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“I have been on this site for 25 months, had over 49 different opponents (49 reported and a few who preferred privacy) compared to only a few from several other sites COMBINED. One thing in common is that I enjoyed EVERY ONE of my opponents here on MeetFighters. From each, I either learned how to become a better wrestler/grappler, and/or help them to become better. I would be up to do encores with every one of them – including a small number, who probably out of newbie enthusiasm, became a bit unruly, but will not be so in the future – every one, no exceptions–they are welcome to come take me on again.

So this site is scoring 100 percent for me; and I'm hoping that this year will land me at least 50 more opponents, and to find a couple regular training partners. As for men from other sites – mostly who had never wrestled as adults, if they liked the experience, I do my utmost to recruit them to join MeetFighters and become supporting members.”

Spruceman, Thursday, February 8th, 2018