Defending the Queen’s Honor
By Altered Ego

The smaller man’s eyes were swollen with tears as he uttered his surrender. My eyes cut to his young wife, a slightly above average looking woman with very large breasts. She looks relieved that her man gave up before I️ crushed his testicles and left him unable to father children- but her sly smile lets me know that she is ready to enjoy my larger manhood tonight.

Her husband lies beneath me, he fought well as the champion for his village, but his loss means that they will owe the full rate of taxation and his wife, the chieftain’s daughter will have the honor of being my companion for the night.

I️ am Prince Jaiveer, the youngest son of the king. While my position means I’ll never be king, it does mean that my seed is still quite desirable- it means at least some relation to royalty. Of course, I’m sure it helps that I’m the most handsome and well built of my brothers.

I️ don’t mind admitting that I️ am my mother’s favorite. It was her idea to take me along as the royal family’s champion on this tax collection trip. She convinced the king that even though I’m not the first born son, I️ am the best fighter and could earn him the most gold. Secretly, I️ think she just a wants to show her golden boy off to the other ladies in the realm.

Though I’m only 22 years old, I️ stand 6 feet tall and weigh 210 pounds. In a land full of short darker skinned people, someone a few shades lighter is quite a novelty. Combine that with my height and broad shoulders, and I️ stick out in a way that has kept my bed occupied most nights.

While bedding a different woman nearly every night is quite thrilling, it pales in comparison to taking another man’s woman after defeating him in combat. So being the realm’s champion and getting to travel the kingdom on this mission is like a dream come true.

I️ have just defeated my seventeenth straight opponent, our wagons our nearly overflowing with collected taxes, the people have been reminded why my family rules over the land and I’m pretty sure I️ have sired numerous bastards while the men who will raise them watched. Also, I’ve earned quite an impressive assortment of family seals that now adorn my “battle belt”.

We have one more village in this province remaining, a prosperous border town. As we ride into the town, I️ notice an abundance of very beautiful women on the streets- and not just the normal looking women that fill most of the kingdom. These women are all different complexions from pale white to almost black. I’ve never seen such a variety of women. The queen smiles as she sees my excitement.

She informs me that the Chieftain of this village is a “stubborn old fool” that believes that women shouldn’t be pawns to solidify alliances and that they should be free to choose their own partners. An interesting idea, but no way to build or maintain an empire.

The Queen tells me as we approach the village’s arena, an impressive structure for such small town, that we have been unable to collect any taxes from this village for the entirety of my life. As champion after champion has failed to defeat the Chieftain. She smiles as she tells me that she is sure I️ will be the one that finally is able to subdue this man.

She leaves the carriage to allow me to prepare for this fight. I️ strap on my red leather belt with a gold medallion engraved in the likeness of a cobra’s head- our family’s seal. The twenty smaller seals of the men I️ have defeated, are imprinted in the belt’s leather and a long white loincloth with the cobra emblem hangs beneath the belt. The belt looks one befitting a champion and I️ am quite proud of it already.

I️ step out of my wagon and make my way into the arena. The stone structure is full of a few hundred spectators. In the center of the seating area is the place reserved for the nobles. The queen is there as a woman with yellow hair that I️ assume is the Chieftain’s wife. She is flanked by several other beautiful but younger women that make up her court. Next to her, is a big man that must be the Chieftain.

He makes his way through the adoring crowd and meets me in the center of the arena. I️ see why he hasn’t been beaten. He is tall, 6’4” and has to weigh at least 250 pounds. His skin is pale, he has blue eyes, which is something I’ve never seen before. His dark beard and hair are graying. There’s no doubt about it, the man is powerful even if age has added some cushion to his hulking frame. The Chieftain moves with a bit of a limp and is covered with scars, showing that he has lived a life of constant combat. He sports a “battle belt” of green leather with a white loincloth, I️ can see that it has had its size increased a few times to hold what appears to be a few hundred imprinted family seals.

If he wasn’t so much older- probably 45 or so, around my father’s age, it’s safe to say that I’d be intimidated. However, he is old and I’m at my peak. No one has even given me a challenge on this trip and some old warrior might be tough, but it will take more than that to take me down.

