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Wrestling Carl - Son vs Father

Hi, I'm Thad. My first year at college has been rough. Still trying to figure things out. My roommate's gone for the weekend, which is cool. But my Dad, Carl told me he's coming over. Not sure what he's got on his mind. Wish I was more like him. We are built about the same - two short stocky guys. At about 230 he outweighs me by 10 lbs. The biggest difference is the fact that I'm turned on by guys. He knows it and he knows there's nothing he can do about it. I've always felt that Carl, he wants me to call him by his name, is a good looking man. Maybe that's why I like guys.

That must be him knocking on the door. "Hi Carl." "Thad, how's it going son?" "Fine. So, what's up? Any reason for making the 50 mile drive?" He looks at me and thinks. "Thad, you're a man now. Remember how we used to wrestle when you were a kid? How about we wrestle like men?" I just stare at Carl with my mouth open. The idea never occurred to me that he would see me as a man. I mean, what have I done to expect that? "Well, Thad, what do you think? You want to wrestle me, man to man?" What a strange question. But the fact is - yeah, I really would like to do that. "Sure, Dad... I mean, Carl. That sounds awesome!" I give Carl a hug and he hugs me back. But after a few moments I start feeling his hold tighten around me. "Unnnggh" "Yeah, you're a stout young man. Let's just see what you've got." After a minute he releases his bearhug. Then he turns and locks the door. He starts removing his shirt so I guess the time for wrestling is right now!

Carl is 45 years old, but looks younger. He gets his shirt off revealing his stout hairy pecs and thick biceps. There's not much hair on my chest but I work out some so I've got some biceps. I've got a flabbier gut but at 5'9" I'm a little taller than Carl. He loosens up and stretches and then flexes some. "Grrrrrrrrr. Hehe, what about it? You want to wrestle in underwear?" Again, my mouth hangs open. "Underwear?" I haven't wrestled my Dad in underwear since I was five years old. "Hey, if you get hard, don't worry about happens." "Okay Carl, sure. I'll wrestle you in my underwear." We both strip down. "Okay, Thad...ready?"

Carl comes at me. He's trying to pick me up. I block him and shove him back. I get my arms around him and get him in a good bearhug. Right now he's not my Dad. He's just a strong, hairy man that I've got my arms wrapped around and it feels great! I lean back and lift his feet off the ground. I've got my arms locked tight and I'm squeezing him good. He gets a forearm under my chin and pushes on my throat. "AAAAhhhhhh." Now he's trying to slip his hands under my arms. I squeeze harder but he's strong.

Why are we wrestling? Is this about him finding out what I can do or showing me what he can do? Maybe he just wants to prove that he's still the stronger man. "UUnnnngh." He breaks my hold and picks me up and sets my back down across his knee - backbreaker! "UUUnnngh." "GRRRRR." "OHhhhhh." He's got me by the throat and thigh. "Unnnghhhh." SMACK! "OHHHhhh." - chest slap! "AAAAhhhhh." He's really pushing down on my thigh. "AAAHHHhhhh."

He drops me on to the floor and stands over me. "Come on, get up. Let's go. Show me what you've got." "OHHHhhhhhh." Back hurts - he's building up a sweat. Got his chest hair wet. I struggle to my feet. He spins me around and slaps on a full nelson. "Unnnggh." He's locking it on pretty good. Feeling his chest on my back is exciting. I feel his dick pressed against my ass. My undies are tenting pretty good now. He loads me on to his shoulders and puts me in a torture rack! "AAAAAHHH." "GRRRRR. Got to say, Thad. You're not doing too good! GRRRRR." He bounces me up and down and then sets me on the floor.

I'm flat on my back looking up at Carl. He seems pretty proud of himself. "Yeah. I still got it." He sets his foot on my chest and flexes. "1..2..3" He looks fucking awesome from down here. Guess I need to show more of a fight. Just got to get my wind back. Maybe I can wear him down. "Okay. Round 2 - let's go. On your feet." We circle around, smacking each other's hands away. I grab his leg and take him down. I get him rolled over into a Boston crab but he kicks out. I jump on him and sit on his gut. Got to get his hands pinned. Yeah - schoolboy pin! He keeps thrashing and bucking. I get my legs wrapped around his and hold on. He's trying to power his way up but I'm leaning down with all I've got. Think I might be a little stronger than he is right now! "UUUNNGGHHhh!" I got him pinned!

"I GOT YOU CARL!" My dick is still hard but he pays no notice. "How about it, Carl? You submit? Well?" He stops struggling and takes a breather. "Alright, I give." I sit on Carl's gut with my hands on his chest. "One fall for you, Thad. Feels real good, doesn't it son." I flex a little over Carl. "Yes sir! Feels pretty good!" "Alright. One fall a piece. The next fall is for bragging rights. You ready?" "Old man, if you've still got some strength left, let's do it!"

Carl holds his hands up - time for a test of strength. I lock my hands with his and start pushing. It feels like we're evenly matched. Maybe my time on the weight machine has paid off! We lean into each other, chest to chest. "You're a strong young man." "AAAHHHHH." "But not quite... strong ...enough." Carl is pushing me down. One knee down...then the other. Then he twists his hands and brings me back up. He wraps a headlock on me and forces my face into his chest. "AAAHHHHHHH." Didn't know a headlock could hurt so bad.

