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They Fight For Help - a Very short story

Alec has been quite concerned about his friend Bob's state of mind lately. He knocks on the door, "Bob, open the door. Let me in.." There's no response after several minutes but Alec isn't leaving. He knows that Bob's home. At last the door opens. "Alec. What's up." "You didn't show up last night. You said you'd be over. And I know you've been missing a lot of work lately. Talk to me. Let me in." Bob looks at Alec and thinks -same old same old.

"Look at you...big man...the 'Helper'." Bob returns to his chair. Alec stands in front of him. As usual Bob isn't feeling too sociable, "You want to know what you can do? You can leave me the fuck alone." Alec looks at his friend. It's difficult to say the 'right' thing when all that Bob can see is what's wrong. Like many, Alec has visited the dark place. He knows the tunnel vision that can develop when all possibilities seem impossible - the negative leaving no room for the positive. "Bob, I want you to talk to me."

"Get out! happy? I talked. Get out!" But Alec isn't moving. He remains standing and tells Bob, "Get up. If you want me out then get up and put me out." Bob's the taller of the two men but knows Alec to be much stronger and more highly skilled in a fight. "I'm not going to fight you, Alec." "You will fight me. I'm standing right here. What are you going to do?"

With surprise being his only advantage, Bob throws himself at the shorter man. He takes Alec to the floor. Sitting astride of Alec, Bob throws a left and a right at Alec's face. But Alec grabs both of Bob's fists. Struggling in Alec's vice-like grip, Bob grunts, "Why are you really here? What do you really want? What am I to you?" Alec yells back, "This isn't about you! What kind of man would I be if I turned my back on you? That's not who I am. If I could not fight, I believe you would fight for me." Bob slips free and grabs Alec from behind, throwing the stout little man backwards. Just before a foot is planted in his stomach, Alec grabs Bob's leg and twists him down into a single leg Boston crab. "Admit that you would fight for me! I know you would!" "AAAARRGGGHHHH LET GO!"

Alec releases the hold only to find himself caught in a scissor hold locked tight onto his belly. Bob goes for an armbar but can't hold on to Alec's left arm. Alec's thickly muscled torso resists the pressure of the leg scissors. Both men get to their feet. Bob wraps up his opponent in a bearhug and tries dragging him toward the door. "I told you I'm not leaving!" Alec gets his own arms locked on to Bob in a bearhug battle. The 235 lb Alec quickly takes control. Bob struggles to escape from his adversary's hold. But soon it becomes clear that isn't going to happen. "Okay, okay, let go...we'll talk." And just as the bearhug is released Bob punches Alec with a right to the face and follows with a couple of left hooks to the ribs.

Then Alec gets trapped in a full nelson. But lifting weights for 30 years comes in handy as Alec powers out of the hold. Alec turns and bodyslams Bob on to the floor. Before he can regain his breath and move, Alec covers Bob in a schoolboy pin. "I won't let you up until you agree to talk to me." "Talk, talk, fucking talk... what for? What does it change?" "It changes nothing. But if I can understand you, I can help you see from my point of view. And maybe then we can see a way to find what you need." Alec pulls his friend up onto his feet. And as they hold each other, they begin to talk.

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Getting A Bud To Fight A Bubba

An Erotic Fight Story - For Those So Inclined

I was over in Flagstaff and I wrestled this hairy, young chub from Texas who went by the name of Bubba. After living in the South most of my life I had never met a Bubba, but there he was. He's about 5'10" and at least 270 lbs. with a round face and thick neck. I wrestled him because he was kind of hot with a heavy coat of red hair over his chest. He must still be in his 20's. He may not be too bright but he is damn strong. I thought I could handle him...I couldn't. He pinned me 3 times and then toyed with me for another 30 minutes before he put his fat cock in my mouth. I left there battered and bruised. So I went to see a friend of mine. Tony's about 5'8", 225 lbs and stays in great shape.

"Well what do you want me to do about it?" "Come on, Tony. This guy needs his ass kicked and I know you can do it. And once you see him, you're gonna want to do it. He's got a smart mouth on him and when I told him what you could do to him he said, 'A 63 year old man is gonna beat me? Tell Gramps that if he wants to get bitch-slapped to bring his wrinkly ass on down here.' That's exactly what he said. Come on, it'll be fun."

