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They Fight For Help - a Very short story

Alec has been quite concerned about his friend Bob's state of mind lately. He knocks on the door, "Bob, open the door. Let me in.." There's no response after several minutes but Alec isn't leaving. He knows that Bob's home. At last the door opens. "Alec. What's up." "You didn't show up last night. You said you'd be over. And I know you've been missing a lot of work lately. Talk to me. Let me in." Bob looks at Alec and thinks -same old same old.

"Look at you...big man...the 'Helper'." Bob returns to his chair. Alec stands in front of him. As usual Bob isn't feeling too sociable, "You want to know what you can do? You can leave me the fuck alone." Alec looks at his friend. It's difficult to say the 'right' thing when all that Bob can see is what's wrong. Like many, Alec has visited the dark place. He knows the tunnel vision that can develop when all possibilities seem impossible - the negative leaving no room for the positive. "Bob, I want you to talk to me."

"Get out! happy? I talked. Get out!" But Alec isn't moving. He remains standing and tells Bob, "Get up. If you want me out then get up and put me out." Bob's the taller of the two men but knows Alec to be much stronger and more highly skilled in a fight. "I'm not going to fight you, Alec." "You will fight me. I'm standing right here. What are you going to do?"

With surprise being his only advantage, Bob throws himself at the shorter man. He takes Alec to the floor. Sitting astride of Alec, Bob throws a left and a right at Alec's face. But Alec grabs both of Bob's fists. Struggling in Alec's vice-like grip, Bob grunts, "Why are you really here? What do you really want? What am I to you?" Alec yells back, "This isn't about you! What kind of man would I be if I turned my back on you? That's not who I am. If I could not fight, I believe you would fight for me." Bob slips free and grabs Alec from behind, throwing the stout little man backwards. Just before a foot is planted in his stomach, Alec grabs Bob's leg and twists him down into a single leg Boston crab. "Admit that you would fight for me! I know you would!" "AAAARRGGGHHHH LET GO!"

Alec releases the hold only to find himself caught in a scissor hold locked tight onto his belly. Bob goes for an armbar but can't hold on to Alec's left arm. Alec's thickly muscled torso resists the pressure of the leg scissors. Both men get to their feet. Bob wraps up his opponent in a bearhug and tries dragging him toward the door. "I told you I'm not leaving!" Alec gets his own arms locked on to Bob in a bearhug battle. The 235 lb Alec quickly takes control. Bob struggles to escape from his adversary's hold. But soon it becomes clear that isn't going to happen. "Okay, okay, let go...we'll talk." And just as the bearhug is released Bob punches Alec with a right to the face and follows with a couple of left hooks to the ribs.

Then Alec gets trapped in a full nelson. But lifting weights for 30 years comes in handy as Alec powers out of the hold. Alec turns and bodyslams Bob on to the floor. Before he can regain his breath and move, Alec covers Bob in a schoolboy pin. "I won't let you up until you agree to talk to me." "Talk, talk, fucking talk... what for? What does it change?" "It changes nothing. But if I can understand you, I can help you see from my point of view. And maybe then we can see a way to find what you need." Alec pulls his friend up onto his feet. And as they hold each other, they begin to talk.

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thefatjobber67 (4 bronze) 3/10/2018 10:17 AM

Great Story my friend


Merseywrestle (71 platinum) 3/10/2018 7:39 PM

You dont know how true that feels..