"AAAHHHH" "Let me know if I'm hurting you too much. But you're a man. I know you can take a little headlock." "AAAHHHHHH." Feels like my head is being squeezed between two rocks. I punch him in the gut a few times with no effect. "Are you punching my gut? We'll have to work on that later." Carl easily lifts me into a bodyslam position then walks me around the room. "WHOA!" Is he gonna throw me to the floor? "I think we've established who the champ is here today between you and me, eh Thad?"

He drops me on my bed and then drives a claw hold into my gut. "OHHHHHHHHHH." While holding on to my gut Carl sits on my face. "Yeah, you're a man. But I am THE MAN, hehe." "OHHHHhhhhhhhh." Yes he is. Carl releases the claw and moves to sit on my gut. "These claw holds are quite effective, don't you think?" "AAAAHHHHHHH!" He grabs both my pecs and squeezes hard. "OHHHHHHHHHhh." I grab Carl's wrists but that just makes him squeeze harder. "OHHhhhh. Stop, stop...I give...I give." "Hehe, okay. Just one more." He grabs me just under my armpits. "AAAAAAGGHHHHHHHH!" "You work on your wrestling some and then we'll talk about a rematch. Okay, you've had enough for one day. Remember this."

Then he covers me in a full body pin. He just lays there...not moving...not speaking. He's just...there. I feel his warmth and his sweat. I feel his heart beat and his breathing. And I feel...loved. "Thanks."

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AlphaFight- 2 The Day After

Big Dave is half asleep. It's six o'clock in the morning on the day after his last match with Jeff. He's still stretched out in Jeff's guest bedroom and sore from the pounding he received. Both men beat the hell out of each other in a match that ended inconclusively as neither of the men were willing or able to continue. The door creaks open. "AAAGHHHH" "AAAAAGGHHH!"

Both men howl as Jeff pounces on top of Dave. "We're gonna finish this right here and now!" Still slightly stunned and not sure if this is really happening Dave protests, "FOUL! I'm not awake!" Like Dave, Jeff is clad only in briefs, "WE'RE DOING THIS!" Jeff goes for a full nelson but Dave manages to slip free. They wrap their arms around each other and roll off the edge of the bed. "Jeff, YOU SUCK!" "Not as good as you do, chubby!" Jeff sits on Dave and tries pinning his arms down but Dave rolls around leaving Jeff sitting on his back. Jeff gets up and starts kicking Dave in the ass and then pulls Dave's briefs down and starts spanking him hard. "OWWW!" As Dave gets to his feet he gets caught in Jeff's choke hold.

"YOU GIVE?" "Not even close." Jeff gets Dave down on the floor and rubs his face on the carpet. Jeff turns Dave over and grabs his big legs for a figure four, bringing out loud moans from Dave. Before Jeff can sit down, Dave grabs him by the hair. Jeff falls down on top of Dave, covering him in a full body pin. Jeff gets up and splashes down again. "OOOOF!" After another splash Dave is gasping for air. "What's the matter, Bud? Need some fresh air? Here you go." Jeff turns around and sits down rubbing his big tightywhities all over Dave's face. Big Dave starts trying to buck Jeff off until Jeff gets a tight hold on Dave's pecs. "AAAGGHhh. NO!" "YEAH BOY! Time for your nip massage. You like it rough. Am I right?" "AAGGHHH!"

Dave can't shake free of Jeff's pec claws. Dave thinks, "What the fuck, so what if I give up. I'll let him have this match and get him back some other time. But there might not be another time!" Dave gets hold of Jeff's right foot and pulls it further back than Jeff can take. "Son of a bitch!" Jeff yells as he has to release Dave. Dave holds on to the foot and gets Jeff face down on the floor. As Dave gets his back on Jeff's back he gets an arm under Jeff's throat and pulls up on the foot. "AAGGHHH" With no time to waste, Jeff sinks his teeth into Dave's meaty forearm. "OWWWWWW!"

As Jeff gets to his feet, he's met with an uppercut to his chin. Dave quickly follows with a left and a right to the face and a strong fist to Jeff's gut. Dave moves in and wraps his bearhug around Jeff, lifting him off his feet. "YOU'RE DONE! I got you now. GIVE IT UP!" Dave presses his meaty pecs hard into Jeff's chest. Jeff settles into Big Dave's arms. The punches to his face dazed him and now he feels his strength leaving him as the big man squeezes tighter and tighter. Jeff throws weak punches into the side of Dave's head. "Thanks for getting me out of bed this morning. Striking a victory pose over you before breakfast is gonna be sweet." To finish off his beaten opponent, Dave sticks his tongue down Jeff's throat to take his breath away.

Thinking fast, Jeff squeezes Dave's nose to cut off his air supply. Dave drops the bearhug and staggers back. Dave falls onto the bed while Jeff drops to the floor. Dave lays back to relax, "I almost had you. I'll give you a minute to catch your breath." Dave closes his eyes...and when he opens them, Jeff is laying on top of him.

Jeff is working Dave's dick with his right hand and working Dave's nips with his other hand and his teeth. Dave goes into a spasm of moaning. "This will teach you to take a fucking nap on me, mmmm," Jeff mutters through a mouthful of nipple. Dave's not sure if he's losing or winning, but he knows Jeff has got him under control and that just won't work for him right now. Dave gets his hands under Jeff's shoulders and shoves him off the edge of the bed. Jeff ends up sprawled on the floor. "CATCH!" Dave says as he bounces off the bed and on to Jeff. "OWWWWWWwwwwwww!" Dave's knee catches Jeff right in the balls.