I can tell that Tony's still not convinced so I say, "There's another reason you need to fight him." "Oh? What's that?" "Because if you can beat Bubba, I am going to be so turned on. I can't think of anything hotter than the sight of you making that big redneck submit. Now, what do you say?"

Saturday night arrives and we're on the way to Bubba's backyard. It's well lit and he's got no next door neighbors so anything goes. The already stripped down Bubba sees us walk up, "You fools ready to do this?" His chubby face breaks into a smile as he rubs his dick. As Tony gets naked I give him a smack on the ass. "Get him, Tony!" Bubba's belly jiggles as he laughs. "I'm gonna hurt you so bad!" he says in his squeaky, high voice. Tony looks at me and says, "Yeah, he's big...and he's sexy!"

The two men stride toward each other. With surprising speed, Bubba dives at Tony and tackles him down. The big boy then gets up and drops an elbow across Tony's chest like Dusty Rhodes. Quickly, Tony rolls away and shakes off the pain. "Told you I was gonna hurt you Granpa!" "Don't Granpa me, tubby!" Bubba is too confident and walks right into a hip-toss. Tony wastes no time. While he's still down Tony jumps on his back and grab his legs in a Boston Crab.

AAAAGGHHHHH He's got Bubba howling. My "old" buddy leans back and ramps up the pressure on Bubba's back. "Get off me old man!" After giving his legs another hard tug, Tony lets him get to his knees and then grabs his hair and starts punching his face repeatedly. Bubba is already dazed but manages to shove Tony away. "You got him Tony," I yell. Don't let him up! But Bubba gets to his feet and wraps my bud up in a bearhug. He tries crushing the older man into his hairy chest but Tony's arms are free. After adjusting to the tight squeeze Tony stuns Bubba with a few short rights to the face. After getting his hands under Bubba's chubby chins, Tony manages to break the hold. "YEAH!" I cheer Tony on. "TAKE HIM DOWN, TONY!"

With Bubba off balance, Tony grabs him in a single leg take down. Holding on to his leg and driving his right knee into Bubba's balls and leaving it there. Bubba is screaming in pain. Tony's got the big man under control. Tony straddles the big man's chest and drives a couple of punches into his face. I think that Bubba's ready to give but Tony's not done yet. After letting big Bubba up, the big boy throws himself at Tony but catches a knee to his gut. The big man bends over in pain. Tony grabs his hair and hits him with a hard forearm to the chin. Tony's ready to do a little boxing. He throws some jabs into the big man's face and a powerful uppercut into the chub's unguarded belly. Bubba swings wildly and misses. Tony knows the fight is his and flashes me a quick smile.

I'm loving what I'm seeing, "HE'S ALL YOURS, TONY. TAKE HIM OUT!" Bubba stumbles around getting hit by a dozen punches. It looks like Tony's trying to cover his big body in bruises. After the big man leans in for a clinch, Tony puts his arm between the big boy's legs and lifts the 270 chub. I am so turned on. Tony holds Bubba up, calls me over and yells, "PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE! KNOCK HIM OUT!" So with the big man in Tony's arms, I rear back and punch his lights out. Then my hot friend slams Bubba down on the hard ground. I taunt the fat bastard, "YEAH! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT! YOU JUST GOT SLAMMED BY AN 'OLD MAN!' "

Bubba is flat on his back and out cold. Tony proudly puts his foot on Bubba's big chest and flexes his biceps for me. After having his way with the fat boy's ass, Tony and I use his big, furry body like a water bed and make out for the next hour. When Bubba comes to, Tony gives him a big kiss and starts stroking the big boy's fat cock. Bubba reaches over and starts stroking mine as I run my hands over the thick red fur on his chest. As we lay on top of Big Bubba I tell Tony, "See, I told you this was gonna be fun!"

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Fantasies and Fetishes

" is a social network and personals site for people who share an interest in anything related to wrestling, fighting or the people who do it."
Seems like some people on this site have a problem sharing. They see this site as the exclusive domain of those who have the ways and means to feed their need for actual boxing and wrestling. Some of these people box and wrestle to a point that it seems almost an addiction. But if they're enjoying themselves and not hurting anyone then more power to them. A lot of the men who engage in actual boxing and wrestling also have fun with pro-wrestling matches. A pro match may not always be a fetish but it is clearly a fantasy enactment.