The Chieftain and I️ turn to face the queen, who is going over the rules of the contest and the stakes. If I️ win, I️ will be allowed to choose any of the noble women. I️ step forward and declare that I️ will take the Chieftain’s wife for my prize. I️ glare back at the big man with the hardest stare I️ can muster. Taking this man’s wife along with his pride will make me almost legendary in the kingdom. If he wins, he takes a woman from our court and his village will pay no taxes.

As the Queen continues the formalities, I️ continue to size up my opponent. Looking over his belt, my eyes go wide when I see it, close to his engraved tiger medallion that is his crest, it’s my father’s seal. That can’t be, my father is the king, he couldn’t have lost- or at least, I’ve never heard of him losing.

I️ glare at the Chieftain in anger “How did you get that Cobra head on your belt?” I️ blurt out incredulously. A wry smile crosses the older man’s lips. “I beat a man wearin’ it, some years ago” he says confidently.

“Ladies....” the Queen shouts as she claps and two attendants remove our belts. Standing mere feet from the now naked Chieftain, I can’t help but to steal a look at how he stacks up to me. Even though the attendants haven’t gotten us hard yet, I can tell the man in front of me is definitely big, but I’m no slouch in that area either. While not huge, I have gotten enough compliments and reactions to know that I’m bigger than most.

The topless, dark haired attendant happily works her hands until I am hard as steel. Satisfied that she has done her job, she gets back to her feet at the same time as my opponent. My eyes examine the large white man’s cock. I have seen a few bigger, but he is at least as long as me and much thicker.

The crowd falls silent as we wait for the signal to begin. I hear a large gong sound and the crowd erupts, eager to see if their beloved Chieftain can beat the King’s son. Knowing my biggest advantage will be my speed, I begin to move around, staying light on my feet. The thicker man simply plods forward cautiously, trying to get close enough to use his strength.

I dance around, stinging the older man with several quick punches and escaping before he can land any in retaliation. “Is that all you have old man?” I taunt. The Chieftain only growls and throws a surprisingly quick hook that crashes into my jaw, almost sending me to the hard packed earth.

Before I can recover, I feel the bigger man’s hands grab my short black hair and shoulder. I try to escape but a powerful knee slams into my ribs. I groan in pain and try to pry his grip from me. The man’s hands are like steel, I’ve never felt so much power from another man as I struggle helplessly as more knee strikes punish my ribs. I know I’m in trouble and lash out with a wild punch that connects with the Chieftain’s balls.

His grip loosens and he staggers backwards a few steps. I try to spin away, freeing my shoulder but his grip on my hair still keeps me from escaping. With his hand free, he begins raining punch after punch to my ribs. I am driven to a knee and it hurts to breathe as his barrage devastates me.

I reach up and get a strong grip on the white man’s cock and balls. For the first time, he lets out a groan in pain. My confidence builds as I think about rendering this warrior sterile. I’m think back to every village that I’ve been in that has a lighter skinned member of its court. I wonder how many of them are his.

Before I can do any real damage, I feel his massively strong grip on my forearm. As his fingers sink into my arm, my fingers are unable to maintain my grip on his manhood. I cry out in pain and frustration at the loss of my only offense, before another punch slams in to my jaw sending me face first on to the dirt.

Everything is fuzzy as I try to fight through the haze. I can hear the crowd building but can’t focus on finding the Chieftain to know what what he is doing. Next, I feel myself yanked to my feet by my hair.

The big man wraps his arms around my chest just below my armpits. I’m lifted onto my toes as the massive man begins crushing me, our chests pressing together. It’s not much of a battle as he constricts my breathing and it feels like my rib cage is about to shatter. My arms hang limply to my sides as it becomes clear to the arena that this fight is all but over.

I’m barely conscious as the Chieftain finally releases his grip and the brutal bear hug. I fall to the earth in a heap. I gasp as I’m finally able to breathe again. The big bearded white man uses his foot to fling me onto my back.

From my back, I stare up at the Chieftain. Every part of the man looks huge as he stands over me, sweat running down his body leaving him glistening in the afternoon sun. His muscles now pumping with blood and at their maximum size.

“Give up, prince...and all of this ends.” He says in a matter fact tone. I only groan back and shack my head slowly, trying to will the word “no!” from my lips without success.