"OHHHhhh, WHAT THE FUCK?" "You want to give up?" "HELL no. Time out." "Ain't happenin'" Dave stands over Jeff. "Thanks asshole," says Jeff as he sits up and throws an uppercut into Dave's crotch. "AAAAGGGHHHHHHH!" Dave crumples to the floor. Jeff is recovered enough to take advantage of the situation. With Dave on his side, Jeff gets behind him and wraps his arms and legs around the big man. With his hands locked tight on Dave's beefy pecs, Jeff starts squeezing his victim with his hands and legs. "OHHHHHHHhhhhh" Dave's groans are turning Jeff on, "MMMMMmmmmm I like the sound of that. Sounds like you're all mine. Sounds like the sound of you losing... loser. mmmmmm."

But Dave's still not giving up. He grabs Jeff by the head and starts chewing on Jeff's left ear while he rakes his knuckles over the right side of Jeff's head. Jeff responds with a series of punches to Dave's wide open gut. But Dave wrestles Jeff onto his back and gives Jeff a taste of his own. 1...2...3...4... Jeff groans as his belly gets pounded. Dave rolls Jeff onto his stomach and wraps his right arm around Jeff's throat for a headlock, wrapping his thick thighs around Jeff's right arm. "This is gonna hurt you more than it hurts me." "OHHHHhhh you trying to be funny?" "Just stating way out. Give up." "" "I can hurt you like this all day. Submit to me. Say 'Dave you are the better man.'" "No. ohhhhhhh" Just then, a fortuitous bead of sweat begins stinging Dave's right eye. And just as he releases his headlock to wipe his eye, Jeff turns over, gets his arm loose and puts big Dave on his back.

In an instant, Jeff has Big Dave in a leg scissor wrapped around Dave's chest and he's got Dave's right arm locked up tight. "What were you saying about hurting me all day?" "OHHHHHhhhh." Jeff's scissor hold is squeezing Dave's chest like a bearhug. "I'll twist your arm right off. But pretty soon you won't be able to breathe after I crush all the air out of your lungs. Let's see what gives first... your arm or your lungs." "AAARRGGHHHHOHHHhhhhhhh.....OHHhhhhhh" "Come on. Tell Daddy you give up. Just say it and I'll let you go. Say it. Say it. Say" "AHHHHH I GIVE!"

Jeff rubs Dave's arm and then his chest to help ease the pain. Then he straddles Dave's big chest and takes his victory pose. "Hard fought match, buddy. Today, I'm the better man. I believe you owe me." Jeff takes his position over Dave's face, drops his briefs and slides it in. "Yeah, buddy. Your throat is mine today and it feels DAMN good. MMMMmmmmmmmmmm." Dave takes care of business and, truth be told, defeat didn't taste bad at all, "mmmmmmmmmm."

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AlphaFight- 1 Dave and Jeff

It's vacation time for Big Dave and wrestling is first on the agenda. Jeff in Ohio has been talking loads of trash so it's finally time to find out just who the alpha male is here. Jeff is taller but older and he's giving up over 50 lbs. Even though these are two tough guys, they both like to play. But that comes later. First comes the wrestling.

"How ya doin' old man?" Dave says as he approaches Jeff. "Well lookee here, it's Bob's Big Boy! What happened to your red and white overalls? You finally get too big for 'em?" "What the hell are you talking about?" "Bob's Big know...the fat boy statue holding up the big hamburger." "That's Shoney's." "Same thing. The point is you're fat." "Fat? Feel this gut...right here...solid." Jeff feels the big solid gut of Big Dave and then rears back and drives his fist into it. Dave lets out a slight huffing sound. "That all you got? You trying to hit me or tickle me? My turn." Dave throws a punch into the other man's gut and backs him up a little bit. "Hahaha, good one. Good stout fist you've got there, buddy." The two guys share a laugh and start getting Dave settled in.

"So you want to start this fight naked?" Dave takes a moment to ponder the question, "I was planning on ripping your trunks off and shoving them in your mouth, so let's start with trunks." "No, no you ain't ripping nothing off me when I got you flat on your back and begging me to plow your throat," Jeff says with a big grin. Dave comes back, "Yeah, you're gonna have to wait a little while before you get to tongue my cock. Although I'm starting to wonder if your mouth is gonna be big enough to handle me." As Dave playfully squeezes Jeff's cheeks, Jeff's hands move over Dave's pecs. "Wait, what's this?" "Don't worry, buddy. I'm just checking your sensitivity level. Hehe. I know all about these nips of yours. I know how Ray and Walt turned the big bear into a puppy dog." Dave's already moaning. "Yeah, buddy. I could put you down right now and make you beg but that would be too easy." Dave's knees are getting weak so Jeff grabs on to him and holds him up. Holding Big Dave is an instant turn on so they share a kiss that turns into a longer kiss.

Two hours later, the men are ready for the first of the three matches that they've planned. Jeff has access to an old gym in his part of town. "Okay Dave, you ready to wrestle?" Dave nods,"It's time to put a hurtin' on ya. Ready for your whoopin'?" With a stern look Jeff tells Dave, "Get serious." "I am. I'm gonna put you down, jobberboy." "Then let's go." The two bulls slam into each other, each grabbing the other man's arms.

