joe in the saloon. But if I lose, what then? Will the people want Joe as their Sheriff. And if I win, is Joe going to go back to being deputy or will he leave? I think I need a beer. Maybe Dick over at the Saloon can help me out.

Listening to Dick the bartender usually works out pretty well. "Dave, just give it time. Joe will calm down." "I don't know, he seemed pretty riled up. I really think he wants to be Sheriff." "Tell you what, Dave, just give Joe a good fight. But let him win so he'll feel good about himself. You're the Sheriff and that's all there is to it. If Joe still wants to be a Sheriff, let him move on. There's plenty of other places he can go... Idaho or Wyoming or someplace else...maybe even Alaska!" "Yeah, maybe you're right. Although I can't imagine anybody living long in Alaska. I hear there's nothin' up there but bears and mosquitos." After downing a quick beer Sheriff Dave proceeds to make his rounds.

A short while later Joe comes in and walks up to the bar. "Joe, what's seems to be the trouble? You look all wound up." "Dick - You ever feel like people just look right through you...kind of take you for granted?" "I work behind a bar. That's kind of what I do." "What I'm sayin' I look like a Sheriff? What's wrong with me? Why'd they hire that guy from out of town when I've been here for years? Can't I do the job?" "Joe, Joe, relax...give it time. You know what they say. The grass is always hiring a guy from out of town...they figured they got somebody from the greener know, from the other side." "What the fuck did you just say? Nevermind." Joe moves to a table to chat up a friend.

Dave has a tough time getting to sleep that night. Is this problem with Joe going to ruin things here in Butte? Nah, Dick's right. Joe just needs to work off some frustrations. Having a rassle with Joe ought to be fun. But being in a public place, the issue of either one of them getting embarassed is troublesome...just got to make sure things don't get too serious. Dave tosses and turns a few dozen times before finally dozing off. Dave dreams of sex and the wide open west. He dreams of the people who he's loved and those he left behind in Illinois. But the possibilities here in his new life don't trouble him...instead, they're exciting.

It's Saturday night and a large crowd has come out for the fight. Dick the Bartender enters the makeshift ring to make the announcements. "Okay everyone, we're going to have us a little fight tonight. To my left, our Deputy Sheriff, a fine young man of 6'0" and 185 lbs...Joe!" Joe gets a nice round of applause. And to my right, the Sheriff of our fair city, who single handedly put the Buchanans behind bars, a man in the prime of life, standing 5'10" and weighing a solid 290 lbs...Sheriff Dave!" Lots of cheers and whistles greet Dave's name. "Men, shake hands and let's have a good clean fight."

Both men are shirtless with Sheriff Dave wearing suspenders. "Dave, it's nothing personal. I've just got something to prove." "Let's just have a good time and give the folks a little show, Joe." Joe moves in, ties up with Dave and immediately gets Dave in a hammerlock. He sends the big Sheriff down on to the floor, sits on Dave's back and pulls up on the locked arm. "AAAaahhhhh." Dave tries pushing up but Joe hits him in the back of the head with an elbow. "OOOHHhhh." Joe gives Dave's arm another pull and sends a series of punches to the back of his bicep. "AAAAgghh." Joe steps on Dave's back and then walks around yelling at the crowd, "YOU SEE! THE MAN OUTWEIGHS ME BY 100 POUNDS AND I SHOVED HIS FACE IN THE FLOOR. WHO'S THE BETTER MAN?"

