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The Big Ranger Gets Tested........Fightfiction by BamaJDon41

The Big Ranger Gets Tested-------Fightfiction by BamaJDon41

My friend Dave is a Park Ranger. Some would call him a fat man. He might even refer to himself that way. But I know better. Dave is a BIG man with big muscles. He's not a young man but keeps himself in shape. A little under 6' tall and nearly 300 lbs, Dave doesn't back down from any man. Yet every once in a while, some young stud comes along and tries to prove himself. One such stud, Jason from Portland, came around and thought he'd show everyone how much of a man he was.

6' 1" and about 235 lbs of ripped muscle, the 24 year old, blond haired Jason looks hot! Hearing about Ranger Dave's fighting prowess, Jason and his friends are making jackasses of themselves hoping to goad Dave into a confrontation. Dave has had enough, "hey! You guys are going to have to settle down! The other Park visitors don't want to hear your foul language. Show some class!" Jason sneers at the Ranger, "I hear some guys say you're tough. You don't look so tough to me. You want to put that beer keg you call a gut a little closer and I'll show you who deserves some respect, you fat bitch!" Dave stands in front of Jason, "I know your type...always trying to show how tough you are...showing off your biceps to anybody that cares and some who don't. But I'm working now and I'll thank you to respect Park regulations."

Jason and his friends laugh at Dave, "Hahahaha, just what I thought - behind that badge you're just a pussy! A big, fat PUSSY!" Dave steps up to Jason, "I've tried to be respectful, but you obviously want a fight! There's a clearing just beyond those trees. Be there tonight at 9:00 and we can settle this like men." "Sweet!" Jason and his buds are high-fiving, ecstatic that they got just what they wanted.

Ranger Dave returns to his office and sees his friend and co-worker, "Bob, looks like we're going to have a little action tonight." "Oh yeah? How's that? Something to do with that commotion that was going on outside a while ago?" "Yeah, one of those young punks wants to show me how tough he is...called me a fat bitch!" "Ohhhhh, this I got to see! I'm going with you ... back you up. You never know when you might need a hand." Dave was happy to have someone covering his back.

Jason was more than just a loud-mouthed well-muscled punk. He'd had quite a few fights back in Portland and won almost all of them. He'd done some wrestling but mostly just liked to use his muscles to bully his opponents. It was obvious that Ranger Dave was more than twice Jason's age and in a foot race, Dave would have no chance against the young stud. But this would be no foot race. Dave and Bob arrived at the clearing at 9:00. Ten minutes passed before about 7 or 8 young guys showed up, passing a bottle between them and making about as much noise as possible. "Okay, fat man. Let's do this." Jason whipped off his t-shirt and started flexing his ripped muscles for Dave and for his pals. After unbuttoning his uniform shirt the big Ranger moved his suspenders out of the way just long enough to remove his shirt and hand it to Bob. Dave flexed his arms for the punk, "you sure you want this?" Jason grabbed his crotch and responded, "you sure you want this, bitch?" at that, Jason's friends howled with laughter.

Jason starts bouncing around, loosening his arms up, "let's go old-timer." The opponents circle each other, Jason getting his range, tossing jabs before moving in with a hard left that Dave quickly dodges. Dave plants his fist in the middle of Jason's pecs backing the young tough up. "That all you got, fat man? You ain't shit!" Jason manages to land a couple of hard blows to the Ranger's gut. Dave swings a hard right at the young body-builder that misses and leaves him off balance. Jason trips Dave up and shoves him to the ground following with 3 quick hard kicks to the big man's ribs. Dave rolls away in pain and while getting to his feet takes a knee to the face which staggers him. Not wasting any time, Jason plants a hard kick into Dave's big gut. As Dave bends over, Jason grabs him in a headlock. As he squeezes the lawman's face into his well muscled pec the young man taunts, "I knew this was going to be easy but you're just pathetic...a pathetic old pussy!" Jason cranks up the headlock and pounds his right fist into Dave's face before hip-tossing the bigger man down.

"I'm gonna have you begging and squealing like that fat man in that movie, Deliverance. Except I ain't no ugly-ass hillbilly!" With that Jason turns to pose for his pals. With a sneer on his face he turns back to face Dave unaware that the big man has quickly gotten to his feet. Jason's face is met by the Ranger's big right fist with a 'SMACK' square in the jaw. Seeing the young punk dazed, Dave moves in to take advantage. Grabbing Jason by the hair, Dave delivers 5 quick punches to the gut and then easily picks the stud up and bodyslams him to the ground with a 'THUD'. Jason gets his wind taken out by a knee dropped hard into his midsection. The Big Ranger follows that up by straddling his opponent and sending a left, right, left into the reeling young man's face. Big Dave then does some posing of his own over the younger man, "you had enough, BOY?"