After three minutes of struggling to stay on his feet and hold the heavier man back, Jeff locks on to Dave's left wrist and twists it into a hammerlock. "AAARRGGGHHHHHH" Jeff brings Dave on to his toes and then shoves him down to the mat. Jeff holds on to the hammerlock and wraps his right arm around Dave's throat while he lays on the big man's back. Jeff whispers in Dave's ear, "Did you think I was gonna be easy? I may be a little past my prime, but I'm strong!" Dave groans under the pressure and feels something hard rubbing on his ass. "OHHHHHHHhhh" "You want to give now or do you want me to break this arm?" Dave can't believe how quickly Jeff took control. "Mmmmmmm, your hot ass is turning me on big time. Go on, give in to Uncle Jeff. I love having you under me like this...all wrapped up with nowhere to go. I'm starting to grow on you. You get it? hehe You feel it? mmmmmmmm." Dave groans in reply, but he can't move. The hold on his arm and around his throat is too strong. How did it come to this? Getting beaten so fast by an older and lighter man... what happened? What..."Hey! Did you hear me, Big Boy? Do you give?" "I GIVE!" "Music to my ears."

Dave rolls over on to his back and Jeff sits on the big man's chest in a schoolboy pin. Jeff flexes over the beaten man. "Yeah! Feels good! Knew I could beat you. Now you know it too." Jeff lays on top of Dave and rubs his dick on Dave's. The trunks come down and the big dicks tangle. Then Jeff moves over Dave's face and slides it in. "MMMMMMMM you know what you're doing, don't you big fella."

Next day and it's time for the second match. Dave didn't like losing as quickly as he did yesterday but Jeff is a tough opponent. The older man had lost a lot of weight over the past couple of years but was a regular at his local gym and was in shape to give anybody a tough match. For today's match body punches were allowed and Dave hoped that might give him the edge he needed. "Come on! Get your butt over here." "Dave, relax. I've got all night to give you another beating." But Dave's ready now and moves in and lands a hard shot in Jeff's gut OOOOFFFF

"Alright. Let's go" Jeff returns the favor and they both start pounding the hell out of each other's guts. Then Dave manages to get a tight headlock on Jeff, grinds it in and takes Jeff down. Before he gets worn down Jeff uses his long arms to reach into Dave's trunks and start stroking. As Dave starts to squirm out of Jeff's grip, Jeff manages to gets his legs wrapped around Dave's stout belly. "OHHHHhhhhh." "Let's see you get out of this. I can crush a watermelon with my legs. Let's see how much you can take." "OHHHHHHHHhhhh."

Dave can't lose two straight matches so he digs deep, slowly pulling Jeff's legs apart and rolling free. The men get to their feet and trade some more jabs. Jeff lands a solid punch to Dave's chest but then receives a wicked uppercut to his gut. Dave moves in and locks on a tight bearhug trapping Jeff's arms to his sides. "You think you can hold me in this? We'll see." Jeff grunts out. But before Jeff has the chance to break the hold, Dave wants to deliver enough pain to get his submission. Dave yells,"You think you've got power. I'll show you some real power." Dave's arms and chest are crushing Jeff's body and Jeff is gasping for every bit of air he can get. AAARRGGHHHhhhh. Dave continues squeezing as sweat begins to flow. Jeff's not moving. "You give cocksucker?" Still nothing. Dave gives him another squeeze and leans back raising Jeff off his feet but it looks like Jeff is out. Dave needs a submission or a pin to win so he lets go.

"GOT YA." Jeff's hands lock on to Dave's pecs in a double claw hold. The power in Jeff's hands is immense and the pressure intense. Dave's hypersensitive nips have led to his defeat too often. If he doesn't break free quickly it's going to be all over and the match lost. "FUCK NO...NOT... THIS TIME..." Dave pulls at Jeff's wrists with all he's got. To avoid a head butt Jeff gets low but he's open for a knee to the gut which Dave delivers. OOOOOF. Dave chops down on the top of Jeff's wrists until he gets free of the claw holds.

Just as Dave is about to recover, Jeff connects with a killer gut punch that bends Dave over. "'s that feel, Big Boy?" Jeff grabs Dave by the chin to look him in the eyes. "It's all over." Jeff wraps his thighs around Dave's head and then gets his arms around the big man's belly. He leans back, lifts Dave's legs off the ground and piledrives the big Ranger's head into the mat. Big Dave groans as he is rolled over on to his back. "I knew you were all talk," Jeff says as he puts his foot on Dave's big chest. "Look here, tubby." Jeff flexes his big guns and then sits on Dave, pinning his arms over his head. "One...Two......"

AAAARRRRGHHHH Big Dave roars as he throws Jeff off to the side. Before Jeff can collect himself, Dave drops his big body on his opponent's back and applies a Full Nelson. Locking the Nelson firmly in place, "YEAH! WHO'S THE MAN?" Dave shouts. Jeff groans in response. There's nowhere for Jeff to go. "Say Uncle! Come on...give...GIVE!" "UNCLE!" Jeff moans as Dave releases the hold. After rubbing his dick on Jeff's ass, Dave is ready for his prize. Jeff gets to all fours as Dave stands in front of him and drops his trunks. Dave gets a hold of Jeff's whiskers to bring his face up to the right level. "Okay, punk. Make me happy." Jeff takes hold of Dave's rod and does just that.

The third and final match to determine who is the Alpha will be a fight - headshots allowed. In the hours leading up to it the two men have kept to themselves in order to forget about being buddies. For this match, they are opponents going for a knockout or submission for final bragging rights. The men approach each other wearing two things - a black jockstrap and a mouthguard. It's time to get it on.