While greed may be the main cause for the problems of the world, fanaticism is a close second. There are those who preach the purity of their vision while also condemning those won't or can't follow them. You don't have to be religious in order to be a fanatic. All it takes is to be one who calls a place their own and has no tolerance for those who do not fit their mold.

I know there are those on this site who view fantasy in story or cybermatch form to be beneath them and consider themselves better than those who do enjoy such fantasy. I've spoken to such people. They get all the reality that they need and have no need for fantasy. Good for them. But it doesn't make them better than those who do. I've said my piece and no doubt some will disagree.

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The Ranger vs The Sao Paolo Strongman

The Big Ranger was looking for another challenge and he got one. The email came to him from a man he'd been itching to fight. They'd gone back and forth about who was the better man and who would do what to whom. At last a time and place had been set. The 300 lb, 6ft tall Dave from Alaska would meet the challenger from South America - a shorter man but one packing plenty of muscle and fighting skill.

About 5'6" and weighing 235 lbs, Alec would be looking up at Ranger Dave and giving away a lot of weight. Alec had fought big men before and was confident in his ability to handle this big man. Against most men, the little big man from Brazil might simply overpower his foe. Against the challenge of Ranger Dave, he would need all his experience from a lifetime of wrestling and jiu-jitsu.

Dave knew what he was getting into. He was well aware of Alec's fighting prowess and knew that being the stronger man wouldn't guarantee his victory. Dave also had a lifetime of wrestling experiences to draw upon and there was no way he was going to let the little man beat him. He may have lost to a much smaller man before, but this time would be different.

They'd decided to meet at a private mat room in Dallas- just two men, a camera for video and a need for dominance. The big Alaskan bear and the diminutive but powerfully built strongman from Brazil wear nothing but jock straps- Dave in red, with Alec in green. Standing 10 feet apart, the two warriors face each other. Staring into each other's eyes, they look for a sign of doubt or fear in the other man. They find none. At the agreed upon time of 8 PM, a buzzer sounds. Now they will fight in any way they choose until one man submits or cannot continue. With no collar, sleeves, or belt to grab hold of, this is more of a street fight than a jiu jitsu match. But the little man from Sao Paolo has other ways to take the big man down.

"I'll try not to hurt you, little man," Dave says as he smacks his right fist into his left hand. The Brazilian responds "And I'll try not to hurt you, big man." The two men tie up, struggling to gain the upper hand. Big Dave keeps a wide stance in order to avoid being taken off balance by his highly skilled opponent. Dave knows that the Brazilian wants to take the fight down to the mat.

With shocking speed for a big man, Dave moves in and lands a right to the face, grabs Alec's waist band and delivers a solid punch to the gut. The two blows would have done real damage to many men, but the Brazilian is solid muscle. Dave wraps his left arm around Alec's throat but can't hold on as the pocket Hercules slips free. Alec moves back but quickly Dave grabs his right arm and pulls him in for a bearhug. The pressure the huge man creates is immense. Dave's big arms squeeze the smaller man into his big hard body. Dave lifts Alec off the ground but Alec grabs hold of the big Ranger's head to deliver a stunning headbutt. Freed from the bearhug Alec grabs Dave's right leg and takes him down. From a side mount Alec drives his knees into Dave's side and rams his elbows into the Ranger's pecs and belly. Dave shoves Alec off with an elbow to the chest and then shoves Alec's face into the mat.

The men get to their feet and Big Dave connects with a hard elbow to Alec's face. The Ranger is able to lift the smaller man up and drive him down across his knee in a backbreaker. Dave follows with four powerful elbows to Alec's gut. Alec slides onto the floor only to receive a hard stomp from Dave's big right foot. Brimming with confidence, Dave drops his foot onto Alec's body again and leaves it there, leaning his 300 pounds down onto the smaller man's belly. Sure of his victory, Dave poses over the Brazilian, "You're beat, little man. Admit it." Alec groans under the big man's weight. But incredibly, he manages to lift Dave's foot up and shove the big man off.

Alec tackles Dave down and attempts an Americana arm lock but Dave breaks free. He uses his arms and legs to try to wrap up Dave's arms in a mounted crucifix but Dave bucks him off. As Dave gets to his feet, Alec applies a full nelson. With his muscular arms, this should be all Alec needs to finish Dave off. But the Big Bear powers out of Alec's grasp. The minutes pass and still neither man is weakening.

