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Muscular blonde available this weekend

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downforthecount123 (4) 4 days ago

Great muscular adonis, on here. Guys like this are awesome to take on! Muscle for muscle one hell of a match, two studs giving it their all, hot sweaty muscular action. Great to see guys working out and building muscle, that's what it's all about,


Adammuscle (0 bronze) 4 days ago

Blonde muscular
Post ur comments if u admire my. Build


downforthecount123 (4) 3 days ago

(In reply to this)

This is what wrestling is all about!!! Men who have the muscles and attitude to take on other muscular guys. When I look at Adammuscle, I see a greek god, Adonis the greek god comes to mind. The hairy bod flanked with muscles gives a guy a great reason to take on this kind of guy, knowing that it would be an awesome match~


scissoredtight (0) 3 days ago

Adam rivals the Greek Gods of yesteryear. When I first saw him I thought this is the real Thor the Thunder God. He is male refection. Everything honed. The arms the pecs the shoulders. The body hair adds to Adam's Godly perception. Adam is a man deserving worship.


Adammuscle (0 bronze) 3 days ago

Nice comments guys