"The longer you take to go down, the more I'm gonna hurt ya," Dave says matter of factly. "You're a pussy and you know it," Jeff replies. The men measure each other with jabs as they circle the other. Jeff uses his longer reach to smack a hard one on to Dave's chin. Jeff throws a right hook but Dave ducks, moves in and powerslams Jeff to the mat. Dave manages to drive his right fist into the side of Jeff's face before getting bucked off. Back on their feet, Dave lunges forward and takes a right to his jaw. Jeff follows that with a series of gut punches which get the big man backing up. At last, Dave grabs Jeff's left arm and twists it into a hammerlock. Dave gets him on his toes and then goes for a George The Animal Steele "Flying Hammerlock." AAGGHHHH The pain is intense. After holding Jeff up in the air for a few moments, he throws him to the ground and follows with a knee to the midsection.

Dave breathes heavily as Jeff lays at his feet. "It's over." Dave wraps his legs around his opponents throat while shoving his crotch into Jeff's face. "Smell that? That's the sweet smell of defeat, Big Daddy." Jeff reaches for Dave's balls but Dave quickly takes control of that arm. But then Jeff manages to twist and turn and get Dave on to his back. Then Jeff gets Dave's legs lifted and punches Dave's balls. "OHHHHHHH." Still holding on to Dave's legs, he rolls Dave over and sits down into a Boston Crab. But before he can get it locked in, Dave kicks out to free himself from certain submission. Dave rolls off to the side. "You can run but you can't hideAAARRGGHHH," Jeff wails as Dave returns the favor, delivering an uppercut right into Jeff's crotch.

"It's time to end this shit." Dave hauls Jeff up onto his shoulders for a torture rack! "AGGHHHhh." "This is for punching me in the balls!" "AAGGHHHH." "And this is for making me drink your cheap-ass beer!" "AAAGGHHHHHHHhh." "And this is for..." But Jeff manages to punch Dave in the back of the head and shake himself free and on to his feet behind Dave. Without turning around, Dave kicks his leg out and catches Jeff square in the gut. "OOOOF." Jeff manages to stay on his feet and fire a kick into Dave's left thigh. As Dave goes down to his knees, Jeff moves in to knock him out but instead receives a brutal shot to his gut. Both men face each other on their knees and start trading haymakers, each trying to outlast the other.

Dave screams, "YOU'RE DONE, GIVE IT UP!" as he connects with another blow to Jeff's head. "FUCK YOU! YOUR FAT ASS IS MINE!" Jeff shouts as he punches Dave in the mouth. AAGGHHHHHHHH - The fists keep flying for 5 minutes until both men are hanging on to the other to keep from falling over. At last Dave falls backward with Jeff on top off him. But nobody's counting. A minute passes and Jeff rolls off to the side with Dave rolling over on top of him...still no count. Finally, both men are flat on their back and out cold.

A half hour later, Jeff wakes up and sees Dave. "Hey. Wake up. Wake up." "What? Did I win?" Jeff tells his buddy, "I think we beat each other silly. I just woke up. You want to fight some more?" "Fuck no. My head hurts like hell." Jeff says,"So who won?" Dave thinks about it, "You woke up first. I guess you did." "No, no that's not winning. That's just not losing." Dave gives Jeff a shove, "I say you won!" "Fuck you, man. You won!" The men roll around on the floor until Dave gets Jeff wrapped up in a bearhug. "I submit." "Wait a minute," Dave says. "I didn't even ask you." "Doesn't matter, I just submitted!" Dave shakes his head and says, "Fuck this. Let's go shower off and go to bed." "I'm with you buddy." So the two men lumber off to the shower before hitting the hay for about as much hot sex as two men can manage after just beating the fuck out of each other.

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Paul - A Comic Erotic Fight Fantasy

Paul is just not into guys. But he knows how much he turns me on. That's why we have kind of an arrangement. His wife loves to watch him beat down other men. It drives her crazy. So the only way I can get to Paul is to fight him for his wife. I never win but then we all sort of take that for granted. I don't want to win but I make a good show of it. Even if I wanted to win, Paul would never let that happen. He and I are both in our forties but that's where the similarity ends. I'm 5'8" and 195 lbs and reasonably fit. Paul, on the other hand, is 5'11", 265 lbs. with a grip like a gorilla. There's very little hair on his head but there's plenty on his awesome chest. His big arms and belly give him the look of a hot powerlifter. When Paul calls, I'm ready.

And Paul called today. "Yeah, Paul. How's it going?...Oh? Your wife is ready to see you taken down, is she?...Hehe...You're going to kick my ass?...Yeah, right...Tomorrow night around 9?...Yeah, that'll work...Cool. I'll see you then." HELL YEAH. I've got a date, I mean, I get to wrestle Paul tomorrow. FUCKING AWESOME!! I've just got to remind him - body shots only. Last time things got a little crazy. It was still worth it but I don't want to spend the next week looking like I drove my car into a tree.

I arrive at Paul's house at 9 sharp. Paul opens the door. "What's up, Danny?" "Paul, how's it going? You ready to get pinned?" Paul smiles with his round face and close cut beard and shows me into the living room where we usually have our matches. "My wife is excited. She's really been looking forward to our fight. You know how she is." "Yes, she does enjoy a good fight. Or at least she enjoys seeing you dominate me. Ha! But I'll be winning tonight, my friend." "Oh yeah? How? You bring a tazer with you or maybe you plan on putting me to sleep with your jokes?" I poke him in the ribs and we have a little laugh. Then his wife enters the room wearing her sexy pink nightgown. "Hi Danny, hope you're ready to give Paul a good tussle tonight. My big teddy bear needs some exercise. Right, hon'?" She runs her hand over my arm before giving Paul a long kiss.