Repeatedly, the powerful Brazilian attempts to apply joint and compression locks on to Big Dave. The Big Ranger's huge arms, wrists and legs aid him in evading the submission holds. Back on their feet, Alec connects with a kick to Dave's thigh but then absorbs a monstrous left hook to the ribs. Back and forth they go, in and out of each other's grasp, trading punches and kicks. Then, Big Dave manages to grab the shorter man up and powerslams him down to the mat. The pain in Alec's back is intense but he refuses to give in to it. Dave rolls the smaller man on to his belly and applies a reverse bearhug. "GIVE UP YOU FUCKIN' MIDGET!" But Alec is still too strong to submit to his huge adversary. Dave sits on Alec's back, puts his two hands on the back of the Brazilian's head and shoves his opponents face into the mat. He then drives a knuckle into the side of Alec's head.

Dave manages to place a scissor hold around Alec's midsection. But just as quickly Alec rolls him on to his back and deliver a series of powerful fists into Dave's belly. The blows free Alec from Dave's legs. From Dave's right side, Alec gets his right knee onto Dave's belly causing the big man to push at the knee with his left hand - just what Alec wants. Attempting the Kimura, Alec takes Dave's left wrist and pushes it onto the mat with his right hand. Then Alec takes his left hand and, reaching under Dave's left bicep, grabs his own right wrist. All Alec needs to do is bring his left leg over Dave's face to complete the joint lock. But suddenly Dave is able to shake free of Alec's grip and throw the Brazilian off to the side.

As Dave approaches, Alec drives his foot into the big man's belly and follows with a kick to the knee. He then tries to hip toss Dave but the big Ranger blocks it and tosses Alec to the mat.
Dave gets on top and wraps his huge fists around his opponent's neck. Dave's quickness and agility continue to surprise the smaller man. Dave's grip is quickly cutting off Alec's air supply. But Alec's own powerful arms break Dave's stranglehold. In an attempt to drive Alec's back into the mat, Dave picks him up for a powerbomb. But Alec grabs the big man's right arm. And as the men reach the mat, Alec brings Dave's right arm between his legs. He then rolls Dave forward while kicking Dave's left thigh backwards and twisting Dave's arm behind his back. Alec then sits up to apply the pressure to the back of Dave's arm and shoulder in the Omoplata joint lock!...AAAAAGGGHHHHHHH With Alec's 235 lbs pushing down on the back of his arm, Dave's face is planted into the mat sending waves of pain through the big man's upper body. AAAGGGHHHHHHH "DO YOU SUBMIT?" AAAAGGGHHHHHHuuuhhh "DO YOU SUBMIT?" AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH "YES!..YES!.." the big man moans. ".... I SUBMIT!" And with a heavy groan, it's over. Alec has won.

After eighty minutes of battle, the two wrestlers are slick with sweat. Big Ranger Dave is completely drained and has finally submitted to the Sao Paolo Strongman. As Alec releases his hold, Dave rolls over onto his back, breathing deeply to recover. Alec covers his opponent and rests his head on the chest of the big Alaskan Bear. This has been one of the toughest fights he's ever had and his victory must be savored. Alec stands, removes his jock strap, and then removes that of his defeated opponent, revealing both of their rising cocks. He places his right foot on the Big Bear's chest and flexes his biceps in triumph over the fallen warrior. Big Dave looks up at the victor with a nod of respect.

A bond has been created here. Alec lays on top of the Ranger, pressing his cock on to that of the beaten man. The sweat drenched men rub their cocks together until both are rock hard. Gently squeezing big Dave's pecs, Alec slides over the big man's belly. He kisses the big man's nips and then slides back between Dave's thighs. He then pulls the big Alaskan's legs up on to his chest and easily begins fucking his adversary. With Dave's huge cock throbbing before him, Alec takes his right hand and begins stroking the big shaft. Both strong men moan with satisfaction at their reward - Alec continues gently fucking the big Bear while Dave feels the powerful right hand that had defeated him, now being used to caress his swollen cock. Ecstasy...

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Mack vs The Thugs......A Fight Story

Mack is well known and highly respected among those who follow Internet wrestlers. He runs about 5'10" and 260. Though his photos always show the face of an intimidating man, his opponents know him to be a real gentle man...until it's time to wrestle.

