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Getting A Bud To Fight A Bubba

An Erotic Fight Story - For Those So Inclined

I was over in Flagstaff and I wrestled this hairy, young chub from Texas who went by the name of Bubba. After living in the South most of my life I had never met a Bubba, but there he was. He's about 5'10" and at least 270 lbs. with a round face and thick neck. I wrestled him because he was kind of hot with a heavy coat of red hair over his chest. He must still be in his 20's. He may not be too bright but he is damn strong. I thought I could handle him...I couldn't. He pinned me 3 times and then toyed with me for another 30 minutes before he put his fat cock in my mouth. I left there battered and bruised. So I went to see a friend of mine. Tony's about 5'8", 225 lbs and stays in great shape.

"Well what do you want me to do about it?" "Come on, Tony. This guy needs his ass kicked and I know you can do it. And once you see him, you're gonna want to do it. He's got a smart mouth on him and when I told him what you could do to him he said, 'A 63 year old man is gonna beat me? Tell Gramps that if he wants to get bitch-slapped to bring his wrinkly ass on down here.' That's exactly what he said. Come on, it'll be fun."

I can tell that Tony's still not convinced so I say, "There's another reason you need to fight him." "Oh? What's that?" "Because if you can beat Bubba, I am going to be so turned on. I can't think of anything hotter than the sight of you making that big redneck submit. Now, what do you say?"

Saturday night arrives and we're on the way to Bubba's backyard. It's well lit and he's got no next door neighbors so anything goes. The already stripped down Bubba sees us walk up, "You fools ready to do this?" His chubby face breaks into a smile as he rubs his dick. As Tony gets naked I give him a smack on the ass. "Get him, Tony!" Bubba's belly jiggles as he laughs. "I'm gonna hurt you so bad!" he says in his squeaky, high voice. Tony looks at me and says, "Yeah, he's big...and he's sexy!"

The two men stride toward each other. With surprising speed, Bubba dives at Tony and tackles him down. The big boy then gets up and drops an elbow across Tony's chest like Dusty Rhodes. Quickly, Tony rolls away and shakes off the pain. "Told you I was gonna hurt you Granpa!" "Don't Granpa me, tubby!" Bubba is too confident and walks right into a hip-toss. Tony wastes no time. While he's still down Tony jumps on his back and grab his legs in a Boston Crab.

AAAAGGHHHHH He's got Bubba howling. My "old" buddy leans back and ramps up the pressure on Bubba's back. "Get off me old man!" After giving his legs another hard tug, Tony lets him get to his knees and then grabs his hair and starts punching his face repeatedly. Bubba is already dazed but manages to shove Tony away. "You got him Tony," I yell. Don't let him up! But Bubba gets to his feet and wraps my bud up in a bearhug. He tries crushing the older man into his hairy chest but Tony's arms are free. After adjusting to the tight squeeze Tony stuns Bubba with a few short rights to the face. After getting his hands under Bubba's chubby chins, Tony manages to break the hold. "YEAH!" I cheer Tony on. "TAKE HIM DOWN, TONY!"

With Bubba off balance, Tony grabs him in a single leg take down. Holding on to his leg and driving his right knee into Bubba's balls and leaving it there. Bubba is screaming in pain. Tony's got the big man under control. Tony straddles the big man's chest and drives a couple of punches into his face. I think that Bubba's ready to give but Tony's not done yet. After letting big Bubba up, the big boy throws himself at Tony but catches a knee to his gut. The big man bends over in pain. Tony grabs his hair and hits him with a hard forearm to the chin. Tony's ready to do a little boxing. He throws some jabs into the big man's face and a powerful uppercut into the chub's unguarded belly. Bubba swings wildly and misses. Tony knows the fight is his and flashes me a quick smile.

I'm loving what I'm seeing, "HE'S ALL YOURS, TONY. TAKE HIM OUT!" Bubba stumbles around getting hit by a dozen punches. It looks like Tony's trying to cover his big body in bruises. After the big man leans in for a clinch, Tony puts his arm between the big boy's legs and lifts the 270 chub. I am so turned on. Tony holds Bubba up, calls me over and yells, "PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE! KNOCK HIM OUT!" So with the big man in Tony's arms, I rear back and punch his lights out. Then my hot friend slams Bubba down on the hard ground. I taunt the fat bastard, "YEAH! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT! YOU JUST GOT SLAMMED BY AN 'OLD MAN!' "

Bubba is flat on his back and out cold. Tony proudly puts his foot on Bubba's big chest and flexes his biceps for me. After having his way with the fat boy's ass, Tony and I use his big, furry body like a water bed and make out for the next hour. When Bubba comes to, Tony gives him a big kiss and starts stroking the big boy's fat cock. Bubba reaches over and starts stroking mine as I run my hands over the thick red fur on his chest. As we lay on top of Big Bubba I tell Tony, "See, I told you this was gonna be fun!"

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mapuchao1 (12 silver) 2/08/2018 2:55 AM

Another good story, it even got me erected


BamaJDon41 (0 gold) 2/08/2018 4:30 AM

(In reply to this)

Thanks! Mission accomplished! Lol


Rocket (2 bronze) 2/10/2018 4:20 AM

Everyone is BUBBA to me..