"Okay boys, let's get started." As usual I strip down to my briefs first. Then his wife likes me to strip Paul down. He's never been too comfortable with this but Paul will do just about anything for her. Usually Paul closes his eyes. I try not to linger but it's just impossible for me to speed through it. Unfortunately all he's wearing tonight is just a t-shirt and shorts over his briefs. So I lift his big arms up and grab the bottom of his shirt. I start lifting the shirt up. I see his wife sitting on the couch enjoying the show. I get Paul's shirt up to his beefy hairy pecs. As always, I pause and take a deep breath. My hands brush against his pecs, slightly moving them. I'm going to bonetown. There's no hiding it.

I get his shirt off and then get my hand under the waitband of his shorts. I don't want to risk spoiling a good thing so I avoid brushing my hand against his big dick. I get his shorts off and he stands there in his dark blue briefs - HOT! Now comes the pose off. We stand in front of his wife, facing each other. He flexes his huge muscles and I do what I can. I look into his eyes as he growls at me like the hairy beast that he is. The flexing ends WAY too quickly when the wife says, "FIGHT!"

We lock up. "Remember Paul, no head shots. Right?" "Grrrrrrrr." I grab a leg for a takedown. I love wrapping my hands around his - BAM! Paul brings both his fists down on my back in a double axhandle sending me to the floor which shocks me back to the fact that, yeah, this is a fight. Paul reaches down to me and I grab his right arm and pull him down into a armbar. "AAhh." "How you like that?" "GRRRRR." I drop my right leg on to his chest. He grabs my foot with his left hand and gives it a twist. "OWWWW!" I roll away to see if my ankle is broken.

Almost immediately I'm being lifted in a full nelson. He's got his big hands on the back of my head and he's leaning back. My feet are off the floor as he bounces me around. "Hehe, got you again, lightweight." Mmmmm love feeling his furry body on my back and his biceps under my arms mmmmm"OWWWW." "You're not falling asleep on me? Are ya, Dan the little man." "AAAaahh." Paul throws me on the floor and falls on top of me. He smothers me with his hairy chest over my face - ohmygodohmygodohmygod... I wrap my arms around him trying to keep him from moving but he slides forward to cover my face with his belly. I wonder if he can feel my tongue. I can't breathe but who gives a fuck. With his big dick on my chest, this is how I want to go. But then he gets up to do some flexing over me. He's got his foot on my chest. He looks like a chubby god. His wife is squealing at the sight of her big man, "More, baby, more!"

"GRRrrrrrrr." Paul pulls me to my feet and wraps his big arms around me. HELL YEAH! Time for a BEAR HUG! "Grrrrrr. How's it feel getting crushed by a REAL man?" I groan in response but it feels SO - damn - good. His stout hairy pecs and his round firm belly feel like the summer sands at Waikiki - if sand was furry. I rub my hands over his bald head and pound on his beefy shoulders. He's not trying to crush me but his hold is tight. I love feeling his warmth and his incredible nips on my body. I think I'm shuddering with delight. He lifts my feet off the ground. Our faces are cheek to cheek.

Being held in his bearhug is just the best. It's like I'm not even here. I'm in a happy place where absolutely nothing exists but happiness. Then he gives me another squeeze and moves me across his big chest. His breathing, his heartbeat and his sweat are mesmerizing. I am so fucking hard right now. He's cool with that and if I'm not mistaken, did my leg just brush across a boner? mmmmmmm It doesn't get any better than this, but I've got to keep this match interesting for Paul. I get my hands on his ears and squeeze 'em. That really annoys him. He releases the hug and I stumble backwards.

I run in and drive my head into his gut. I get him down on his back, turn and sit on his upper chest. "Yeah, it's my turn now, mutherfucker." I start dropping punches into his big solid gut. After doing most of the work so far, now he's just taking a breather. With a gut like his I can put everything I've got into my punches - he can take it. The wife is on the edge of her seat, lovin' it. Then I spin around and put claw holds on both of his pecs. And yeah, maybe I add a little nip massage - whatever. "Let's see how much of this you can take big man!" Precum is out of control! Time to go for a pin. I lay down on him in a full body pin - dreams come true. He starts moving so I sit on his belly and grab his biceps to pin his arms down. He starts bouncing his biceps just to taunt me.

I count him out, 1...2... and then he starts pushing up on my arms. He sits up. I try pushing him back down but he locks on to my hands. It turns into a test of strength - or more like a show of his muscle. Slowly he gets to his knees and then to his feet. And then slowly I go to my knees. I look up at his incredible chest - drool. He gives me a shove backwards. He sneers, "Come on boy, give me your best shot." So I get up and start throwing punches into his body. Left, right, left, right into his pecs and gut with all I've got. But 'all I've got' just tickles the big bastard and he just giggles. Then it's his turn. "OOOOFFFF." I start to go down. "No, no. Stay on your feet." He holds me up for one more and with a big open handed SMACK to my chest, I drop to the floor.

I live for his finishing moves - with his legs over my arms and his crotch in my face, he starts slapping me around. "Who's your daddy? Come on boy. Who's your daddy?" He gets up and gives me a full body splash. "OOOOOOOFFF." He grabs my head and locks his big right arm around me, rubbing my face into his chest hair. He's got to know what this does to me. I don't care - I just want it to go on and on. He hip tosses me down on to my back and stands over me. "GRRRRRRR." He gives me a little foot stomp into my gut. "OOOFF." He taps my face with his right foot a few times. "You done boy? You done?" "Fuck you, fat boy." I can't believe I said that, but it has the desired effect. With a little shock on his face, he falls on me with a full 265 lb body splash. "OOOOOOOFFF." And again..."OOOOOFFF." And again..."OOOOOOFFF." As much as I love his body, if he hits me with it again I'm going to be a fucking pancake.