"Get your fat, bitch-ass off me!" To that Dave responds with a right to the punk's mouth. "You may not respect me or the law, punk, but you're gonna respect my fists!" Dave let's Jason get to his feet and gets ready for another round. Some of Jason's friends are looking suspiciously like they're about to jump Dave from behind. Bob steps up, "I wouldn't do that boys." Bob pats the holster holding his sidearm and the guys back down.

Jason gets up knowing that he's taken more damaging hits than he ever imagined and he's got to turn this fight around quick! He throws a couple of hard kicks at Dave's left thigh and one at his left arm. Dave throws a right that misses and then takes a fist to the balls from Jason. "Yeah, now we're talking, fat pussy!" Quickly Jason lands a series of blows to the side of Dave's head and then kicks the big man in the ass. The big Ranger stumbles to the ground and gets stunned by a foot to the face. The young body-builder grabs the opportunity to put his foot on the big man's chest. "Yeah, bitch! Check these biceps out! I bet you never saw abs and pecs like mine out here in the sticks!" Jason flexes his well cut physique for the big man under his foot. "You ready to squeal for me, fat pig? Squeal real good and maybe I'll let you suck my dick before I knock you the fuck out. Come on, Gramps... SQUEAL!"

While Dave is admiring the view of the young stud, he's a long way from getting knocked out. As the younger man's ego is getting the better of him, Dave is recovering from the ball shot and has plans of his own. As Jason sits down on the big man's belly, he runs his hands over his opponents remarkably firm pecs. "Your pecs aren't half bad, for a FAT OLD PIG!" With that final insult Dave bucks up and throws the young stud off to the side. Dave gets up first and lands a haymaker right in the rising Jason's face which almost knocks the young man out. Quickly, Dave wraps up the muscle man in a crushing bearhug, trapping his opponents arms. Jason has never felt a bearhug like this before. "What's that you were saying...about an old fat PIG?" on the word pig, Dave ramps up the pressure. "Talk to me now, PUNK! Talk to me! You gonna make me SQUEAL?" Dave squeezes tighter bringing out what sounds like a squeal from his victim..."EEEEAAAAHHHHUUH." "Who's a bitch now, HUH? My PECS still feel good to ya?" Jason tries to flex his way out of the bearhug but finds himself outmatched, outmuscled and overpowered. Finally exhausted, Jason has nothing to say now...all he can do is groan in the big man's arms.

Jason's friends are astonished at what they've witnessed. They'd never seen the muscular young stud handled like that. Big Dave sees their reaction and gives them a show. With his opponent all but out on his feet, the big man lifts him on to his shoulders and with a loud grunt hoists the muscle man over his head in a gorilla press! Dave ROARS, "YEAH, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT, BOYS?" While holding Jason over his head, Dave asks the beaten man, "YOU GIVE, COCKSUCKER?" Jason can only moan out an affirmative. Dropping the young muscle stud on the ground, the big Ranger proceeds to slip off his suspenders and then drop his pants and briefs. Big Dave is hard...rock hard as he stands over his defeated opponent. He puts a foot on the young muscleman and flexes his guns as he lets out a 'RRRROOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR.'

"Okay, cocksucker...time to suck MY dick. You give me any trouble and I'm gonna hurt ya." Dave raises his fist to emphasize the point. Jason's compliance prompts Dave to flex his pecs over the beaten man and then take a seat on Jason's face. As Jason's friends begin to shuffle off into the night, Bob goes over, raises Dave's hand in victory and heads out. Alone with his prize, Dave slides his rock hard, beer-can cock in and begins to fuck Jason's fine mouth with all his considerable might. Inspired by the muscular physique of the young body builder, the big Ranger's fucking reaches new heights. As Big Dave plays with Jason's beautiful pecs, the younger man gives in to the pleasure of his defeat. In between moans, Dave says to the young man, "ya know, this could be the start of a beautiful relationship, mmmmmmmmm."

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16stone (3) 1/12/2018 10:56 PM

really like it


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Great story! Hot!


BamaJDon41 (0 gold) 1/12/2018 11:49 PM

Thanks so much! And so are you!


Alecmusc (8 platinum) 1/14/2018 3:05 PM

Great story, loved it.