A hint of anger emerges in the older man’s gaze as I refuse his mercy. Without a word, he shrugs and delivers a hard, swift quick kick to my ribs. He follows it with another barrage of kicks and stomps. I’m helpless as he methodically beats me.

Again, he wrenches me off the ground by my head. This time lifting me onto his shoulders, my back stretching across his broad back, my entire body and manhood on display for the crowd. I hear myself crying out in pain, but I have no control over it. I am paraded around the arena for what feels like an eternity before I am dumped unceremoniously onto the hard packed dirt.

The pale skinned man rolls me onto my back, I want to fight back but my body won’t respond. Next he sits down and n my chest, pinning my arms to the ground and completely mounting me.

The Chieftain has me pinned on my back as he sits on my chest, my arms trapped beneath him, my legs no longer able to buck or kick enough to move the massive man. Every breath I draw is harder than the last. It is clear to all that this fight is over.

I stare up at the Chieftain, his now hard cock hovering inches above my face. My pride and the thought of my mother being taken by him is keeping me from giving up. “Say it, boy....tell us all that you give up” the Chieftain says, almost devoid of any emotion.

“Never!... I am Prince Jaiveer....I don’t lose!” I yell defiantly at him. The Chieftain reaches back and I feel those massive hands grip my balls. “Aaaaaaarrrrghhhh! No!....No!” I scream as he begins to squeeze.

“Give. Up. Now.....before I crush yours like I did the king’s” he calmly says, glaring at me. I hear my mother, the Queen, cry out “Chieftain! Please don’t. Please have mercy on my son. He is so young. He has no legitimate heirs....and he is a stubborn fool like his father....spare him and I’ll give myself to you for the evening.”

The Chieftain’s eyes flicker in surprise. He looks down at me, like he is searching my very soul before looking up at the queen. “My Queen, how old is the boy?”

My mother swallows hard and replies. “He is’s possible....maybe even likely...” she says, her voice trailing off. I feel his grip loosen and his eyes return to me. “Don’t disappoint the Queen, this is your last chance, give up, boy” he says.

Finally, I relent. “I give up....” I say, unable to look my conqueror in the eyes. The big white man stands up and looks over me with his hands raised. Air rushes into my lungs again and I am relieved that it is over, but the shame is almost unbearable.

I’m assisted to the Chieftain’s manor by a couple of guards. I get cleaned up and am shown to a bedroom where I’m to be locked in. I’m thankful that the Chieftain has spared me from witnessing him take my mother as his prize... I wouldn’t have been so kind.

Before the door is shut, I can hear my mother, the Queen, coming down the hall with the Chieftain and his wife. I notice that she is smiling and touching both of them, not even the least bit worried that she is about to be claimed as a prize after my loss- it’s almost as if she is excited for it.

The group stops by the door to my room and she reassures me that it will be alright, giving me a smile and a kiss on the cheek. I also notice a wry smile cross the Chieftain’s face before they all disappear into the room next to mine.

For hours, I try to cover my ears with pillows as I hear my mother moaning like a common whore as the couple has their way with her. I’m embarrassed and ashamed that I am aroused by the sounds from the next room. I thought they would never finish and didn’t get much sleep.

The next morning, I met the Queen at our carriage. Other than bags under eyes and her moving somewhat tenderly, she seemed unusually happy. I, on the hand, am a wreck. I’m exhausted from a lack of sleep and my body hurts from every movement I make as the soreness from the beating the Chieftain gave me has settled in fully.

My mother never mentioned it again and I never asked, but I have always wondered if she was serious when she hinted at the Chieftain being my father. Every time I defeated another rival and took his woman, I wondered if it was because of him that I was bigger, stronger, and better than almost all of the men I faced. I wonder if one of my bastards will ever challenge me when I’m his age.... I wonder if I will defeat him and his mother will offer herself to me again.

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BamaJDon41 (1 gold) 9/03/2018 10:07 PM

HOT story! Very distinctive writing.


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WHOA, that's a GREAT story!!!! Interesting twist!!!!


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Thanks, gents. Hopefully I'll finish some more MvsM stories. I've got a few FvsF ones as well. Just not sure if this would be the best place for them.


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Interesting story and very well written. Makes me want to be beaten by you.


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Cool story!!