"STOP! I GIVE, Paul. You win." He sits down with his crotch in my face again and flexes over me. I think his wife is feeling his biceps but all I'm looking at is his crotch. Then she says, "Lift him." "You got it." I know what that means - GORILLA PRESS! "Okay boy, up you go." With his hand under my crotch he easily hoists me up on to his bald head. "WHO'S THE MAN?" Up I go over his head. The wife screams with delight. Getting held above Paul's head is so awesome. I could stay here forever. But his hand near my hard dick is about to send me over the edge. He presses me 4 times and then sets me on my feet.

"Excuse me," I say. "Need to go 'relieve' myself." But suddenly Paul's hand is on my shoulder and I'm not moving. "Yeah, bud, see...the wife wants to see us do something new." "Okay, sure. What's that?" "She wants us to jerk each other off." I swallow hard...try to control my breathing...don't want to hyperventilate...yeah, I seem to be awake...this is real. "Sure, Paul. We can do that." OH FUCK YEAH! !!! Needless to say I shot on the first stroke. The moment he pulls his briefs down my hand is on his rod and I'm stroking it like a mad man. "MMMMM." "DAMN! Dan, take it easy!" "Sorry...mmmmmmmm."

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Fight Night 4 - Back to Butte

–Western Fight Fiction ----[–
Deputy Joe thought he was okay working with Sheriff Dave. After the previous Sheriff had got his self killed, Joe had filled in as acting Sheriff until the town council hired Dave. Joe was also up for the job. But it seems the council didn't think he was nothin' more than a Deputy. Dave was a good man but Joe just couldn't let it go...the job should have been his.

"Come on Joe, what's the problem? You've been in a foul mood all week. What is it?" Joe looks at Dave and wonders how he could ask him that. Dave knows he wanted this job. Joe shakes his head, "There's nothing to talk about." "Yeah, well we are talking about it so whatever 'it' is needs to come out so we can get it over with." "Fine, if you're too thick headed to figure it out I'll tell you. You're wearing my badge! I'm the man who ought to be Sheriff." "If it was up to me you would be a Sheriff but what do you want from me? We both applied and I got the job. That's all there is to it." "But I've been here most of my life. Everybody knows me!" "Well maybe that's just it. People get used to what a man's been and sometimes it's hard to make them see you as something else. Sometimes you've just got to pack up and go someplace else...someplace where you're not a familiar face and you can be whatever you want to be."

Joe isn't hearing this the way Dave intended, "So you're saying I should leave town? If I don't like it here I should just go? I'm a better man than you Dave Sexton and I'm going to prove it. And when I do, everyone will see that I'm the one who ought to be Sheriff and you ought to get the fuck out of Butte." "Joe, just cool down. What are you talking about?" "I'll tell you what! Saturday night, in the and me will fight to see who's the better man. And when I beat you in front of the whole town, everybody will see that making you Sheriff was a mistake!" "Joe, you're younger but I've got 100 lbs on you. It wouldn't be a fair fight." "Hey, if you're too fat to fight me that's you're problem. Just show up Saturday night, unless you want to be known as a coward."

Joe walks out the door leaving Dave to wonder - is he serious? This could be fun having a rassle with Joe in the saloon. But if I lose, what then? Will the people want Joe as their Sheriff. And if I win, is Joe going to go back to being deputy or will he leave? I think I need a beer. Maybe Dick over at the Saloon can help me out.

Listening to Dick the bartender usually works out pretty well. "Dave, just give it time. Joe will calm down." "I don't know, he seemed pretty riled up. I really think he wants to be Sheriff." "Tell you what, Dave, just give Joe a good fight. But let him win so he'll feel good about himself. You're the Sheriff and that's all there is to it. If Joe still wants to be a Sheriff, let him move on. There's plenty of other places he can go... Idaho or Wyoming or someplace else...maybe even Alaska!" "Yeah, maybe you're right. Although I can't imagine anybody living long in Alaska. I hear there's nothin' up there but bears and mosquitos." After downing a quick beer Sheriff Dave proceeds to make his rounds.

A short while later Joe comes in and walks up to the bar. "Joe, what's seems to be the trouble? You look all wound up." "Dick - You ever feel like people just look right through you...kind of take you for granted?" "I work behind a bar. That's kind of what I do." "What I'm sayin' I look like a Sheriff? What's wrong with me? Why'd they hire that guy from out of town when I've been here for years? Can't I do the job?" "Joe, Joe, relax...give it time. You know what they say. The grass is always hiring a guy from out of town...they figured they got somebody from the greener know, from the other side." "What the fuck did you just say? Nevermind." Joe moves to a table to chat up a friend.

Dave has a tough time getting to sleep that night. Is this problem with Joe going to ruin things here in Butte? Nah, Dick's right. Joe just needs to work off some frustrations. Having a rassle with Joe ought to be fun. But being in a public place, the issue of either one of them getting embarassed is troublesome...just got to make sure things don't get too serious. Dave tosses and turns a few dozen times before finally dozing off. Dave dreams of sex and the wide open west. He dreams of the people who he's loved and those he left behind in Illinois. But the possibilities here in his new life don't trouble him...instead, they're exciting.