There was nothing going on this Tuesday night so the recently retired Mack turned in early. But just after 2 AM, he awoke to a noise coming from his living room. Someone was definitely in his house. Two voices were whispering loudly. "I told you I could get you in." "Keep it down, let's just get the electronics and get out." "Relax, the guy that lives here is just some fat old dude. What's he gonna do? If he shows up I'll scare the shit out of him and if he gives us any trouble I'll make sure he never talks to the cops!"

Wearing only blue briefs, Mack is in the hall listening intently. The two thieves have been looking around with flashlights. "Hey, I'm gonna turn the light on in this room." Just before he hits the switch, the shorter thief gets hit hard with a fist to the side of his face which is followed by two more blows sending the young thief down and out. The other thief swings his flashlight in the direction of the scuffle and sees a nearly naked hulk of a man rushing toward him. The burglar's hands start shaking and he drops the flashlight. As he reaches down to retrieve it two big arms encircle his back. Mack grabs the crook up, swings him on to his shoulder and slams him down hard on to the floor. As the thief struggles to get to his feet, he's met with a wicked uppercut that puts him flat on his back.

Mack turns on the light to survey the damage. His living room looks alright, but the two thieves are out cold. Satisfied with his handling of the two young toughs, he thinks to call the cops and have these jerks hauled away. But another thought occurs to him. Mack breaks into a smile and with a glint in his eye he plans on having some fun with these two.

15 minutes later one of the young thugs comes to, tied to a chair in the basement of the house with a large wrestling mat in front of them. "Wha...what the fuck? Joey, wake up! Where are we? Joey!" "Son of bitch! What just happened" the younger and shorter thief comes to. "Cole, you ASSHOLE! I thought you said this guy was some fat old dude? SO HOW COME WE'RE THE ONES TIED UP?"

"Okay,men. It's almost 3 in the morning so let's get this show on the road." A stout man in his early 60's steps into the room, wearing a black wrestling singlet that shows off his powerful chest. Salt and pepper hair covers his head and torso. "So you thought you'd let yourselves into my house and help yourself to my possessions. How 'bout if we do something else." As Mack does some stretching he explains, "I'm a wrestler and pretty good at it. If either or both of you can beat me by pin, submission, or knockout, I'll let you take what you want and walk on out of here. But if I beat you, then I take what I want...or I can just call the cops right now."

"We'll do it." "Cole, are you crazy? Look at him!" "Shut up Joey, I wrestled in high school and I've seen you knock a man out so we're doin' this!" Mack happily nods his head, "Now I realize that I weigh almost as much as the two of you combined, but I'm also at least twice as old as either one of you. So I think it all evens out," Mack says with a half-smile. "I'll take you on one at a time. Then, if you're still able, I'll take you both on at the same time. Who's up first?"

"I got this, old man." Mack unties Cole's hands. Cole, all of 5'10" and 170 lbs, gets up. His High School experience only lasted a couple of years but he did win a few matches for his team. Cole strips down to his briefs and limbers up. "You're gonna regret this, freak!" The young man approaches Mack who immediately grabs Cole's left arm and twists it behind his back. Then the big man sits down while applying a grapevine to the startled young thief. AAAAGGGHHHHHHHH-
As the younger man screams his response to Mack's crushing hold, he manages to get out "I GIVE I GIVE." "Hold that thought. I haven't asked you yet." Mack rolls him on to his stomach, puts his feet in the back of Cole's knees and then rolls back, lifting him in an upside down surf-board. As the big man pushes up with his feet he pulls down on Cole's extended arms. AAAAGGGHHHHH

"You give?" "I GIVE." "Fine. Now let's get you back in your chair. There....okay, Joey is it? Let's go." After putting the exhausted Cole back in restraints, Mack unties Joey from the chair. Joey, about 5' 7" and 165 lbs soaking wet, nervously rises for his match. And after seeing what happened to Cole, Joey is, in fact, covered in sweat. Joey strips off his shirt and jeans. "Alright, young man, come at me!" Cole cheers him on, "Come on Joey, knock the fat bastard out!" Big Mack and little Joey circle each other. "So, you want a fist fight? Is that it?" Mack says as he sees Joey put up his fists. "Let's see what you've got, little man." Joey throws a right that brushes Mack's left cheek and follows with a left that hits Mack square in the chest. With the palm of his right hand Mack smacks Joey's forehead and then hits him in the chest, shoving the young man back 4 feet. Still on his feet, Joey comes back determined to land a knock-out punch. Joey swings wildly with a right that Mack catches in his big left hand, and then a left that is also caught. In a flash, Mack catches Joey up in a bearhug, crushing the young man into his massive chest. A loud wheezing sound is heard as the air is squeezed out of Joey. Then Mack loads Joey on to his shoulders for a torture rack. AAAARRRRGGHHHHhhhhuuh FUUCKK! STOP!