Sheriff Dave gets to his feet and dusts himself off. He walks up behind Joe and just as he's within reach, Joe spins around and lands a left to Dave's jaw. Joe grabs Dave's suspenders and hits him with a knee to the gut. "OOOOFFFFF." As Dave bends over, Joe wraps his legs around the big man's head and takes him back down to the floor. With Dave bent over on his knees, Joe pounds him in the back with both fists. Joe gets his legs around Dave's throat and grabs Dave's hair, pulling him over on to his side. "UUUGHHhhh AAAhhhh." "Come on, big man. Show some fight." Dave manages to shake free of Joe's hold and grabbing Joe by the waist band of his pants, Dave connects with a solid punch to the gut. "OOOOFF." The power in Dave's fist catches Joe by surprise. He attempts to back away but Dave grabs him and gets him wrapped up in a full nelson. Dave whispers in his ear, "Simmer down, Joe. You've proved your point." "I'll tell you when I'm done proving my point." Joe kicks back into Dave's shin. The big man releases him and groans in pain.

Joe lands two fists to Dave's gut and then catches the Sheriff's jaw with a right. Dave backs up into the ropes seeming to be on the defensive. Then the big man lunges forward and surprises Joe, catching the smaller man in a bearhug. Joe twists around turning it into a reverse bearhug. Dave lifts the lighter man off his feet and then falls forward, pinning Joe underneath. Dave gets his legs around Joe's. "AAAAAARRGHHHH" Joe screams in frustration, unable to break free of Dave's grip. Joe is trapped inside Dave's grasp. Dave thinks of letting Joe win but he just can't. The people wouldn't like it and Joe would know if he let him win. Dave squeezes with both his arms and legs. He rolls from side to side with Joe locked up tight. With Joe offering no resistance, Dave releases him.

Sheriff Dave gets Joe in a school boy pin. Dick the bartender comes over to count. "1...2...3. THE WINNER...SHERIFF DAVE SEXTON!" The crowd erupts in a big cheer for Dave. Dave tries to help Joe to his feet but the Deputy brushes Dave aside and makes his way to the door. The men in the saloon gather around Dave. Some want to feel the big man's muscles. "Show us your muscles, Sheriff Dave!" "Yeah! Let's see!" Dave obliges and flexes for the crowd drawing hoots of appreciation. A couple of the Saloon girls give him a kiss and run their hands over Dave's big pecs.

After a couple of beers, Dave heads back to his house. Once inside, he finds someone waiting for him. "Joe...I didn't hurt you did I?" "Let's wrestle." "What?" "I wanted to prove to everybody that I could face a man like you. Now I'm gonna prove to you that I can beat you." "Come on Joe. We don't have to..." "Yeah... we do." The still shirtless men lock up again in Dave's large front room. Dave shoves Joe to the floor. Joe gets up and throws a right cross. Dave catches the fist and then takes a knee to the gut. Joe fails in trying to take Dave down and then attempts a headlock but winds up caught in Dave's bearhug.

"Give up Joe. There's no way out." "Maybe I don't want out." Joe's hands move up onto Dave's pecs and grab hold of his nips. Dave tries squeezing Joe more closely into his chest but Joe's grip tightens. "AAHhhh." Dave begins weakening. "AAAHhh." And then, as the minutes pass, Dave drops his arms down. Joe then wraps his arms around Dave and kisses him full on the mouth. Joe lowers Dave to the floor and lays on top of the big man. Dave returns the kiss with a passion. After getting his pants off and helping Dave with his pants and suspenders, the naked men move to the bedroom where the next 2 hours are spent getting to know each other in every way.

Sitting on Dave's belly, Joe gets Dave's arms pinned over his head and counts out "1..2..3. See...I told you I could beat you." "What are we gonna do, Joe? You can't leave. Maybe I can get the council to give you a raise!" Joe lays down beside Dave. "If I stay, then what? People will talk." "People always talk. And eventually, they talk about something else. You've got to do what you want, regardless." After a few moments thought, caressing Dave's sore nips, Joe finally says, "Well fuck it. I'm too tired to think about what happens next. Who knows? Maybe in a few weeks you'll be ready to buy me a ticket on the next stagecoach out of here!" Joe's words are good enough for Dave, "Put your arm around me buddy. Let's just enjoy the happy and fuck the rest." "Okay Dave, I think I can handle that. C'mere."

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