It's Saturday night and a large crowd has come out for the fight. Dick the Bartender enters the makeshift ring to make the announcements. "Okay everyone, we're going to have us a little fight tonight. To my left, our Deputy Sheriff, a fine young man of 6'0" and 185 lbs...Joe!" Joe gets a nice round of applause. And to my right, the Sheriff of our fair city, who single handedly put the Buchanans behind bars, a man in the prime of life, standing 5'10" and weighing a solid 290 lbs...Sheriff Dave!" Lots of cheers and whistles greet Dave's name. "Men, shake hands and let's have a good clean fight."

Both men are shirtless with Sheriff Dave wearing suspenders. "Dave, it's nothing personal. I've just got something to prove." "Let's just have a good time and give the folks a little show, Joe." Joe moves in, ties up with Dave and immediately gets Dave in a hammerlock. He sends the big Sheriff down on to the floor, sits on Dave's back and pulls up on the locked arm. "AAAaahhhhh." Dave tries pushing up but Joe hits him in the back of the head with an elbow. "OOOHHhhh." Joe gives Dave's arm another pull and sends a series of punches to the back of his bicep. "AAAAgghh." Joe steps on Dave's back and then walks around yelling at the crowd, "YOU SEE! THE MAN OUTWEIGHS ME BY 100 POUNDS AND I SHOVED HIS FACE IN THE FLOOR. WHO'S THE BETTER MAN?"

Sheriff Dave gets to his feet and dusts himself off. He walks up behind Joe and just as he's within reach, Joe spins around and lands a left to Dave's jaw. Joe grabs Dave's suspenders and hits him with a knee to the gut. "OOOOFFFFF." As Dave bends over, Joe wraps his legs around the big man's head and takes him back down to the floor. With Dave bent over on his knees, Joe pounds him in the back with both fists. Joe gets his legs around Dave's throat and grabs Dave's hair, pulling him over on to his side. "UUUGHHhhh AAAhhhh." "Come on, big man. Show some fight." Dave manages to shake free of Joe's hold and grabbing Joe by the waist band of his pants, Dave connects with a solid punch to the gut. "OOOOFF." The power in Dave's fist catches Joe by surprise. He attempts to back away but Dave grabs him and gets him wrapped up in a full nelson. Dave whispers in his ear, "Simmer down, Joe. You've proved your point." "I'll tell you when I'm done proving my point." Joe kicks back into Dave's shin. The big man releases him and groans in pain.

Joe lands two fists to Dave's gut and then catches the Sheriff's jaw with a right. Dave backs up into the ropes seeming to be on the defensive. Then the big man lunges forward and surprises Joe, catching the smaller man in a bearhug. Joe twists around turning it into a reverse bearhug. Dave lifts the lighter man off his feet and then falls forward, pinning Joe underneath. Dave gets his legs around Joe's. "AAAAAARRGHHHH" Joe screams in frustration, unable to break free of Dave's grip. Joe is trapped inside Dave's grasp. Dave thinks of letting Joe win but he just can't. The people wouldn't like it and Joe would know if he let him win. Dave squeezes with both his arms and legs. He rolls from side to side with Joe locked up tight. With Joe offering no resistance, Dave releases him.

Sheriff Dave gets Joe in a school boy pin. Dick the bartender comes over to count. "1...2...3. THE WINNER...SHERIFF DAVE SEXTON!" The crowd erupts in a big cheer for Dave. Dave tries to help Joe to his feet but the Deputy brushes Dave aside and makes his way to the door. The men in the saloon gather around Dave. Some want to feel the big man's muscles. "Show us your muscles, Sheriff Dave!" "Yeah! Let's see!" Dave obliges and flexes for the crowd drawing hoots of appreciation. A couple of the Saloon girls give him a kiss and run their hands over Dave's big pecs.

After a couple of beers, Dave heads back to his house. Once inside, he finds someone waiting for him. "Joe...I didn't hurt you did I?" "Let's wrestle." "What?" "I wanted to prove to everybody that I could face a man like you. Now I'm gonna prove to you that I can beat you." "Come on Joe. We don't have to..." "Yeah... we do." The still shirtless men lock up again in Dave's large front room. Dave shoves Joe to the floor. Joe gets up and throws a right cross. Dave catches the fist and then takes a knee to the gut. Joe fails in trying to take Dave down and then attempts a headlock but winds up caught in Dave's bearhug.

"Give up Joe. There's no way out." "Maybe I don't want out." Joe's hands move up onto Dave's pecs and grab hold of his nips. Dave tries squeezing Joe more closely into his chest but Joe's grip tightens. "AAHhhh." Dave begins weakening. "AAAHhh." And then, as the minutes pass, Dave drops his arms down. Joe then wraps his arms around Dave and kisses him full on the mouth. Joe lowers Dave to the floor and lays on top of the big man. Dave returns the kiss with a passion. After getting his pants off and helping Dave with his pants and suspenders, the naked men move to the bedroom where the next 2 hours are spent getting to know each other in every way.

Sitting on Dave's belly, Joe gets Dave's arms pinned over his head and counts out "1..2..3. See...I told you I could beat you." "What are we gonna do, Joe? You can't leave. Maybe I can get the council to give you a raise!" Joe lays down beside Dave. "If I stay, then what? People will talk." "People always talk. And eventually, they talk about something else. You've got to do what you want, regardless." After a few moments thought, caressing Dave's sore nips, Joe finally says, "Well fuck it. I'm too tired to think about what happens next. Who knows? Maybe in a few weeks you'll be ready to buy me a ticket on the next stagecoach out of here!" Joe's words are good enough for Dave, "Put your arm around me buddy. Let's just enjoy the happy and fuck the rest." "Okay Dave, I think I can handle that. C'mere."

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