Dropping Joey face down onto the mat, Mack lands on the young thief's back and gets him in an armbar. Joey grimacing in pain, pounds on the mat with his free arm. "Okay, young man, let me hear the words." "I give, I give, aaagghhhhh." "That's just fine. Now I'll give you and your fellow thief a few minutes to get it together. Then I'll take you both on. Maybe that way you two can make a better show of it." Mack goes and splashes some cold water on his face and chest. This time of night he'd normally be sound asleep. Then he goes over to his punching bag and smacks his fists into it several times as if he's getting ready to knock someone through a wall. "Joey! Get up! Come untie my hands!" Cole whispers. But Joey, still recovering from the arm bar is too slow. Mack comes over, "Yes Joey, untie Cole's hands. It's time we finish our little contest!"

The two young thieves circle around Mack. Cole chimes up,"There's no way you can beat us both, you fat fuck!" Joey gets behind Mack and jumps on his back while Cole tries grabbing on to Mack's hands. Cole drives his knee into Mack's balls, and then the big man goes down. As Joey continues trying to apply a strangle hold, Cole goes to kicking Mack's ribs. "YEAH! YEAH! HOW YOU LIKE SOME OF THAT! CHOKE HIM JOEY!" Finding himself at last in a real fight, Mack drives his foot into Cole's right knee and then drives a hard elbow into Joey's side. As Mack sits up he catches a fist to his right ear from Joey. Then Cole jumps into the pile as the three men are a tangle of arms and legs.

Mack then connects with a hard stunning left to Cole's face. Flat on his back the big man then grabs Joey in a reverse bearhug and uses him as a shield against Cole's kicks and punches. "Kick his arms, you dumb fuck!" Joey shouts. With Mack constantly moving Joey from side to side, Cole piles on top of Joey with Mack still holding on to Joey in the reverse bearhug. As soon as Cole gets on top, Mack rolls them both over and gets on top with Cole facing Joey beneath him. With his left arm wrapped around Joey's neck, Mack starts punching the shit out of Cole. 3 hard rights to the face and Cole's eyes start to glaze over. Mack starts applying a sleeper hold to Joey, but just as the young thief begins to weaken he lets go of the hold.

Mack gets to his feet, grabs up Joey and bodyslams the young man across Cole's belly. With both young men nearly out, Mack repeats the move and slams Joey on top of Cole two more times. "I think you boys are done!" Mack feels like winning his 2 on 1 fight requires a victory pose, so he lifts Joey onto his shoulders, presses the young man over his head and then puts his bare right foot on top of Cole's chest. "YEAH! How's the view from up there young man? And you on the floor, how 'bout you?"

Mack drops Joey beside Cole and proceeds to put a knee onto each of the punk's bellies. He then leans forward and with his left hand holding Joey's chin and his right hand holding Cole's Mack asks the young man on his right, "YOU GIVE?" "...yeah." "YEAH, WHAT?" "yes sir." "WHAT ABOUT YOU?" "yes sir." Satisfied, Mack flexes his big hairy pecs over the two beaten young thugs.

"You came into my house to take what you want, now I'll take what I want. Both of you on your knees." As Cole and Joey do so, Mack starts to take off his singlet. "As you young fellas can see, this fight's got me pretty worked up. And I've got 8 hard inches here that needs to be satisfied." The young men seem unsure. "Or if you guys want to continue this mismatch..." Big Mack flexes his big beefy arms over the thieves. The punks get ready to comply. "You'll take turns sucking my dick. Open wide, boys!"

The face fuck continues until Mack has shot a load down each of the thugs' throats. "Not bad, boys, not grab your clothes and get the fuck out of my house! DO NOT let me see either one of you again!" Joey and Cole wipe the cum off their mouths, grab their gear and run for the door just as the first morning light signals the end of this long night. Mack goes to take a much needed shower.

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