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Farewell Messages from the Far Side

So when someone wants to leave the site, they have the opportunity to send a farewell message explaining why they are leaving. It is not multiple-choice, just a flat text field where one can type what's on their mind.

Usually it is left empty, or one of a few common things (relationship, injury, age, etc.). Other times it is something helpful, tips on how the site could be improved, or a warm thank you for services rendered. (You're welcome.)

However, sometimes it is something truly bizarre, an unfiltered look into the noise that is going on in the person's head. I feel bad hoarding these gems, and now collected some for your enjoyment!

This site is sinful towards my God, my Lord and Savior.
I must move on from this site for the better interests of my Lord :)

Ah yes, must be the 11th commendment, "Thou shalt not wrestle". You see, that was written on the back side of those stone tablets, so scholars missed it for millennia..

I thought that this time I was free to make a success of meetfighters – and actually meet some fighters! Wrong. My wife doesn't control me as such but once again she has discovered that I rejoined. I thought I had covered my tracks well – but I haven't. I am afraid that this is one ultimation she means, and she controls the purse strings too. : ( Please forgive my cancellation The worse thing about it is that I don't even have my "conjugal rights" with her. The whole thing is ridiculous and unfair. I can only end by saying sorry again.

Ridiculous is right. Buddy, next time I'm in the market I'll buy you a spine.

I don't want this site to be on my computer anymore for my own personal reasons.

Good thing the site is not on your computer! That would really suck for the rest of us. It is on mine, in a nice server park, with good people to take care of it!

I am just going to sign off for now may get on later. Thanks..

No! Stop! You are mistaking "Log off" button for the "Delete Registration" button! .... Oh shit it's too late now.

I want to serve the lotd

The lotd will appreciate that.

Made a big mistake and got caught

I hope it didn't cost you much more than your MeetFighters membership, my friend!

Ew pew pewpewpew

Brattattata bang bang the snowman is dead!

there was a video i wanted to watch so i made a login then i saw that i had to upload a video and i was like fuck no bitch then i went to the guys profile and he had a youtube link to the whole video anyways so i was like fuck yeah bitch so bye

This one is my favorite. :)

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I started experimenting with some heatmaps to complement the statistics page.

Here's some "work in progress":


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Christmas Again

Last year I did some Easter redecoration of the site, I ended up taking quite a bit of flak for my trouble. Granted, the wrestler bunny was kinda scary.

Well it's time to scare you once again, this time with boxing Santa, here to give the bad boys a big uppercut to the jaw! (Sounds like a better deterrent than coal, doesn't it?) Anyway, now you boys know what "boxing day" is all about!

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Sowing and Subsequent Reaping

When a member decides to delete his profile from MeetFighters he is asked to confirm this decision, and is given the opportunity to leave a final note to me explaining his reasons for leaving the site. Most the time someone decides to leave a message it is something like "haven't found what I was looking for" or "in relationship and can no longer wrestle". So imagine my surprise when presented with this parting message, which I now pass on to you verbatim, with spelling mistakes and everything:

I have been on here for less then 3 hours and already have had abuce and fucking nasty comments.
So u can stick your site up ur arse

My initial reaction was "boy, this guy sure is an expert on abuse and nasty comments".

Unhinged as it sounded, it did pique my curiosity enough to do something I do very rarely: check his messages in the database. What could possibly have happened that this poor chap was treated so harshly? What sort of injustice drove him away so quickly?

So here is the first of the epistles he penned in the time he spent on MeetFighters:

Oi cunt. I am back & ready for u. Hear u been slagging me off!!!! Well time we sorted it once & for all Want u prick
And the second one:
Oi prick I am back, me & u have score to settle. Don't like way u spoke to me last time, so me & u fight

One reaps what one sows.

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